VGM player for DOS

Discussion in 'General Sega Discussion' started by Oerg866, Nov 22, 2008.

  1. Anyone know a VGM player for DOS, as I can't find any.

    Or is anyone willing to code a small one?
  2. Puto


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    I think nineko once did one, but it was PSG only.
  3. nineko


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    Yup, May 21st, 2002.
    Good times.

    As said, though, it doesn't play 2612 VGMs (also because they didn't exist yet back in 2002).
  4. Oh, wasn't that for the PC-Speaker or something?
  5. nineko


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    It could also output to an LPT sound source, but I doubt you have one of those, as they were quite rare.
  6. Oh sweet. Nah, I don't have one, but they are very easy to build. If you're meaning something like the Disney Sound Source
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    o_O What would it do, print the soundwave? =P
  8. nineko


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    Oerg: You're implying that I will give you my program.

    Let me say this in a subtle way: even if building a Sound Source is easy, save yourself the effort to do that.

    edit: damn Overlord who posted at the same time as me. Now to fix my post.

    Overlord: you plug that thing in the LPT port, and it acts like a soundcard. Some DOS games could make use of it, as well as Fast Tracker 2 and maybe also Impulse Tracker.
    I made an mp3 player for it :3
    Awesome 8-bit mono quality. The sample rate isn't really limited though, it depends on how fast you can feed it with data, and parallel ports are generally fast for this kind of thing, so 44100Hz (and above) is definitely possible.
  9. No I'm not

    Just pointing out that it'S easy to build one. Meh, I'm gonna try that some time.