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Unpopular Sonic Opinions

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Londinium, Jun 17, 2022.

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    E107- Theta

    "unpopular opinions"
    im pretty sure EVERYONE does that.
  2. kyasarintsu


    Fidgeting around during downtime is a bit of a natural experience, I'd say. Doing it to the music is even more natural.
    I always thought it was kinda dumb that Mania wouldn't have enough unique sprites for cutscenes. Sonic constantly just looking up with that weird cutesy expression, or half-curling into a ball when he's supposed to be watching Eggman and the Heavies, always felt weird to me.
  3. Antheraea


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    see I thought that was accuracy, as he does similar in S3&K. IIRC for instance, at the beginning of MHZ when Knuckles is coming out of the secret passage.
  4. sayonararobocop


    Yes, you only see Knuckles in the cutscene.because of Sonic crouching and moving the camera down, which to this day still cracks me up.
  5. kyasarintsu


    It's not like I didn't get it. I just thought it looked weird.
  6. Laura


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    Lost World has a good story.
  7. Kyro


    Its okay, i do remember at least appreciating it putting in some more effort narratively than gens
  8. If y'all are gonna trash Shadow and 06's story, then Lost World will get no free pass either. They all suck.
  9. I like Shadow's story on '06 tho'. And a bit of the Silver and Amy interaction.
  10. Shadow's story seems to be the one thing people like about 06
  11. charcoal


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    People who say they hate SA2 because they don't want to play as any characters other than Sonic is about on the same level of blatant ignorance as saying you hate the classic games because you just want to hold right and go fast and the game doesn't let you.

    Disliking the other playstyles is fine but outright dismissing them because they're different is a line of reasoning I see far too often.
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    "Just because custard isn't a normal product you get on a burger doesn't mean you can complain that it's on this one. They're both food, aren't they?"
  13. Londinium


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    I dunno, I like mindlessly blasting stuff as Tails
  14. Its kind of ironic that I feel the only games that implemented characters well was 06 and Black Knight.

    They kept their abilities but had specific sections designed only for them without intruding on Sonic's gameplay.
  15. E-122-Psi


    I think it stems from the comparison that the previous games let you CHOOSE which character to play as (even Adventure 1 for the most part) while Adventure 2 is when they began forcing you to switch between them, as well as making their gameplay styles drastically different.

    It comes with a bit of 'franchise original sin' of course since it's premise justified and moderated it better than later games. Compare to 06 where you forcibly switch to a new character gimmick in the middle of every damn level....just because.

    I feel like one of the biggest draws for Sonic is that recurrent freedom, the whole kid in a candy store disposition of being able to CHOOSE all these different characters and modes and routes. It was basically customization depending on how you preferred to go through the game, while those games were adamant you use the new gimmicks they made.
  16. Antheraea


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    It doesn't help that honestly I feel that the shooting gameplay in SA2 is a worse version of Gamma's, because Gamma is actually very fast and he feels nice to control. Sure it makes sense that Tails and Eggman's mechs feel heavy and plodding, but that doesn't really lend it very well to fast-paced "run them down and blast them all" gameplay that Gamma originally had. The level design didn't help either; for instance the claustrophobic spaces of Prison Lane and Mission Street, combined with the characters being huge and blocking the camera and with a garbage truck's turn response time, just makes it feel far less fluid than it could've been.

    Eggman at least gets given multiple stages where the game just drops you in a huge area with a hundred enemies and challenges you to blow them up in one sweep, which is very satisfying.
  17. Its all about execution at the end of the day.

    But man, part of me kind-of feels sorry for this series. Imagine making a bunch of cool and unique characters all with their own gameplay styles and story, but implementing them often compromises the core game design.

    You can't just get rid of them without pissing off the fans of those extra styles, but adding them also annoys people who aren't interested. So a compromise has to be met somewhere

    I still maintain 06 did it best. The sections you're forced to switch are over before you know it.
  18. Perhaps I'm more of a minority than I had previously believed, but Tails'/Egghead's stages aren't something I'd personally lump with the many many faults I have with SA2. I think SA2 greatly improved the gameplay of Gamma. It'd be nice if SA2's shooting stages were as open as Gamma's in SA2, even if rehashed from Sonic's/Shadow's stages akin to Adventure.

    I like to believe that the linearity and emphasis on narrow or enclosed hallways was essential to the overall design philosophy of the game. The first Adventure was open and free to leisurely explore, and for the most part allowed you to play your own way and in your own order. SA2 rejected all of that to my dismay. It was all about linearity and speed now, even to some extent in the emerald hunting stages. Gamma's stages in SA were typically easy to clear quickly, but not necessarily on your first run given the openness. Tails'/Eggman's stages were way linear and confined, with everything you need to shoot always in clear view. They were designed for efficiency. I found the shooting itself to be more efficient as well, but that may not be universal.
  19. Josh


    Yeah... I don't know if this is falling into "unpopular opinion" territory, but I don't see nearly enough acknowledgment anymore of just how unique the two Adventure games are from each other.

    SA1 was a strong, if rough around the edges effort at translating Sonic's signature gameplay style into 3D. Aside from the character designs, the core gameplay and level design was still built like a Classic Sonic game in most ways. Sonic's gameplay in SA2 tightened the focus on snappy execution through linear stages, and endeavored to make the player feel like Sonic. Speed itself became the centerpiece of the game design, and exploration and platforming were de-emphasized in its favor. Where SA1 (and the prior games) had hidden secrets, SA2 had hidden *shortcuts*. Where SA1 had inter-zone variety (Red Mountain's outdoor vs. indoor section), SA2 had spectacle setpieces. Where previous games were open to different approaches, SA2 gave you rankings, based on how quickly and stylishly you completed a stage. And that formed the foundation of Sonic's gameplay going forward. I wasn't all that surprised when Iizuka said he considers SA2 to be the best game in the series, because aside from a few one-offs like Lost World, his team has been iterating on what it did ever since.
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    The Crisis City mach speed section in Sonic 06 really, really isn't that hard. Just abuse the light speed dash and you'll be fine.