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Time Travel Possibilitys

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Kama, Aug 7, 2003.

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  1. Kama


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    Every Zone in Sonic 2 has 2 acts except Metropolis. Here`s an idea of how time travel might have worked in Sonic 2.

    Since there are 2 acts in most of the zones, there is a possibility that act 1 would serve as the "past" while act 2 would serve as the the "future".


    Hillside Havoc (Fake level name I made up)
    Act 1:EHZ (Past)
    Act 2:HTZ (Future)

    Unlike in Sonic CD, You would probably be transported into the future of the level regardless of wether you passed a sign that said future or not.
    Let`s take a look at the time travel possibilitys without the use of the "present"

    (Past) Emerald Hill - (Future) Hill Top
    Changes in the landscape probabaly turned the hill into a mountain (it would take thousands of years though)
    Similairities:Almost everything

    (Past) Aquatic Ruins - (Future) Chemical Plant
    Maybe Chemical Plant was contructed over Aquatic Ruins.
    Similairities:They`re the only 2 levels in the final that have water.

    (Past) Winter Hill - (Future) Dust Hill
    Ice Age ends and Global Warming begins.
    Similairities:Opposites of each other I guess

    (Past) Wood - (Future) Metropolis
    Factory is constructed over forest.
    Similairities:Tree holes resemble the transportation tubes.Not to mention the conveyer belts.

    (Past) Hidden Palace - (Future) Mystic Cave
    Man discovers the palace, man discovers that the palace contains emeralds, man tells his buddy, and a repeat of the Californa Gold Rush occures.
    Similairities:Both levels are set in a cave

    (Past) Casino Night -(Future) Genocide City
    Robotnik buys the Casino Area and turns it into a city of mass destruction.
    Similairities:This is merely just a guess

    This is just my opinion though.What do you think?
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    Pretty Good,but it would seem better if they did make the game to Be like SCD.
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