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What HASN'T been done yet?

Discussion in 'Engineering & Reverse Engineering' started by Thom Muller, Mar 15, 2007.

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  1. Well, as some of you already know, I'm very new to hacking and programming, being only an avid Sonic player so far. Since I joined the community, I've been (quietly, as you may notice from may lack of posting) reading the board regularly, and playing most of the hacks. I'm also fooling around with SonED and E.S.E., trying to learn the basics.

    In the process, I asked myself if there was a point in putting out a level layout-only hack. Should I spend my time with it , or should I research some more before actually working on a project?

    Well, while searching the board for something about it, I stumbled upon this topic earlier today, and a doubt came to my mind: what HASN'T been done yet?

    You see, cool hacks like Sonic Megamix and Sonic Extended Edition already have a lot of cool features, like the Super Peel Out and all sorts of spindashes; there are lots of carachter and music sports; the palletes have been twisted in all sorts of ways, and so have the game physics. In this scenario, I'ts not unusual to see people accusing each other of copying ideas - only to find out later it was a coincidence, or something like that.

    So I ask: what's left do be done now? Do the games still offer real possibilities for implements... or building new Sonic games from scratch (like Zonic Spike's Sonic XG) is the way?

    I'd like to know your opinion about this. Thanks in advance for any feedback!
  2. Rika Chou

    Rika Chou

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    You can always draw new levels.
  3. Dark Sonic

    Dark Sonic

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    Combine Sonic 2 and Sonic 3 and Knuckles into one game. I had no idea wtf I was doing, perhaps you might though. GO FOR IT :D
  4. Qjimbo


    Your friendly neighbourhood lemming. Oldbie
    New levels, new titlecards, games that actaully feel like new sonic games instead of sonic games with bits tagged on....
  5. Techokami


    For use only on NTSC Genesis systems Researcher
    Sonic Worlds Next
    Implement a completely different control scheme.
  6. Dark Sonic

    Dark Sonic

    Working on my art!
    Only do a fan game if it's not buggy as shit. Sure, a good fan game can be done, but ya... not alot.

    As for another suggestion for a hack, new levels and new graphics help make a game feel like new. If you can sprite, try and make some new sprites for Sonic or something and implement them in the game to make it look more original.
  7. Verse


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    Draw new levels. :3
  8. Well, creating whole new levels (new tiles, backgrounds and level layouts, right?) isn't exactly new, but I guess it's really the path to follow. I think Qjimbo summed it up perfectly: "games that actually feel like new sonic games".

    Thanks a lot for the answers, guys; keep them coming! I'm pretty sure I won't be putting out anything in quite a long time (which doesn't mean I won't make my own palette/layout hacks for learning purposes :thumbsup: ), but I'll participate as I can.
  9. Metal Man88

    Metal Man88

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    Hack Sonic 3 and Knuckles. I don't see that so often.
  10. Hivebrain


    53.4N, 1.5W
    An entirely new level that doesn't consist of featureless stacked boxes or random graphics from other games. I'd also like to see less stuff "ported" for the sake of it.
  11. Wurly


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    Help us learn some more about Chaotix man, I mean, there is barely anything known about that game. How much better would Sonic in Chaotix be with Tails, and the option to have another character than just another replaced character? Now that's something unique.
  12. Sith


    The molotov bitch Member
    Good point, put such thing requires a group effort with skilled hackers (like the megamix team) because you need to change everything to have the feel of a new Sonic game and without any trace to previous games (new tiles, baddies & bosses, music etc...)
  13. I agree with Qjimbo.

    Also, adding cutscenes like the ones from S3K, new effects (using line scrolling, shadow+highlight mode and pallete changes during the vblank for example), and taking the Genesis Hardware to the limit are nice ideas.

    By the way, hello guys, it's my first post here.
  14. 87th


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    -Port levels from another series
    -Write new background music
    -Port levels from Chaotix/Advance 1-3/CD/Rush
    -Create a Sonic Crackers hack
    -Create 2D levels based on ones from the 3D games
    -Rush-style Super Boost system (with tricks adding to the boost bar)
    -Port characters and abilities from other series (don't know if this is even possible, but it would be cool to see some Mario power ups or something)

    There's still lots to borrow from the others games. When outside sources have been used up, who knows? Maybe people will come up with completely original ideas?
  15. Taco


    NintenDan Member
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    Reclaiming my throne as sonic advance king >:O
    I remember there being rather pointless hacks such as red ring hacks, in which all the rings were changed to the color red and nothing more...

    Might be interesting if someone made it where sonic died from touching rings! I think that would make a rather challenging sonic game
  16. Cinossu


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    Sonic the Hedgehog Extended Edition
  17. Guess Who

    Guess Who

    It's a miracle! Oldbie

    That's what the red rings in the red ring hack did, they killed you and bounced all over the place.
  18. I like the idea of writing totally new songs - mainly because it's something I can actually do (although I don't have the slightest idea of how to port them to the Genesis format :D).

    A nice Sonic Crackers hack is also somthing I'd really love to see! I imagine a game where you can alternate gameplay style: you play with linked carachters (like in Crackers) on some stages, and one single carachter on others (like in the original games). I don't know if it's possible, though.

    As for porting stages form other Sonic games (or other series as well), I guess it's cooler to create new ones, thus creating the "new sonic game" feeling mentioned by Qjimbo.
  19. Geez, seems like most of this thread's gone (due to the recent events, I presume)!

    There were a lot of good ideas in here, so it would be cool if anyone feels like posting them again. The 8-bit sonic games porting discussion was particularly interesting...
  20. Ritz


    Subhedgehog Member
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