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Upcoming Sonic 30th anniversary news coming 27th May

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Ted909, May 25, 2021.

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  1. LucasMadword


    LucasSaturn Member
    It is their fault, after all they could've announced it a few months ago when it hadn't leaked :V:V
  2. Cyberlink420


    Sonic F (Sonic Paradox)
    It's another cosmetic option. When you use boost, it'll give you the electric aura and visual effects that Sonic has in the movie.
  3. Blue Blood

    Blue Blood

    You're talking about multiple different groups of people. I'm in the "all I need is an announcement or a short teaser" camp, because I only wanted to know what Ultimate and the collection were all about, with a hint as to what was coming next. And that's literally exactly what we got. Both Colours and Origins are interesting and disappointing in their own ways, but they're not the main event. That would be Sonic 2022, which is intriguing. I'm eager to learn more about it, but what we've seen already in the short teaser is enough to whet my appetite for now.
  4. Aesculapius Piranha

    Aesculapius Piranha

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    Considering I completely skipped Colors, I guess this is good news :eng99:

    My inner pessimist is telling me Sega learned the exact wrong lesson from Mania and just decided to stop making new stuff since Sonic fans love their old games. My "but wait this is Sega" is telling me they will have at least one cool thing to announce for the 30th.
  5. That's what I was telling my friends. We were all laughing at the community's hypocrisy while the stream was going lmao. Not saying everyone did this, but there was a good number.
  6. Mana


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    I think we're also forgetting E3 is in a few weeks and SEGA will be there so the meaty parts of the reveals will probably be there instead.
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  7. Thank fucking God Sonic 3 & Knuckles is finally getting a proper widescreen re-release.
  8. Aesculapius Piranha

    Aesculapius Piranha

    つづく Oldbie
    Good point. E3 still exists and in the PR world some people still care about it.
  9. Now it's up to how E3 will work this year with covid and stuff. I think it will focus a lot more on live streams like nintendo.
  10. i guess that means we're getting a whole stream / event / whatever dedicated to the Sonic ZAP hopefully.
  11. Overlord


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    Christ, I'm not. Dude announced an absolute ton of things that seemed vaguely plausible, then pimps up the ones he guessed right while ignoring the ones he guessed wrong. Two random examples:

    Hasn't happened.

    Isn't true, they're in there.

    Zippo was, is, and remains worthless, stop giving him the oxygen of publicity.

    All that out of the way: yup, stream was about pretty much exactly what I thought it'd be. I'll be picking Colours HD up for Xmas, probably. Hope that collection gets a physical release!
  12. I have a really bad feeling the 2022 game is an adaptation, maybe even loose, of the Sonic movie universe. Someone tell me I'm stupid for thinking that. Please.
  13. I swear to god if they make sonic electric like in the movie i'm gonna get nervous becouse it's not that good of a change (in my opinion)
  14. Beamer the Meep

    Beamer the Meep

    Better than Sonic Genesis... Member
    Thank goodness 3&K is getting an official widescreen version. It remains to be seen if this is a Taxman & Stealth version of the game, but it's very promising regardless.

    As far as the new game, I think people are reading too much into the "zap" thing. Clearly that's not what it says and there's no other indication there's any of the movie's electricity thing going on. If anything it seems to be tackling technology and ancient ruins in an interesting way, almost like the "nature vs technology" theme everyone mentions.
  15. Metalwario64


    Well, he very well could be talking out of his ass (still not holding out hope about his statement about the new game being closer to Adventure with multiple playable characters, because the trailer seems to indicate more boost), but when I see leaks in other franchises, reputable leakers sometimes get things wrong because they get early info that changes. It's possible Sega had some preplanning for a new Olympics title that didn't pan out, and the collection was originally just going to be straight emulations.

    In the Dragon Ball community, a couple of years ago very reputable people with consistently correct insider info insisted we were getting a new season of Super, but that never happened, so Zippo being wrong about some things could just be outdated info, or plans changing and him not being privy to that.
  16. Hmm. Couple of quick thoughts:

    1) sonic origins collection is cool. I guess I hope there's something else to it beyond what we've seen, maybe whitehead involvement?

    2) Zippo has not exactly been confirmed, no idea why people are saying that. He's gotten several things wrong already.

    3) if I had to guess from this trailer, the next game (zap or whatever you all are saying) will just further iterate and evolve the boost formula. Or rather, sonic gameplay is not being reinvented, but fine tuned. Too early to tell of course.

    Looking forward to the actual announcement, which hopefully will happen next month. I think the new project is not going to be a remake of anything and people should definitely keep expectations in check. Adventure fans especially, y'all be tripping.
  17. I'm honestly content with what we got today. Wish we got more, but it is what it is.

    Glad I can play Colors after so long given its been 9 years
  18. Also, the fact that Sonic's face wasn't showing in the trailer is definitely indicative of change on some level. Perhaps there is a bigger surprise in store than we think.
  19. Starduster


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    I think it's worth nothing that they stressed we've not seen everything they've got planned. I think with regards to Zippo specifically, the big decider will be if "Zap" is an Adventure styled title or not, and whether we get 2D game he spoke of.
  20. Jason


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    Fun is a baseline expectation. To have anything less is a disappointment.

    I'd also like the series to start being a showpiece for hardware again. Hasn't been much wow factor since 2008.

    It also constrains the scale of what kind of game you can feasibly make.
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