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Unpopular Sonic Opinions

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Londinium, Jun 17, 2022.

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    Real talk, I really wanted more of these collabs. Jun Senoue and Cash Cash really went very hard on the Big Arms and Super Sonic Racing remix in Sonic Generations.
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    I don't like meat-eaters existing in Sonic. And this is coming from a fatass who fucking loves meat.

    I think Sonic's themes of nature versus technology, and his love of animals, would be a lot more potent and make a lot more sense if Sonic's favorite food wasn't chili dogs. You could argue he eats fake meat versions, but that's clearly not Sega's intention. You have to start asking awkward questions like why realistic animals, Sonic-size anthro animals, and the animal critters that pop out of badniks exist alongside each other. Or if fried chicken exists, and if it does, if it's made from Cucky's. Really not comfortable with the idea of Cucky's head being cut off.

    I'm ok with fish and insects being eaten, but beyond that, I think the world in Sonic would be more interesting if people otherwise ate vegetarian and realistic animals simply didn't exist. Maybe have Eggman advocate for the slaughter of animals instead.
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    Animals eat other animals in nature all the time, it's technology that produces vegetarianism etc. by creating artificial alternatives. I don't think it goes against the theme at all, if anything Eggman should be a vegan.

    (Also Sonic's theme isn't nature versus technology, it's nature versus misuse of technology, which muddies the waters somewhat...)
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    I'd go further and say it's just protecting nature from the misuse of technology.
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    Peel-out + spin is just as good as a spindash. Just less buttons to mash.
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    CD haters gotta hear this
  7. The style and lyrics of Amy's theme "My Sweet Passion" are really sexual for a character (then?) intended to be 12 years old and it's actually bizarre.

    Husky whispering: "Won't mind painting myself blue for you." "That sphinx looked so cute, I had to shave it." "Makes me wanna be his speciality".

    Give Amy a cheesy upbeat song about helping everybody she meets until the future she sees in her tarot cards is a happy one, because she believes love's always in the cards. I dunno.
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    I never got the appeal of the Peel-Out. I don't like the animation and it's not as thematically cool to me as the Spin Dash. I think that having the put in the extra effort with the button mash goes a long way into making the Spin Dash feel good.
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    I like the peel out cuz I think the anime run animation in CD looks cool as hell, literally the only reason I like it. It's just okay otherwise:eng99:
  10. Taylor


    This is one reason why I really dislike Shadow/06, it feels like they just shit on SA2 with story decisions like that. I've seen tons of fanwanked explanations but at the end of the day, it's just fans trying to rationalize a bad story decision.

    Knuckles has some kinda odd lyrics too, like calling Rouge "sexy and smooth". I think it's just a case where Sega didn't think too much about these characters ages (since they're cartoon mascots and not actual humans) though yeah, not a bad thing that they dropped that going forward
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    I feel that Shadow speaks for himself on this matter.

    I enjoy Shadow having joined G.U.N. in 06 because it really does show that the character has grown and matured since SA2 and his self titled game. He determines his own destiny. I guess it is kinda odd on the surface level without any other context, but I like it a lot despite this due to the reasons above.
  12. Blue Blood

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    Yeah, I agree with you rather than Dubs on this. The GUN that Shadow has worked with today is not the same GUN that killed Maria and The Professor 50 years ago. They're arguably not even the same GUN that he was up against in his own game. Even Shadow himself isn't the same person that he once was.

