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What to do with a broken GG and unused MS?

Discussion in 'General Sega Discussion' started by blueblur87, Sep 6, 2009.

  1. I have a Game Gear that works except the d-pad is broken (plastic bit fell out, casing broken from playing too frantically in my childhood, silicon is torn but it works). I also have a little-used Master System 2 in my attic. The thing is, I have loads of games for Game Gear but only 1 plus a built in game for MS, and really I'd like to put these pieces of hardware to use again.

    I've been looking at what Ben Heck and co. does but them mods usually look a bit crap, and I think I could make a professional looking case if I wanted to, out of fibreglass or vacuum formed plastic or wood. I also have an interest in electronics, have a soldering iron etc. I like the idea of getting a new lease of life out of these things and wanted to know if you guys have any ideas? The screen on the Game Gear could do with an upgrade but I've heard they use proprietary connections! Is there a way I could make an ultimate 8-bit console by duct-taping these consoles together except actually making them work? I've seen people making EEPROM carts for MS and GG, that's ok, but really I want to play GG games on TV with a MS controller or make a new GG case and d-pad etc. I don't want criticisms please, just ideas or stuff you've seen elsewhere that might be possible. Thanks!
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    If you have a working Master System pad, maybe gut the d-pad for the Game Gear? I wonder if that'd work...
  3. Yeh, good idea! I was actually thinking along those lines today.. the master system pad is far superior to the game gear's controls... Thanks for the suggestion.
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    You should also try a small mod to possibly increase battery life.
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    For that I would suggest a mod similar to what I and Tµee have done to the Sega Nomad. All you would need to do is replace the backlight tube and inefficient inverter with two or more LEDs. It's simple, and more than doubles the battery life.
  6. Cool ideas guys, I'm taking note. I wonder if the dimmer switch will no longer work, as maybe that drives the inverter input voltage... probably don't need to control it really, but if I play in the dark or light would be nice to be able to adjust it. Do you still need 6 batteries if the flourescent tube and inverter are removed? Lower voltage may also reduce rate of consumption.
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    If I remember correctly, the dimmer switch isn't a dimmer and just controls the LCD contrast.

    You'll need 6 batteries, but it'll last as long as it feels 6 batteries should. In other words, it'll last for fucking ever. That said, try bridging one battery slot, effectively making it 5 batteries, and if it runs, good jorb!

    If someone sends me a game gear, I'll perform the mod for the price of shipping + 3 dollars, for the sake of experimental science.
  8. I don't want to ship it to the U.S.... It would probably cost way too much. Plus I want to mod it myself :) . The hardest thing besides soldering I think will be making a the controls fit into the existing case nicely, or making a custom case... I might have to look for replacement cases on ebay or something so I can experiment or use one to make a mould.
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    having less batteries will not work out... the system is 5V, and if voltage drops too much, it will not run. I do not know exactly at which voltage Nomad will shut off... I think its 4.5V, which is specified as minimal supply for digital electronics, going lower will make FM sound very funny and lot of funny issues start happening. IF you want really good battery life, you should add another battery, then the voltage can drop much more and thus things last longer. If I could fit 8 batteries into my rechargeable battery pack, it would last some 12+ hours !!!