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Vanquish now out on PC

Discussion in 'General Sega Discussion' started by TimmiT, May 9, 2017.

  1. TimmiT


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    So a couple of weeks ago Sega put out an incredibly small update to Bayonetta's PC version. The only thing it added was an avatar featuring Sam Gideon from Vanquish in the game's EXTRAS folder:


    Which seems like a hint of Vanquish coming to PC. Now SEGA has started tweeting teaser images for the PC port on Twitter:


    The last image will seemingly be released tomorrow. The numbers seem to indicate a date, so it'll probably be released on 2015-05-??. Also in case you're not sure if those images are teasing Vanquish: the first image has the logo of the enemy in Vanquish.

    Vanquish out of all of Platinum's currently console-only games is the one that probably most deserves a PC port. Not because it's their best game, but because it ran at sub-30 fps on consoles. It would likely turn from a good game into an amazing on with it running at a smooth 60fps.
  2. Willie


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    I'm thrilled to hear it's finally getting a PC version. The meh framerate was a huge turnoff with the original game, so I'll probably pick this up later into the year when it's on sale.
  3. TimmiT


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    Third teaser image:


    So 2017-05-25.
  4. Atendega


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    In all seriousness I had no idea what this game was until I heard about it being teased for PC

    But now I really fucking want it :specialed:
  5. TimmiT


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    And it's been confirmed. It's 25% off for those who own Bayonetta on Steam.
  6. Jason


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    Unless there's something up with YouTube's compression, the frame rate looks all over the place. I'll wait for the DF analysis.
  7. Mentski


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    Yeah... For a trailer that advertises "unlocked framerate", you'd expect them to show it. Outside of the logo at the end, not a single part of that gameplay looks perceivably 60fps.

    There shouldn't be any reason that any modern rig can't handle this game up to 144hz, or any 5 year old rig to hit 60 for that matter.

    (Bar a really terrible, rushed port, that is. I dearly hope that isn't the case and it isn't a 2 month job being made off the back of Bayo's popularity. Hopefully this release has been planned for a while.)
  8. Covarr


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    It's definitely running at... above 30. Lots of hitches, though. It's like they recorded at highest settings on a machine that couldn't handle them.
  9. Black Squirrel

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    What the hell sort of advertisement is "unlocked framerate"?

    Vanquish™, now potentially inconsistent!

    As far as I'm aware, YouTube doesn't play with the rate of frame delivery - it digs into image quality when cuts need to be made (e.g. particle effects cause artifacts - it's the same with pretty much all compressed digital footage). YouTube doesn't do lossless video.

    So you're left with either bad in-game frame rates, bad capture of the footage, or bad editing from the marketeers that don't understand what frame rate is. I would suggest, given that they don't have the balls to say 60FPS, it's the former. But then presumably they're playing with a final build so idk.

    But it's really simple (and if you need a fuller explanation seek out Digital Foundry on YouTube or Eurogamer) - 30 and 60 sync up with monitors. Pick one.
  10. TimmiT


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    That's not really why they're saying that. When they say "unlocked framerate", they mean it can run above 60fps as well. So like 120fps or 144fps. Cause some people play games at those framerates and have monitors that support that apparently.

    This is what the Steam store description says about unlocked resolution and framerate:
  11. AnimatedAF


    I tried to play Vanquish on the PS3 and couldn't get into it: a problem I seem to have with a lot of Platinum games except for Bayonetta. A bit too much for me maybe.

    But it's great that Sega have managed to release two highly-requested PC ports so close to each other like this, especially after the year long gaps between ports. I assume this is specifically a Platinum thing and we're not gonna see loads of ports of Sega's other stuff all of a sudden.

    Daytona, VF5, House of the Dead 4 and After Burner Climax ports would allow me to finally pack away my Playstation 3 however heh.
  12. TimmiT


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    It's out now!

    Also new developer diary:

    And Digital Foundry video:
  13. Captain L

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    So, how optimistic are the system requirements on Platinum PC ports? Looks like I just barely meet the recommended requirements, should that be enough for 1080p60 if I'm willing to turn all graphics settings to low?
  14. Covarr


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    I haven't played this one, but based on their other ports, I'd say absolutely. The recommended specs for a Platinum game are usually enough to play 1080p60 on high without any real problems.
  15. TimmiT


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    So turns out the PC port does have one pretty bad problem: the higher the framerate, the more damage Sam takes.

  16. Lobotomy


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    The Master Race does come at a cost. The higher difficulty makes up for the fact that your godly PC gaming abilities outclass that of the lowly plebian console gamer.

    I'll definitely pick this up when they fix it.
  17. TimmiT


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  18. JaxTH


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    Jack shit.
    So who is gonna upload those Digital Deluxe Edition extras?
  19. TimmiT


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    [​IMG] / Via Nibel on Twitter

    So Bayonetta and Vanquish coming to PS4 and Xbox One then I guess.