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    Welp, this.
    OK, here's a nutshell summary of what you may have missed over the past few days.

    We decided to do some housecleaning this week, and as a result, decided to upgrade much of our server. Yes, I know things are still a bit wonky. Yes, I know about the wiki error after editing. Please do not report these things; we are working on them. Please give me a few days to finish cleaning things up.

    Speaking of: if you shared a password on SSRG, change it. We have a list of all compromised accounts and will be notifying people privately, but if you could save us the favor, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Finally, show some common courtesy to your fellow members. All the folks who spend their time working on any project simply ask that you wait until they're done before you distribute their work. Why? Because the payment for their work isn't in money, but seeing how excited the community gets over a complete, polished release. That sort of release takes a long time and a lot of work. You really aren't missing a whole lot from buggy builds. There's a reason a project may take a while—it's not because they're hoarding something over you or there's some secret thing being hidden from public view. Any creator simply wants to make sure their creation is seen in the way they intended it to be seen. Petulant children who think they "deserve" something right now, ironically, just make releasing those final releases that much harder and take time and effort away from making cool things to share.

    Don't be a jerk and spread something around if it wasn't meant to be seen. A lot of people out there on websites far and wide have been able to agree that being a jerk isn't cool, and I expect that this community will follow suit.