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Time Trax MD prototype dump

Discussion in 'General Sega Discussion' started by Andlabs, Jul 8, 2013.

  1. Andlabs


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    Writing my own MD/Genesis sound driver :D
  2. Shadow Hog

    Shadow Hog

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    Wait, does this mean... potential VGM rip incoming?

  3. Shadow Hog

    Shadow Hog

    "I'm a superdog!" Member
    Sorry for the double-post, but I wanted to be sure this got seen.

    Can somebody with a Project 2612 account tell this guy he recorded this at the wrong speed? The ROM is clearly PAL, and as such runs at 50Hz (if you compare the title screen music to the pre-existing rip of it, you'll see that's the case)... but he recorded it at 60Hz, so every track runs too fast.

    I'd do so myself, but you can't post without an account, and registration for their message board has been deactivated.
  4. Flygon


    I ripped some .flac's from hardware (CCAM'd Mega Drive II), if anyone's interested. But due to how bloody massive the rips are, I won't post the link publicly, quotas on Dropbox and my other hosting provider.

    If anyone would be able to host the files, I'd be happy to hand them to the person, however. Not quite a properly done VGM rip, but it's certainly the next best thing (depending on your opinions related to CCAM).

    Edit: A good friend of mine remembered file upload sites still exist.

    Edit 2: YouTube even.

    Track 1
    Track 2
    Track 3
    Track 4
    Track 5
    Track 6
  5. Lobotomy


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    I've been trying to get this going for a while, I'm so glad it's happened finally. This is bloody Christmas for me. Oh man oh man oh man Tim Follin's sound driver.
  6. TmEE


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    I honestly hoped for something nicer. I like titlescreen music a bunch but rest is pretty meh...