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    Came across it randomly, reminded me of this:

    The intros sound quite similar.
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    These two songs by English (Leeds) gothic rock band "The Systers of Mercy" (one of my brothers is a huge fan) ...

    have lots of similarities with Road Rash II Main Theme :

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    I see some relatively recent replies on here, so I'll bite:

    I'm getting some major S&K Mini Boss vibes from this song by the S.O.S Band (one of favorite bands) starting at about 0:51:

    And while this next song (from Rob & Fab of the Milli Vanilli scandal of all people) doesn't necessarily SOUND like anything, the selected part (0:24) sounds very Gen/MD-like and those snares at the same part, specifically sound very Sonic 1 & 2'ish:

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    Some have already come across this but here's a shot

    Sonic Advance 2 Final Clear

    Mega Man X2 Stage Start
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  5. Level Zone Act

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    In the Sonic 3 prototype thread, @SEGACast said that the unused music from S3&K Collection and the prototype...

    ...sounds like "Something About You" by Level 42:

    To me, the melody in the Sonic track's first ten seconds sounds like the chorus melody of the Manic Street Preachers' "Australia" (instrumental version at 0:07; repeated in the vocals at 1:07).

    That had its album release in May 1996. Of course, Sonic and the Manics already had a connection before that...:eng101: