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Typing of the Dead Overkill for PC/Steam, $20

Discussion in 'General Sega Discussion' started by TimmiT, Oct 27, 2013.

  1. Jason


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    Oh, hell yes. $15-20 I'm all over it.

    EDIT: Online Interaction? I guess Leaderboards only, because having multiple typists is difficult on PC. It'd be pretty sweet to have online multiplayer, though.
  2. MykonosFan


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    This is a beautiful thing, I can rest easy now. I never got to play the original so this will be fun.
  3. Barry the Nomad

    Barry the Nomad

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    I gone dun and news'd it:
  4. Shadow Hog

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    I can't believe you got this right on the nose, you magnificent, future-seeing son of a bitch.
  5. Captain L

    Captain L

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    Back when me and my friend were playing all the good light gun games on the Wii, we really enjoyed Overkill, but we were always more Resident Evil Chronicles guys. It was silly, over the top, and fucking high amounts of fucking swearing. I always wanted to play Typing of the Dead too, so I'm highly interested.
  6. TimmiT


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    It's out, 20 bucks:

    Includes port of the PS3 version as well.
  7. Drex


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    Woo! 50% off for me.
  8. Jason


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    Watch me be right about the Mario/Sonic platforming crossover theory next. I'll want a "Resident Psychic" member tag.

    The developer of this reworking is Modern Dream, a British independent studio whose only other paid release at the moment is a PC/OSX/GameStick game called The Button Affair. I wonder what talent at their studio got Sega's attention.

    EDIT: Recorded livestream demonstration.

    Extra 20% off Green Man Gaming code: GMG20-50Z66-SCTEU
  9. Elratauru


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    WHYYYYYY do this have to be on discount only for a few days when I have totally NO money at all? WHYYYYY!

    Hell, It doesn't really surprises me at all that Sega did an Overkill version of TOTD... after all, they have been releasing versions for Japan all this time. I must admit that it's pretty awesome and a nice move to get more fans on the western side of the world. I can't wait to play it :D
  10. Meat Miracle

    Meat Miracle

  11. Falk


    I don't even want to imagine what a clusterfuck a typing game on iOS would be, what with the 'skill curve' (lol) vs staring at a touchsscreen like a chimp because there is no haptic/tactile feedback.

    (Yes, I read the thread. This is a late offhand comment replying to earlier in the thread)
  12. Aerosol


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    Thank. You. Jebus. Now I don't have to hunt down anyone.
  13. Shadow Hog

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    IIRC there actually was a Typing of the Dead variant on iOS in Japan... The Flick of the Dead. I have no idea what exactly they did with it, though. It seems to be oriented around a hiragana input system for iOS, and wouldn't translate into English well at all.
  14. Bobinator


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    So I've actually been playing this, if anybody's curious. I really shouldn't be spending money right now, but it was only $10, and I REALLY liked the original game.

    First off, there's no real cosmetic alterations like Typing of the Dead did. Nobody carries Dreamcasts and keyboards around, and the zombies don't get silly weapons. That said, Overkill was pretty silly in the first place, which helps. This is the Director's Cut version, so you get slightly improved graphics and new levels. There's also a 'traditional' mode where you can use the mouse or a controller to control a crosshair, just like the original game. No idea if you could plug in a lightgun and play that way, but I kind of doubt it, sadly.

    There's supposedly a multiplayer mode "Coming Soon", although I'm not sure if that's hotseat or online, and apparently they're going to put up new word dictionaries as DLC, for some reason?
  15. TimmiT


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    Grab Wiimote, make it work on your PC through bluetooth magic, make your computer see the Wiimote as the mouse, there's your lightgun game.
  16. Jason


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    It's the Extended Edition. It's kind of confusing, but the Director's Cut is the elongated levels mode that has extra stuff in each level. Unfortunately, the Typing Overkill does not have the Director's Cut mode available for typing, but does for mouse pointer. I've gone up to Carny, and the boss battles are not quite as creative as the original Typing of the Dead (like the Hydra boss fight where you answer questions the boss asks). Kinda lame, but the typing is still about as fun. Twerking is a word I typed, if you want to know how modernized the game is.
  17. Shadow Hog

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    That is all.
  18. Dark Sonic

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    Fuck I laughed.
  19. Jason


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  20. ICEknight


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    So it's a Typing of the Dead sequel that just happens to include the full enhanced version of Overkill?

    Why in the world are they marketing it as just "The Typing of the Dead Overkill", again?

    EDIT: Also, they mistakenly mention that it includes the PS3 port of "The House of the Dead" (no Overkill) in the Steam description. What the...