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Unpopular Sonic Opinions

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Londinium, Jun 17, 2022.

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    I only really suggested that as a way to skirt around the "real guns" thing, if that's what SEGA are hung up on.

    The real thing I want to see is him combining his Chaos powers with his more traditional means of attack, like guns and vehicles. That could provide some very interesting fight choreography. Imagine if Shadow did some wicked shit like this with a hail of bullets:

    They seem to be leaning into the spectacle from what little we've seen, so I hope to see stuff like this.
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    Shadow should have stayed dead. It was true as of Heroes' release and it's still true today.

    Seems to be an unpopular take now.
  3. Don't worry, it'll be popular again in ten years maybe.
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    I mean I don't think that's a particularly unpopular stance. People just like Shadow.
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    Mario & Sonic (2007).png
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    I love it when the brow does whatever this is
    Anyway, fun fact, for the longest time I thought that was a fan render.

    Also, in regards to the whole Sonic model thing from a couple days ago, I found a tier list maker of it.

    If you were wondering, here's my ranking. my-image.png
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  7. The Joebro64

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    I've never liked Amy as a playable character. I feel like all her playable incarnations are unfun and/or don't add anything to the formula. I think she controls like ass in SA1, she's a pain in Advance, Heroes she's just a Sonic clone, 06 is 06, I'm really indifferent on Final Horizon, and she's little more than OP Sonic in Origins/Superstars. The only time I've really had fun with her is with her Hammer Bros.-ish Super hammer ability in Origins.
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    I played Origins Plus a couple weeks ago, and I think Sonic 2 is my least favorite Classic game. Though that may be because it's probably the one I've played the most, and I may just be burnt out for a long while.

    I think my ranking is 3K, CD, 1, and 2.
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  9. I probably said this already, but I think Sonic 2 is better, but I must say Sonic 1 had the sauce for its art and aesthestics. Not that 2 art is exactly is bad, it's still decent, but I've always thought it's surrealist was better.

    Playing Sonic 1 in 1991 must have been insane, not for the gameplay exactly, but the visuals looks way too good for a early 90's game.
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    There is something good and positive in all things Sonic the Hedgehog.
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  11. Jaxer



    Not all Sonics are created equal, and most people insisting that "all eras of Sonic have their ups and downs" are almost always just coping over their favorite Sonic incarnation being less popular and/or beloved than others.

    Especially if they're trying to back this claim by correlating main series titles that were heavily marketed (Shadow, '06) with irrelevant spinoffs whose existence most people don't even know about (Labyrinth, Sonic Jam on
  12. Shaddy the guy

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    Better counterpoint: you had to justify the statement "not all Sonics are created equal" by saying some games are less "popular" or "relevant", which aren't actual factors in whether a given product or era is actually good, thus disproving your own argument.
  13. Palas


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    that's not what jaxer said

    EDIT: Although, then again, what David said wasn't about ups and downs either, only about ups. So the inference is a little mean
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  14. Shaddy the guy

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    It is though. The idea being communicated is that some Sonic material simply is good or bad, and a statement like "every Sonic thing has its own good and bad aspects" is a dishonest false equivalence between bad Sonic products or eras and better ones made in a desperate attempt to launder their reputation. You can only believe this if you already have an idea of what "objectively" makes for good Sonic content, but the only ideas communicated here are whether they're "popular" or "relevant".
  15. I got an unpopular opinion in light of recent trends.

    With the Knuckles show and movie verse being so popular in spite of the fandom's complaints, I feel like the franchise is reaching a point where it no longer has to care about what the hardcore fans think or want to be successful. Or more accurately, all of the Sonictubers and people on Twitter crying about the lack of Sonic related content in the movieverse are now the minority.

    Sega and Paramount can just look at the numbers and accurately say the product was a success, regardless of the people complaining about the lack of Rouge or Chaotix or whatever.

    What that means long-term is unknown, but I expect a larger focus on brand awareness and brand expansion and moving away from catering to the fandom's whims like the years prior. After 06, Sonic's reputation took a massive blow and it kind of faded from the public zeitgeist in the 2010's, only being kept relevant by nostalgic hardcore fans.

    It wasn't until the first movie trailer dropped that Sonic got any type of mainstream attention and practically the whole world called for a design change. Suddenly, Sonic is back in the public eye and Sega struck when the iron was hot.

    So now they don't have to rely on those hardcore fans anymore, even if they still try to pay lipservice to them.
  16. Wraith


    There's some truth to the idea that hardcore Sonic fans and the average moviegoer have different priorities, and they should pay more attention to the latter than the former, but overall this is the type of mindset that gets you bit in the ass down the line for poor quality control. A lot of people showed up for Batman v Superman but none of that hype translated over to Justice League. Why?

    There's a huge silent majority that don't air their complaints online, but the vibe I'm getting from the casual fans of the franchise I know is that those people came to the Knuckles show with Knuckles on the poster to see Knuckles too.
  17. Shaddy the guy

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    Was the problem with BvS or Justice League that they were too catered to average audiences, though? That doesn't seem to have been my understanding. It seemed like they were movies for almost nobody, if I'm honest. Sonic fans on average seemed to have a better opinion of the movieverse than critics, though.
  18. kazz


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    Sonic R, SA1, SA2, Heroes, Sonic Rush, ShTH, Sonic 06, Sonic Unleashed, Sonic 4, Sonic Colors, Sonic Lost World, Sonic Boom, Sonic Forces and Sonic Frontiers were all also arguable indications that the franchise no longer cared about the "hardcores", whatever that specifically means.

  19. It's difficult to say. Both movies have more of a balance of Sonic and non-Sonic stuff.

    So it's quality would depend on what you liked more. Obviously Sonic fans prefer the second movie, which has more overt Sonic stuff but the complaints being the human stuff feels tacked on.

    I think the Knuckles show did better with critics because a story about a man wanting to impress his absentee father is a bit more relatable to them than the anthromorphic Echidna.

    It's why I often see the best parts to thr critics were when the Sonic cast interact with the human cast, while Sonic those are the worst parts.
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    Sonic fans are just going through the same throes whenever an adaption becomes bigger than the source. I know turtle heads who still won't accept anything past the initial comics by Laird and Eastman.

    The Snyder films made no attempts to cater to the average audiences. Justice League got a recut by Wheddon in order to distant itself from "Snyderverse", and make that have more mass market appeal, but the DCEU cratered by that point. BvS's poor reception followed by the even more abysmal Suicide Squad in 2016 lead to JL's laughable numbers. Wonder Woman was better received but that was a fluke, and Aqua Man came after JL.

    Honestly quite amazing how a film featuring Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and The Flash could bomb so hard and then lose to Aquaman.