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Hack VTuber in Sonic 1

Discussion in 'Engineering & Reverse Engineering' started by ProjectFM, Jan 6, 2021.

  1. ProjectFM


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    Sonic Next Genesis
    It's the Sonic 1 we all know and love, but with the addition of the character of Sonime, an avatar who reacts to your gameplay in real time. Her expressions have been fine tuned to reflect your inner reactions to game you're playing. She'll be joyous if you reach soaring speeds and maneuver through several badniks in a single jump. She'll watch in terror as the only thing keeping you from death is a few invincibility frames. She'll scowl at your failings, be shocked by a sudden crushing, and even get annoyed at those god-forsaken special stage crystals. Every feeling you have will be reflected so accurately, that you could've sworn Sonime had a direct link to your soul. Though the game remains unchanged, she becomes the focus, pushing aside Sonic as the star of the show, and you'll find yourself doing noticeable worse.

    This is Sonime the VTuber in...

    ProjectFM - Programming, Animation, Art Adjustments, Sound Editing
    Kilo - Character Art, Original Concept
    + guides by
    Mercury - Dynamic Special Stage Walls system
    Super Egg - How to Optimize Shield Art Loading in Sonic 1

    - I have plans for a second version, though whether they will come to fruition is a matter of if I'm motivated to do it. I'm open to any and all ideas proposed to me for stuff like extra expressions, voice samples, how Sonime should react to what, etc.
    - This hack is proof that Sonic's palette can be loaded for the entire game (sans the Sega screen) without major graphical drawbacks.
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  2. Vangar


    Played GHZ, amazing hack haha. I had no idea you could put something over the top of literally everything like that, even the title cards.
  3. LordOfSquad


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    I'm intrigued by this concept, but I'm thinking of what it'd be like if it were used in a bit more of a "classic" context. It'd be really cute if the character was Madonna or Amy, and they popped into the screen every so often to do "cheerleading" instead of hanging out there all the time, maybe as part of a larger hack. This is definitely well executed for what it is though, nice work!
  4. ProjectFM


    Orono, Maine
    Sonic Next Genesis
    The ROM has been updated to (hopefully) fix a sprite table overflow bug.
  5. DeltaW


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    Bumping this thread to show you that yes, VTuber in Sonic 1 will make another return this year in SHC. New features are major optimisations to the game (done by ProjectFM and me) and Sonime can speak (taken from the wonderful Korone, and ripped by me). Unfortunately, you will encounter graphical bugs when playing the contest build but that may be resolved in the future.

    Also, thank you ProjectFM for giving me a chance to sort his hack out for the contest. I've worked pretty hard with him trying to get everything complete to the best of our abilities over the past week and even though we believe there are a few things missing and bugs here and there, I personally think what came out turned out to be not only amusing but enjoyable and I cannot wait to see what y'all think. For more information about the hack, please check the video's description.