Using an X-Box Controller on Bluestacks for Sonic 1

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Rexon, Jun 8, 2019.

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    Hi, I have recently downloaded Bluestacks so I can play the Android version of Sonic 1. I'm not very experienced at controlling games with the keyboard so I wanted to buy a pad, I found that X-Box control pads are compatible with Bluestacks. However, after I connected the controller I found that I couldn't use it at all, I looked all through the controller settings but I still couldn't get it to work, even though Bluestacks recognises a controller has been connected. I'm sure there must be a way to set up its controls. I was looking forward to completing the game as well as I could play as Tails and Knuckles.
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    I use JoyToKey for situations such as those (such as testing in Game Maker or something), though that may not be the solution you're after. I haven't used Bluestacks, but I did come across this, maybe it'll help.
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    Using an emulator... to play a shoddy emulation of Sonic 1... what? Why?
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    It's the TaxStealth port, not emulation.
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    How is Bluestacks these days? The last time I tried to install it, it tried to take over my whole system and there were some warning that it was full of adware (at best; some said it was outright a trojan). I just remember it being very bloated and having dozens of pointless sub-processes.

    There was definitely a time where Bluestacks was good, and then it apparently got bad, but is it back to being good again? I haven't tried it in years.
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    Thanks for the link. I have looked through the page already and unfortunately it didn't help. I noticed the reference to the controller icon appearing next to the games, but I didn't have the icon with Sonic 1

    I haven't had many difficulties with Bluestacks, other than a message saying it might cause my computer to run more slowly. I haven't had chance to get this sorted yet, not that it is causing any problems at the minute.

    I've never played an app version of Sonic on a phone and I thought it would be easier and more familiar if I played it on my computer. I'm not sure how quickly I would learn controlling a game with a phone screen, I'm so used to using controllers to make Sonic jump and run. Playing the Android version with the keyboard was a bit of a challenge and it was hard at first not to get hit by the Choppers and Newtrons.