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What do you think multiplayer should play like in Sonic games?

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by E-108 Iota, Feb 13, 2011.

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  1. What do you think multiplayer should play like in Sonic games? Should they be splitscreen, online, LAN network, or something else?

    And what multiplayer modes would you suggest SEGA should implement?

    I think that Sonic multiplayer should just be basic Sonic, racing to the finish, with an occasinal twist here and there.
  2. Of course the generic Sonic & Tails co-op, that's always fun assuming the Tails player can keep up.

    Also, Sonic the Fighters was fun. I'd like it if they could make something like that. Aside from that, basically what you said: racing to the finish.
  3. Of the current multiplayer options, I did like SA2B's racing multiplayer with each having half the screen.

    On another note, I would like for something like this to be attempted in the future for Co-Op play.

    In a Sonic/Tails-esque game mode when 2 characters are on the same screen, when the characters are together on screen they share the screen.

    If they separate and get off screen, the screen should automatically split and thus let them each have half the screen.
  4. A good Co-Op mode would be cool, similar to the Sonic and Tails mechanism from Sonic 2, except make it split screen or online and have it focus mostly on exploration and collecting rings, emeralds, secrets, etc. That would be really cool, but don't make it necessary for the game, make it optional.
  5. LockOnRommy11


    I'd like the usual Sonic & Tails two player, whereby Tails can help Sonic, but has only a limited effect on the environment- the more recent Sonic 3 version would be preferable, where Tails could at least fly on his own.

    Sonic games nowadays should be online. You should be able to have a list of mates who you can connect to and play through the single player mode with.

    There should also be a mode to play against others with the classic Sonic VS mode, with teleporting boxes and so forth.

    Why SEGA don't bother with this sort of thing is beyond me. They have so many ways to enhance the classic Sonic formula to make it so much more interesting and play-worthy.

    I'd love a 2D Sonic game with the standard single player, but also with a multiplayer which gives players a whole new perspective. Super Mario can manage it- NEW Super Mario Bros Wii had an awesome co-op mode.

    With regards to the 3D games, I'm not overly bothered about multiplayer anymore. In the past 10 3D titles, we've yet to see mutliplayer expanded. The best multiplayers were Sonic Adventure 2's and Heroes, which weren't THAT in-depth.
  6. MarkoMan


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    As far as Co-op is concerned, I think that Sonic Heroes had beautiful potential to have great 3 player co-op, but obviously things would have to be fleshed out (such as leader choosing).

    Sonic 3 (& Knuckles) had the best unintentional (?) 2 player co-op.

    Sonic Adventure 2 Battle had the best 2 player competition mode. I feel like when the handicap is off, the best player will always win without the game being broken.
  7. muteKi


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    Mm, the best I can see it going, in terms of extended/online multiplayer is something like LBP -- there are a few things you can only do with 2 players, but they're few and far between and just unlock a few small things. Of course, the one problem is that since the game is fast, it's easy to get players separated -- the one reason co-op in the Genesis titles tended not to work too well and why nobody wanted to be 2P Tails. As such coordinating 2P efforts to do stuff like that could easily get difficult or time-consuming (and Sonic's level design generally doesn't suit itself well to backtracking -- at least nothing since 1999 does, certainly).

    Probably one would want to add more branching paths -- perhaps with switches at the end them (or something similar) to, say, aid in navigating levels, much like what Harmony of Despair does (except much better due to a lack of grinding, more original content, and no concern for random drops).
  8. Azookara


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    Co-op gameplay and/or head to head racing. Either can be online, which would feature each person playing on each end has a whole screen to themselves but with a small screen of the other player in the bottom right corner; or offline, where it's all done classic splitscreen style.
  9. + - Like Sonic R  
  10. Billy


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    While I think racing is the way to go for Sonic multiplayer (compliments the speed factor of the series, etc.), I don't think it should be like that game. Nor should it be like Sonic riders, IMO. My ideal Sonic multiplayer is essentially Sonic 2's 2-player mode, except the person who finishes first wins. None of this winning because you have a higher score shit.
  11. DigitalDuck


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    I disagree... kinda. It should be time-based only by default, but with the option to have it score-based, ring-based, or everything-based.

    After all, the more options you have, the easier it is to please everyone.
  12. FuzzballFox


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    Why not score based?
    Just because one rushed to the end doesn't make you the better player!
    Besides are you lot worried about having multiple Sonics? Earthworm Jim HD never had a problem with it.

    Sonic 2 multiplayer for Sonic 4 would be a nice addition, local games could be split screen and online just one screen for each player.
  13. I actually really enjoyed playing the hunter 2P mode with my friend on Sonic Adventure 2. It was a pretty fair and sporting competition.