    Shadow is quite insightful and level-headed (or at least he was pre-Vegeta syndrome), so I think he'd be the first to align with anyone if he thought that they were doing the right thing. In 06, all he was doing at the start was seeking to help Rouge, which he makes quite clear between his first and second levels. He continues to go along with what little intervention GUN offers because he's seen what he's up against in Mephiles. As long as he's still in charge of making his own decisions and not directly taking orders, he'll go along with GUN. And I think that's an important distinction that would be nice to see; he works with them, not for them. The moment he suspects any sort of foul play, he'd change his mind. It's like how he very readily worked with Eggman and Metal against Sonic, Rouge and everyone else in Rivals 2. Although I'm not going to pretend that that game deserves any medals for its story and dialogue. Lol

    Shadow letting go of his grudges and moving on from his agonising past is the biggest part of his character development. There's no way in hell he'd pull the "they killed my family routine" under any circumstances short of a lobotomy. He's still going to be hurting, but he'll "never turn back".
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    I think the idea that Shadow could grow to forgive GUN is a good idea. I also think it's worth acknowledging that people who have a history with something tragic can ironically end up working for it/associating with it later down the line as a kind of attachment.

    I think the main problem is Shadow's entry to GUN is given very little context and explanation. The organisation itself changing from something clearly bad in SA2 to something better also isn't clearly conveyed. So his changed attitude to the organisation isn't given enough screen time for us to believe it. There's that scene from 06 but really it should be explained more because I always found it jarring.
  14. Taylor


    It also doesn't help that Shadow's game, which is supposed to be THE story of how he finally makes peace with his past, doesn't actually say much of anything because of its multiple route set up. All that's definitely canon is the Last Story, which doesn't exactly portray GUN in a good light (an ineffectual organization that Shadow has to bail out of trouble)

    I also think people using that scene from 06 are being a bit silly. The context of the scene is Mephiles trying to seduce Shadow into destroying humanity. There's a large difference between "No, I won't destroy humanity, you dickhead" and "I will work with this morally ambiguous organization that killed my BFF". They likely did it for meta reasons (to justify him hanging with Rouge and Omega, and to differentiate him further from Sonic) without really thinking of how to sell the idea.

    In general I don't think they really thought of how Shadow would fit in 06. Not to shill but I wrote a little thing on how strange Shadow's gameplay is even by 06 standards
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    Yeah, that’s fair. Probably goes for most of 06’s story, it’s really cool in subtext, but kinda iffy with the actual execution in the game. Shadow joining G.U.N. is just one of many elements of 06 that would’ve been much more popular had it been more thoroughly explained and polished up. I still think it’s cool, though :V


    I like Sonic Blast on Game Gear. My parents and I had to hunt for it at a Toys R Us 20 miles away to find a copy in 1998, and I was super happy when we found it and played the game to 100% very quickly.

    There, I said it.
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    I mean, it's not the same GUN from 50 years ago, but it's the same GUN that arrested Sonic for stealing the Chaos Emerald when he clearly didn't do it.
  18. Blue Blood

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    They legitimately thought it was him. It's contrived, but not an uncommon plot device where doppelgangers are concerned. In-universe the two characters are virtually indistinguishable, but to the audience they look almost nothing alike.
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    ... where?
    He's not shown to be exactly a hothead either maybe, but where has he been shown to be level-headed? If anything I can think more times where he's shown to act rashly. Are you sure you're not just mixing your memories of Archie into this?

    All this aside, from the perspective of themes, him working with GUN is also just shit tbh. The same military that on his own debut game was still just as corrupt as ever, trying to cover up their actions form 50 years ago. We're given no indication that they're any different by 06- to the point where I remember it being notable they were "heroes" in Shadow, since they'd been established pretty clearly as antagonists, and even in Shadow they're only heroes by comparison, as you still get the corrupt leader etc.
  20. Well if you compare him with Sonic, Shadow looks like the more level-headed one. But they're both pretty rash when you get down to it.

    On Shadow and GUN; I understand what they were attempting, wanting Shadow to move on from his past in a more positive direction. I think that's a wonderful idea, but that's not what we got. From what we've seen, Shadow joining the organization happens entirely offscreen. No perspective about it from Shadow at all, it just happens. Perhaps if we saw Shadow wrestle with the decision before making it would make it better, but it's just very abrupt and therefore not very believable in my eyes.