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Video of (cancelled) Streets of Rage reboot prototype by Ruffian Games

Discussion in 'General Sega Discussion' started by TimmiT, Dec 5, 2012.

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    In case it wasn't clear I was mainly mentioning the game for the sake of its external aesthetics, not really how it played, other than the fact that it was another beat em up reboot.
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    ...And now we find Streets of Rage pitch/concept art from Backbone, of all people, Along with a bit of Eswat.

    First off, I'm going to say that despite the artist's fetish for boots with gigantic leather straps, these designs probably invoke the spirit of SoR more than any shitcanned concept art we've seen before.

    (Before anybody remarks about that, if you've seen the previous stuff, that isn't saying much)

    On the negative side: Backbone. Authors of the horribly emulated, pre-M2 Sega Vintage Collection games with crappy sound and horrible button lag. Not to mention their non-emulated output is erratic at best - They made Bomberman Live for Hudson, which was great, but then again they also made those 1942 and Commando XBLA games for Capcom, which really weren't great.

    On one side, I'd freaking love a new SoR if done "right" (and for many old fans getting something like this right I think is a very specific thing something that Bombergames understood when making their remake), but I'm glad Sega keep canning these, because so far outside Ancient (and even their DC pitch was quite plainly horrible) I don't think I trust anyone to make it right.

    You'd need a really big fan that just knows what's right.

    Hi Sega. I'm available for hire.
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    At best the aesthetics would be spot on maybe even the audio, story etc etc but the gameplay? I have my doubts, unless the team who did Shinobi 3DS does it. They seem to know their shit.