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VMS Icon Extractor v1.2

Discussion in 'Technical Discussion' started by GerbilSoft, May 4, 2008.

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    Back in 2003, I wrote a utility to extract the icon from VMS files. I don't think I ever widely released it, so I decided to get the code, clean it up a bit, and release it here.

    Known bugs:
    - Will not work on big-endian architectures (PowerPC, etc). I will fix this eventually.
    - Not sure if it will correctly extract animated icons. I did implement support for it, but apparently I don't have any VMS files with animated icons to test it on. :thumbsup: Fixed in 1.2; I found a copy of the SA2 Chao Adventure file, which has animated icons. vmsicon-1.1 stored the icons backwards in the bitmap file. vmsicon-1.2 stores them correctly.
    - Chao Editor 1 and 2 have the icon stored differently compared to most other VMS files, so they won't work. (Well, vmsicon will extract an icon, but it'll be garbage.) I have to figure out where a pointer to the icon is located in the VMS so this can be automated instead of having to write a special hack just for the Chao Editors.

    How to use vmsicon:
    Code (Text):
    1. ./vmsicon vmsfile bmpfile
    where vmsfile is the filename of the VMS file, and bmpfile is the output BMP file. (Yes, it uses BMP format, but that's because it's the easiest to implement without any extra libraries.)

    Note that vmsicon is distributed as a single C file, so you'll need a C compiler to build an executable.

    vmsicon is licensed under the GPLv2.
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    Awesome dude, keep it up.

    Now finish SHWP >:O
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    Out of interest, why isn't it GPL 3?