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    This being a Sonic forum, obviously we all love the Sonic franchise (To some degree, I'd hope). The original Genesis games are unbeatable, and as of recently I like to think that the franchise has picked itself off its feet and has become something special again. However, what if SEGA pitched a spin-off that completely changed everything? Now, keep in mind that this would, in all likelihood, be terrible for the franchise. SEGA haven't really proven themselves to make high quality games that deviate even a little bit from the basic formula, and even the somewhat better ones haven't been anything special. However, it's nice to think about what could be if pulled off properly.

    I've always thought that a Dr. Eggman game that played like Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts would be pretty cool. The concept of said game has you making your own vehicles and contraptions to solve puzzles and just do crazy shit, I think it'd be a perfect fit for the doctor. A Robotnik themed RTS I think would be kind of cool as well, commanding badniks to take over various parts of Mobius/the Earth and whatnot I think would be kinda cool.

    These aren't really fleshed out or anything, but they're just ideas I've had.
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    Personally, I've always felt that the 3D Sonic games should always expand on what the Sonic Adventures offered; a hub world (3D or not), which includes some elements of RPG, like the Chao raising stuff, which offered link-ups with friends, races, fights, training etc. Online modes would be brilliant.

    Games like Call of Duty prove that you can have a fantastic and unhindered offline mode completely seperate from any other modes yet still have an awesome online to add replayability. I would love for a game to include some form of 2 player/multiplayer again, and online would complete this experience. Whilst I don't believe every single game out there should have online purely because it's possible, it seems logical that a so-called trendy/cool and such a colourful and activity based franchise such as Sonic HASN'T gone online yet. I would love to race against someone else in the style of Sonic 2, and I'd also love for the series to have some sort of Co-Op mode, expanding on what Colours brought, which was a fleeting and sidequest styled experience.

    As for how the actual content of the games is going currently; It's going well. They've finally settled on a look and feel for Sonic, rather than making him cute and anime-styled one second, then cross-eyed and lanky the next. They've settled on a brilliant way to make it play- mixing 2D and 3D brilliantly. 3D itself now has the awesomeness of the Dreamcast era Sonic levels, and the pathway styled gameplay of the originals down as much as possible for a 3D game based on going fast and reaching a set goal, whislt stll giving the player places to explore.
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    A Robotnik game like the one you described wouldn't be at all a bad idea, and I think it would be extremely enjoyable if done right. Heck, maybe even an overlord rip-off with different classes of badniks to command!

    Also, I'm not diametrically opposed to the idea of the Storybook series, but I think they need to consider different ways to go about them. Paper Mario, and Kirby's Epic Yarn that take a different aesthetic and actually incorporate that aesthetic into gameplay would be a much more successful formula for a successful storybook game, I feel.
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    Jack shit.
    A Sonic Mahjong game perhaps?

    I mean...It has to happen sooner or later, right?
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    Hmm, Sorta like the eggman idea, mabye a Tails game, Cross the mech walkers from SA2 with the battle style gameplay of Custom Robo Arena on the DS.

    Customize and create your own mech walkers and battle other people in a mech competition, this would play to his stregnths as a smartypants. While also not putting him in a position when he's in a big adventure which would just raise the question "where is Sonic and why isnt he doing this?"

    So yeah, Tails mech fighting game
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    Eurgh, personally I couldn't have any more spin-offs, not unless it was a Shadow The Hedgehog 2 in the style of Modern Sonic with a twist- I trust SEGA enough now to pull off a sequel, and it's been ages since we actually controlled any buddies. I just want a decent Sonic game once every two years at maximum. At the moment I've had four in the space of a year and a half, but hey, nevermind.
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    While I myself am against the idea, there are many who would love a Sonic game that appeals to the Dating Sim niche. I'd find it hilarious if something like that ever officially came to fruition.

    On that note, I found it funny how someone from Sega (can't remember who, but it was probably Aaron Webber/Rubyeclipse) said something like this: "If we listened to all the Sonic fans, there would be a Sonic dating sim".

    But as a serious suggestion, I'd love to see a Robotnik/Eggman Empire RTS where Eggman faces against the army of GUN, including the normal soldiers as basic infantry, the basic GUN robots as advanced infantry, and the shielded gun robots as an upgraded version of that. The basic GUN (mono?) beetle (that has no gun) would be a scout, and the one with a gun would be air support. Rouge, Omega and Shadow would be exclusive heroes for GUN. Metal Sonic, Emerl, Chaos Gamma and Robotnik/Eggman himself would also be heroes. (Eggman would be able to take over any enemy vehicle and reprogram any enemy machine to his side, or something.)

    Eggman could use badniks as infantry and his boss vehicles could also be hero units. Just the same, GUN's boss vehicles (like Flying Dog and Hot Shot) would also be hero units.
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    This just got me thinking. Remaking Shadow the Hedgehog as an RTS would be pretty cool. Eggman's forces, GUN, and the Black Arms as the 3 playable armies, with occasional Sonic characters as really advanced troops.