    In terms of racing, though, I'd love to see some form of Sonic 2's 2P mode where you race a friend to the end of the stage. It'd be nice if the 2P levels from both Sonic 2 and 3 could be played online over Xbox Live or the Playstation Network or something. And I agree with some other points made here, where you could judge the winner of these stages by time, points, or any combination of other variables.
  14. DimensionWarped


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    Right now I'm going to focus on co-op play modes... since competitive modes like racing and whatnot are a bit of a no-brainer

    Sonic games tend not to benefit a great deal from co-op multi-player on account of the obstacle course format making things like fighting enemies more of a side attraction than the focus. It's pretty much a necessity to have some kind of fight thing going on in order for it to shine. That's probably the single most potent advantage Kirby Super Star had for multiplayer over the Sonic the Hedgehog games on the Mega-Genesis.

    At the same time though, Kirby Super Star took a lot of ideas wholesale from the Sonic series that hadn't really been done elsewhere at the time.

    *Automated Partner character who can join as a player and if the player doesn't provide input, times out to become automated again

    Both series handled that pretty much the same.

    *Focus is on the first player. The second player is mostly along to help player 1. Player 2 is for most intents and purposes invulnerable. When he dies, he can be quickly brought back into the action.

    Kirby Super Star handled this a little better. In Sonic, the second player is completely incapable of dying unless something catastrophic happens, and if he does, he bounces right back. In Kirby, you at least force player 1 to take some kind of attention when the second player messes up, so you can't just use it as an invincible meat shield. It's fair to say that player 1 has to sacrifice his active power to bring player 2 back during something like say a boss fight. In Sonic, Tails just keeps flying back down ready for more punishment.

    I'd address that by bringing in some kind of cost for pulling Tails/whatever partner. It doesn't need to be steep, but revival should cost 20 rings or so, and when the partner gets hit, he should lose them and likewise die if he can't take the hit. Since you don't want player 2 soaking up all the rings, cap his rings at the initial 20, and only allow him to collect rings adding up to that amount.

    *If Player 2 falls behind, he snaps back to the center of the action

    Kirby handles this in a far superior manner to Sonic since Tails fight tends to cause him to get totally left behind. The fast snap of the start helps player 2 feel like he never really leaves the action.

    At the same time though, it might be better to go in the opposite direction. Televisions have enough resolution now that splitting the screen in the middle of play should not be a horrible big deal. Split the screen gracefully into two quadrants when the partner falls out of the action.

    Start with no abrupt change, slowly focus player one's side of the screen to center Sonic and do the same thing with player 2's side of the screen. When the players rejoin, do it in a similar graceful fashion.

    Since televisions are wide-screen for now, splitting horizontally makes the most sense. In the case of 4:3 televisions and monitors, stick with horizontal split-screening even if it makes said screen splitting trick harder in most cases.

    At any point, one of the players should be able to rejoin the other, possibly at some sort of cost. Probably not rings.

    So yeah, that's how I feel co-op should probably be handled...
  15. LordOfSquad


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    A good co-op mode and multiplayer as fleshed out as Sonic Adventure 2: Battle should be standard for Sonic games. Sadly, Sega dropped the ball on that and never got around to picking it back up.
  16. DimensionWarped


    Erinaceous! Oldbie
    I think co-op being standard needs some justification... especially with all the crazy people who happen to write magazine and blog articles screaming about how they want games that feature Sonic alone.

    Like I said, it really never added a great deal to Sonic 2, 3K, Adventure, Shadow the Hedgehog, etc. I've never even heard of anyone trying it in Chaotix, but I imagine it would be pretty disruptive there too.
  17. Nova


    I can't believe nobody is singing the praises of Sonic 2's multiplayer!
    Seriously, I spent many, many hours sitting in front of a shitty old TV playing it on the Mega Drive with friends and it was a blast. The only problem with this mode (and I'm sure Cinossu is going to second me on this, ahaha) is Mystic Cave Zone. :v:
  18. ExtendedAffinity


    I'll sing the praises of Sonic 2's multiplayer! Really, I'd be happy with just that, and that's what I'd like to see more of. Even over attempts and making a good, fun cooperative. Back in the day for me personally, there was much more fun to be had with Sonic 2 multiplayer than there was with somebody picking up the P2 controller and controlling Tails.

    Of course that was because of how the co-op worked, it could most definitely be made to be more fun, and it should be attempted at some point. Modern games have a plethora of co-op formats to take inspiration from, there's no doubt in my mind that if it was wanted enough, a good Sonic co-op system could be made.

    Past those two things though....ehhh, I wouldn't object to their existence, but I wouldn't personally use them. For example, I'd almost certainly never use an online option if it was implemented in a Sonic game. Doesn't matter what it was for, I wouldn't use it. Or competing in emerald hunting like in SA2. But more options are nice though, because others might.
  19. Diablohead


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    Sonic 2 PERFECTED it, everything else is weaksauce.
  20. Aerosol


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    Yea really. Nobody mentioned it cause it goes without saying. I dunno what they were thinking from Sonic 2 onwards. SA2B came closest to the former glory, but retarded attacks messed everything up.
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