What approach should 3D Sonic take next?

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    I'd only be interested in a SA1 remake if Taxman did it since he's meticulous with physics engines. But even then, I'd prefer a new game over a remake of a game I already own a couple times.
  2. Does Taxman even like Sonic Adventure? I doubt he'd be interested in taking on such a project, especially since he's more accustomed to making 2D Genesis/Mega Drive style games.
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    creating the biggest sonic collection
    He said in an interview he'd like to do a 3D game next.
  4. Okay, but would he want to work on a remake of Sonic Adventure, though? Does he even like SA1? I kinda doubt it. And if he has no experience making 3D games, I don't think I can trust him to take on such a huge task, especially since he's seemingly only worked on 2D games before.
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    Yeah I don't know if he'd want to do SA1, I'm just saying as a meticulous engine programmer, I'd trust him over anyone at Sonic Team.
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    Beta Windy Valley in SA1 Remake or I riot

    ...joking aside, expecting Taxman to do an SA1 Remake is speculation in the extreme - in that it is entirely baseless. Taxman isn't even part of the team that worked on Mania anymore IIRC.
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    Taxman founded EveningStar and that includes a fair amount of the Mania development staff (Bridges, Flick, and Fry). I think you're confusing Taxman for Stealth, who has his own company (Headcannon) and has been trying to get some pitches of his own off the ground such as his NES Darkwing Duck game and Vertebreaker.
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    Why can't it be the 20th already???
  9. Taxman has said verbatim in an interview (I forget which magazine) that he is definitely a fan of Sonic Adventure and would love to do a remake.
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  10. Really? That's pretty cool, if true. I'm honestly a little surprised.

    I think I found the interview, too: https://info.sonicretro.org/Christian_Whitehead_interview_by_Glixel_(September_7,_2017)

    He says he's a fan of Sonic Adventure, but I didn't see anything about him wanting to do a remake. Still, I'm happy he likes SA1, at least.
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  11. I'd prefer a re-imagining of Sonic Adventure, along the same lines as the Final Fantasy remake.

    That would be cool. Scrap the crap janky camera system, and get rid of some of the more shitty elements, and rebuild it.

    Obviously this would never happen as it would cost an absolute fortune for what would ultimately be a niche product, but it would still be rad.

    On another note I've always wanted to see a full 3D Sonic game, but with untextured polygon graphics a la' Virtua Racing (but with higher poly counts and super smooth fps). Now THAT would be cool.
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    Remaking Adventure 1 and 2 is such a no-brainer that I'd be shocked if that's not the next major announcement. Plus, remakes are trendy right now and SonicTeam likes following trends.

    I want to see a remake that fixes the wonky collision, the camera, etc. And then I would like a true Adventure 3 - but only if SonicTeam doesn't do it.
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    Agreed. I love the way Sonic the Fighters looks, and I've thought before of a hypothetical Sonic arcade platformer on the Model 2 board.
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    Rather than Sonic the Fighters, Sonic JAM & R always kinda marveled me.
    There's this mystique of those Saturn-era models that keeps me interested.
  15. Hell no. You realize a lot of people hate the Final Fantasy 7 remake, right? Square took the first 5 hours of a PS1 game and stretched it out to 30 hours adding in a bunch of pointless filler to pad the game out. Then you have the dumb "Episodic" format that they're going with; you're paying $60 for only a small fraction of the original game. And that's not going into how they changed the story to add in dumb time travel elements to retcon shit. I'd never want Sonic to become some lame interactive movie.
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    Speaking of a hypothetical SA1 Remake...
    You guys mentioned certain features and/or gameplay styles could be removed, as they appealed less to the masses.
    Like Big & Gamma's stories, right? Fishing & Shooting.
    If those two were removed from the playable cast, then what would be left of them in the overall game?
    They barely show up in the main trio's stories, which would make them easily retconned out of existence.
  17. Whoa there, I meant graphically. Rather than just a HD remake thingy.
  18. That's part of why I don't want an SA1 remake. At best, they'd have to somehow be refitted into the cutscenes, which doesn't have the same impact. Call me paranoid, but I think they'd probably just cut everything out except Sonic's story, tbh. I don't think they can even bring back the Chao Gardens, so I doubt they'd return as well. I'm not even sure if they can even recreate the Adventure style gameplay for Sonic, and I greatly fear that they'd just turn his levels into 2D boost gameplay like in Forces. Adventure fields will probably be cut and replaced with a World Map or something.

    I think it would be for the best that they leave the Adventure games alone and just work on new stuff.

    Oh. Then, sure, that would be neat, I guess. I don't think SEGA would poor the money into something like that, though. We'd probably get something on par with Forces, in terms of graphics.
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    Let's shift gears a bit and talk about the composers. Music is arguably the place where Sonic has been most consistent (really, the only mainline Sonic game with a soundtrack I consider genuinely bad is Sonic 4, and there are a few soundtracks, especially American CD and Forces, that I think are horribly underrated and deserve more love), so it's not immediately something to worry about. However, I'm growing a bit tired of Ohtani and think someone new should come in.

    Who do I think should compose the next Sonic game? Well, if I had to pick a composer who's contributed to the series before, it'd be Hideki Naganuma. His Sonic Rush soundtrack still stands out as one of the series' finest and most unique. But if we're talking about composers who haven't composed a Sonic game, then I think David Wise is long overdue to give Sonic some atmospheric, melancholy melodies.
  20. Never heard Dave Wise's music, but I'd be down with Naganuma coming back. Jun Senoue should stay on board too; his work on Team Sonic Racing was pretty great. Kenichi Tokoi and Naofumi Hataya should stay too. I'd also like to see Fumie Kumatani come back, if possible.