    They could even make it more than a HUB world. They could make a game that functions similarly to The Elder Scrolls games, in that you explore a massive open world, free to do whatever you like, regardless of if it follows the main storyline. The franchise has a pretty deep pool of locations, characters, and lore that they could explore with such a game.
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    I'd love to see a Sonic metroidvania game. You could keep the sidescrolling, running, rings, and everything that makes Sonic games Sonic games, but change up how you explore the world and progress. Replaying Sonic CD and being forced to explore (for those damn badnik machines) made me realize how interesting a sonic game with Super Metroid-esque exploration could be. Sonic adventure style powerups could be use to lead progression, much in the way a weapon like high jump boots would in Metroid. Backtracking would be no issue with Sonic, he's a pretty cool guy and likes to go left every now-and-again. Hell, most Sonic enemies could lend well to backtracking, since they're usually not very difficult to kill, and you can plow right through 'em.
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    Flicky Turncoat DX, T.L.W.S. Vs M.G.W.

    Old GT April Fools joke is OLD. But yeah. They still haven't made it yet.

    But why stop there? There is a whole list of board game crossovers that could be mixed with Sonic. Where's my Sonic brand Chutes and Ladders? Or Sonic Monopoly? Sonic Guess Who? Sonic Clue? Sonic Candyland? Sonic...Hungry Hungry Hippos? How does that last one even work?
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    Personally, I always thought a SCUMM-style point'n'click adventure starring Tails and/or the Chaotix could work awesomely well. It just… works, in my head, what with them all being supposed to be thinkers and stuff.
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    Flicky The Bluebird: Sonic's Vacation

    The final showdown would have Flicky intentionally turning into a robot to fight Metal Sonic.

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    Returning the concept of other playable characters like Tails, Knuckles, Amy, etc. Hub worlds are really nice, too.
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    Wow, now that is a sprite I've not seen in a long time :P
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    Text adventure. I know Overlord did this, but I can really imagine this working with the new style of Sonic game, what with the focus on story and all.

    Code (Text):
    2. SONIC is on a grass-covered cliff leading to a NORTHERN spiral walkway with a chequered pattern on it. Below is a pit of lazy nothingness, whilst above looms impossibly stupid-looking blue robots in a diagonal line leading to higher ground. SONIC has 24 RINGS.
    3. Enter Command.
    4. >RUN NORTH
    5. SONIC runs NORTH and takes to the walkway. There is more walkway, this time with RINGS. SONIC has 24 RINGS.
    6. Enter Command.
    7. >RUN NORTH
    8. SONIC runs NORTH and collects 5 RINGS. There is more walkway, and more RINGS. SONIC has 29 RINGS.
    9. Enter Command.
    10. >RUN NORTH
    11. SONIC runs NORTH and collects 5 RINGS. There is more walkway, and more RINGS. SONIC has 34 RINGS.
    12. Enter Command.
    14. Syntax error. Enter Command.
    15. >ROLL
    16. SONIC tucks into a ball and rolls along the walkway. This slows him down and he falls into the pit of gamedev apathy. SONIC is DEAD.
    Sega, this one's on me. You're welcome.
  16. A tower-defense styled game where you are Dr Eggman, and you have to set up the nasty traps along the level to stop Sonic from getting to the end. Each level has its own set of hazards and badniks, Although they would be a limited supply of each. Since each level would have multiple routes, you will have to be very creative to have everything covered with a limited supply.
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    A puzzle platfomer with Big. Instead of fishing for Froggy at the end of the level, you must solve a puzzle to free him.
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    This sounds like it would work great as an alternate gameplay mode, where the player is setting badniks and traps, against perhaps his/her own Time-Attack Ghost, or maybe the dev's own...
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    I've always thought a sequel to Sonic R would be an excellent idea. Granted, the controls would have to be greatly improved upon compared to those of the first. And it would need maybe 16+ racetracks, 20+ characters (along with the possible inclusion of Super versions of characters*,) more music options (including actually good remixes of some of the first game's tracks [no more of this Gems Collection crap],) and more multi-player options and modes. I honestly don't think it's the greatest idea or one of the greatest, but I think it would really work.

    *Emerald collection was one of my favorite parts of the original game, and to make it mandatory for each individual character (to unlock the corresponding super version) would be interesting. But the inclusion of Super Sonic, Super Tails, Super Metal Sonic, et al. would definitely throw off the balance of the game greatly. And the only consideration to playing as the "Hero" racers as opposed their robotic counterparts (after the latter have been unlocked) would be that they be a little faster overall than the Metal characters, in addition to their having more varied mobility- and agility-related abilities, while the Metal characters would be able to charge up rocket boosts and deadly attacks. But having the super set of characters would just screw with any kind of balance the character roster would have maintained before said super characters are unlocked. Though I'm sure something could be worked out in regard to that, so I'm not entirely opposed to the idea.

    Haters of Sonic R can now step forward and proceed to bash/flame me for conceiving this seemingly dumb idea that hardly anyone aside from myself would have any interest or delight in.
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