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Unpopular Sonic Opinions

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Londinium, Jun 17, 2022.

  1. Blue Blood

    Blue Blood

    99% of the gameplay in 3D Sonic fangames with "momentum physics" is trying to land on the right spot after being launched into to the air off a ramp at high speed. They were novel once upon a time, but it's no surprise that nobody has managed to turn that into a compelling full game. The games also tend to have an issue of making Sonic about the size of a mouse.

    Re the whole 06 kiss debate... It looks weird because of how realistic Elise is. I could say more, but that's the crux of it. It would be far less egregious (read: not necessarily good) if Sonic was kissed on the lips by anything other than a realistic human.
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    Understandable -- some aspects appeal to you more than others, and it's perfectly fine to favor them. I'd say the 8 bit games feature the whole gameplay idea with a less functional physics system, although it still works -- at least in Sonic 1 and 2.

    If I were to define it, I'd call it "the inherent tension between Sonic's access to power being reliant on the environment and Sonic's source of threat also being reliant on the environment", which is also not a shorthand at all. It's not a feature, but something that arises due to everything we're talking about. Mario has power-ups, Megaman has upgrades of all sorts -- the power comes from the character itself.

    Sonic has glimpses of this approach with elemental shields, but that's about it: generally speaking, you have to look outwards, and your biggest strength -- speed -- is what puts you at risk the most. This is fundamentally where the "well the game tells me to go fast but I'm punished if I go fast" complaint comes from, and I get it if you're used to other game design sensibilities.

    Anyway, it's not one feature or the other. If the hypothetical Tony Hedgehog gameplay worked towards achieving the same inherent tension, it'd be a bona fide classic Sonic game to me still even without a life system at all.

    (That said, the single action button is why the game works the way it does -- or at least Carol Yas says as much)
  3. Ignoring that common enemies have almost never been much of an actual threat in Sonic games, especially concerning 3D Sonic gameplay…

    …I will acknowledge they have made Sonic too floaty, yes. But I am of the idea that, above all, this is more a level design issue than a control or perspective issue.

    They just need to be smarter about the quantity and placement of slopes, especially ramplike ones that can be used for getting insane air and jumping over everything. And the levels in general needs to be more “uphill” for a lack of a better word rather than downhill or level to make it harder to jump over literally all platforming.

    Oh and uh…. Yeah. Need to actually regulate Sonic’s speed through level design like the Classics do

    And this is part of the reason SRB2 is king.
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  4. Yea, I just play what I like and engage with meaningful discussion from now on. Not really interested in people arguing on Twitter or shit or anything, too mentally taxing.

    Triple Trouble remake is probably my favorite fangame recently .
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    I'm not sure if I'd like to play games with a different "health and wealth" system, but I'm quite glad successful games based on the classic Sonic engine exist to demonstrate that i'ts the engine more than the games themselves what deserves praise. You can have any traditional platformer on a Sonic engine and it would still work because it's adding functionality more than changing it. But I'll also tell you right now (unpopular opinion incoming)...

    I'm more interested in playing a Frontiers than a S3K right now. I'm ok with new Sonic games being their own thing instead of repeating the previous formula because it lets me try different things without going to far from what I've already played. If they didn't fuck it up constantly with bugs and whatnot, I'd even be replaying the likes of Shadow the Hedgehog. My attachment to "the good ol' days" is over, even if those were the best times (because I was young and innocent, Sonic or anything else aside).

    And that's the game that triggered my post about fangames, and why I prefer even the bug-filled Sonic Axiom to the likes of that or Sonic Classic, and I'm ok with another bug-filled fangame called Project Spikepig, which is probably the hardest fangame I have liked.
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    Not to mention:

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    Yeah, I agree. I love SRB2, but the momentum just makes platforming (lots of pits and hazards in SRB2) and hitting enemies extremely challenging unless maybe you use mouse and keyboard, but even then, I don't like playing platformers that way, so that's why I worked with a super skilled coder to make something like Adventure's physics for our Adventure Sonic mod. There's a reason Sega didn't make Adventure super momentum based and why the homing attack was introduced, because doing these things in 3D is much harder than in the 2D games.
  9. I don’t think what SRB2 does is wrong. It’s just that since momentum affects how much air control you have, (which is just… realistic) you need to get a feel how much momentum is appropriate for platforming, knowing when to slow down midair.

    I don’t view it any different than learning when to slow down or even brake in a racing game so as to learn to take turns faster.

    And yeah. The challenge of all this is part of why I love the game, for it just makes it more satisfying to do well, moreso than the platforming found in any other 3D Sonic game in opinion…

    …Especially the Adventure games. Another unpopular opinion of mine. But how trivial those physics make platforming, from their floatiness to the speed loss, is part of why they actually contain some of my least favorite jumping physics/controls of all 3 main Sonic playstyles. What probably contributed to that is that, besides Heroes and Shadow which I barely remembered for the longest, the Adventure style was the one I played last.

    I think this is a matter of subjective preference, but I do recognize that the majority is going to probably lean towards something with not as much of a learning curve tk basic platforming which is completely understandable. Before I got the hang of it, I couldn’t get into the game either. Now however…

    I play the game just fine with a controller.
  10. I couldn’t beat Metal Sonic until your mod. I love it so much. It really elevated SRB2 for me from good to amazing. It now rivals Utopia for my favorite controls in a fan game.
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    I really like Speak With Your Heart. Its lyrics are so sugary, they make me feel good. Helps that it's catchy af too.
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  12. I think we need more songs with "wholesome" or "cute" lyrics, it's okay to get soft sometimes.
  13. One of my cousins died from cancer around the time I heard that song in full, so I associate it with some heavy feelings.
  14. Xiao Hayes

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    I'm not sure which one is the real unpopular opinion: hating it or loving it? Personally, I'd challenge anyone to hate it more than I do just for the song as it is.

    Btw, song aside, I'm sorry for what happened to your cousin. I also lost my favourite aunt too soon thanks to that inner enemy.
  15. I absolutely hated it, then I loved it. I dislike most of the composition, but I really, really enjoy the bridge (starting at “Tell me how to lend a hand,”) and the chorus. My main problem is how corny the production feels. If there was no vocoder and the instrumentation was a bit more rocky, I’d like it much better.
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    Carnival Night Act 2 and both acts of Ice Cap in Origins are my jams. I had both of them stuck in my head for a while after hearing them. I think they're upbeat and suit their stages well. Especially CN.
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    Sonic Man is genuinely, unironically hilarious, and I want him to make a comeback. I think he should show up in every Sonic game.
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  18. He should be in Fortnife.
  19. I think he’d be perfect fit for a Yakuza game. His mission already gives off a Yakuza substory vibe, so just toss him in. They can set it up using the chasing mechanic to simulate a race.
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    This 1000%. He's so absurd, I love him. I feel like the fact that he's in the worst game in the series makes him even more hilarious somehow, with his almost creepily realistic proportions and the fact that he's just built off of the generic male NPC model instead of being wholly unique. He is my beloved.