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TV-Capture-Card for RGB Sega Mega Drive?

Discussion in 'Technical Discussion' started by Oerg866, Jul 27, 2008.

  1. Hi, I wanna capture my SMD with 60Hz. Everything has failed, either because no NTSC support or TV card doesn't have Scart.

    Well I've seen a TV card in an OEM PC by "MEDION" which had a scart connector thouhg.

    Now, anyone give my a quick hint on that?

    My SMD is a modded PAL one.

    Thanks in advance,
  2. Qjimbo


    Your friendly neighbourhood lemming. Oldbie
    Probably just has a scart adaptor built in which takes the composite and S-Video outputs. What I used with mine is and RGB to SVideo converter which has a SCART socket.

    If you want TRUE RGB, you can get the Sweetspot card.
  3. Does that Converter get you color on 60Hz?

    I should say again that this is RGB Scart, not split up in 3 Cables (R, G and B).
  4. Qjimbo


    Your friendly neighbourhood lemming. Oldbie
    Yeah you'd have to get an RGB Scart Adaptor to split it out to seperate plugs like that card wants.

    In regards to 60Hz, that is a tricky issue. My old cheap TV tuner supported PAL 60 through the btwincap drivers, which are custom drivers for BT8x8 based cards. However my newer one, a Theater 550pro based card, never supported PAL 60, which was incredibly annoying. As for the sweetspot, it probably does do PAL 60 as it uses DScaler which also supports it.
  5. Ahh OK. What Program did you use for that older TV card?
  6. Qjimbo


    Your friendly neighbourhood lemming. Oldbie
    DScaler was the best for viewing, but terrible for recording. For recording I used FlyCap.
  7. Thanks. What was the exact card you had before?