Upscaling 720p HDMI gaming to 1440p or 4K

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    There has been a lot of hype about the RetroTINK 5x-Pro because it does an amazing job up-scaling analog signals (composite, component, S-Video, RGB, & SCART) to a 1440p HDMI image. I think that technology sounds amazing, but I'm wondering if there is a device that allows people to upscale 720p HDMI gaming to 1440p or 4K. Like if I bought an Analogue clone system, set it to 720p, then used it to upscale to 1440p or 4K, that would be amazing for getting the most crisp image on a ultra high definition display. Does anybody here know of any technology that exists which can accomplish this outcome? If so, what are the best products on the market?


    It's also worth mentioning that I would want something that adds zero latency.
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