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Third Party Controllers

Discussion in 'General Sega Discussion' started by Black Squirrel, Jan 29, 2011.

  1. Ah, I went through controllers like they were nothing back in the day, so I'm sure if I dig through my collection of broken controllers I can find a few that may be of use!
    I know for a fact that I have a performance controller not on that list that I can get pictures of later, and I'm 99% sure I have that Recoton controller as it looks -incredibly- familiar.
    I've also got a "Fighter Stick SG-6" complete with original box [and possibly original instructions? I haven't looked inside that box in -years-], but I think I remember seeing it on the wiki already? I'll have to check later.
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    I was going to make a post showing my third party controllers and requesting a page on controller compatibility — I have two of these — but I didn't get all the pictures done yet so I'll bring up the question again: would it be in Sega Retro's benefit to make a chart showing compatibility between DE-9 controllers and systems, and if so, would that go somewhere else >_>
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    I think so. At the moment there's a list I wrote a while ago and some <a href="" target="_blank">technical details</a> (which should be moved away from that page). There's not a lot of info out there on the net and I'm there's a lot of confusion about which controllers are compatible with what.
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    I didn't see this controller anywhere on that page, but I use this one for games that need 6 button controllers. It's a great controller imo, probably the best one I have.

    If you want to add it to the list I could try for a better picture (that one is blurry for some reason...)

    edit: oops, looks like it's already on the Sonic Retro wiki; nevermind. :)
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  6. I recall a time ago on the IRC when the idea for third-party controllers was initially proposed, ScarredSun wanted to have them restricted as much as possible (specifically because she didn't want the pages flooded with meangingless crappy third-party controllers) and restricted it to very special cases (IE the Konami Justifier).

    Has things changed since then? A few of the controllers on that page aren't particularly special in any way (And may very well be after-market). I'd probably like to see an article on the Arcadian Joystick simply because of high-quality it is. It might also be a good idea to try to find some Japanese controllers such as Hori-brand joysticks, the XE-1ST2

    BTW, I had this controller at one point as well;

    I also recall there's multiple four-player-cable-thingies.
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    Problem is, there are literally hundreds of controllers, so I don't think it's in our best interest to shove them all on one massive page either. But I'm not in charge so don't take my word for it.

    I'd group things by manufacturer but there's a lot of overlap. This is identical to this but they both claim to be made by different people. Some of QuickShot's joysticks were actually picked up by TecToy and marketed as official products.

    Most of the pages I've made are of controllers that are "noticably different" from the standard pad. Less interesting pads are just sitting on that user page of mine for now.
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    Right, this is something like the pad I had, but it also had a SLOW button (turbo start basically) and it was transparent.
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    Welp, this.
    I wouldn't have as much of an issue if we things were divided into third-party controllers by system or manufacturer; my concern was each INDIVIDUAL third-party controller getting a page. As it stands now the number of third-party controllers we have for the MD is enough to really warrant its own template.
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    Saturn ASCII Controllers

    (I've noticed some japanese names are included on some articles of the controllers already, so I'll add them too).

    ASCII PAD X (?????????, model no. ASC-0601T), controller, box

    ASCII Fighter Stick X (??????????X, model no. ASC-0602C), on the wiki already, here's a shot of the box. The Street Fighter has model no. ASC-0602ZERO and name is ??????????X ZERO2 SS.

    ASCII Grip X (????????X, model no. ASC-0603G), it is not this one, here's a shot of the box front and the back. The one on the wiki I don't know what it is called, but here's in japanese ????????X ?????????, and it has a model no. of ASC-0603DS. Not sure about boxing. There seems to be a blue one as well.

    edit: SG Tornado PAD (SG????????, model no. IMS-02) and SG Tornado STICK (SG??????????, model no. IMS-03). This has model no. SS-231 and is called ??????DX. This is called ????????? and has model no. SSP-0010.

    Then there's all of these from Victor, Hitachi and Hudson, plus the ones on the Saturn template.
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    Found this gem while browsing Reddit -


    The file name says 'Quantum_Control', but otherwise, I don't have any other information on it.
  12. I think I have one of those around here somewhere.
  13. I recall hearing that that controller was popular for fan-made arcade stick mods back in the day. IIRC it's one of the few Dreamcast joypads with "C" and "Z" buttons - buttons which tended to only be used with Arcade Sticks.
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    I had this one.

    Great for Marvel vs. Capcom.

    I actually preferred it over the standard Dreamcast controller.
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    If I can find one, I think I'll grab it. MvC3 is all well and good, but I need me some Bone Claw Wolverine and Marrow tag team action.
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    I remember having a controller just like this, only it was either clear, grey or white (can't remember which) and all the buttons were coloured like SNES buttons.
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    @Black Squirrel

    Is it just 3rd party controllers for Sega consoles your after or are you after Sega controllers for other consoles as well?

    Sega did one for the PS3 and PC called the Virtua Stick High Grade...


    Oh and if anyone wants to know it's bloody brilliant to use.
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    Bump because I'm in the mood to solve problems

    I've a list of controllers but I don't know who manufactured them. Perhaps you do

    The "Pro-2" and "Pro-3". Found both accidentally online.

    Super Pro 2, likely unrelated. May stem from South America?

    "Jet Fighter", which is clearly one of the greatest controllers of all time... yet I don't know who made it. Also has SNES support.

    "Per4mer". This is the only Mega Drive-compatible steering wheel I've come across. No idea who made it. Image has a cat's leg on it though.

    Still don't know what this is. It's not the similar looking one with blue buttons by Recoton, there is the potential for it to be the same as The Pad Plus by Innovation... but why would the centre logo come off when of the other labels have..?

    There are a few other myteries but I think I can solve them over time. Understandably with these sorts of things, nobody thinks to keep the packaging (or take photos of it), and accessory manufacturers have a nasty habit of going bankrupt
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    The Per4mer is either by Platinum Sound or adapted from a design for a PC racing wheel by Platinum Sound. I actually have/had one of these, but since it isn't a USB controller I no longer have any use for it.
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    In case anybody is still talking about the Competition Pro joystick, I have one and each button is indeed mechanically independent. It operates just like an SMS pad when connected to the Genesis, although I wouldn't really call it a genesis pad. It was intended to be used primarily with the C64, Amiga, SMS, and Atari STe. If we're going to start including those kinds of controllers in here, then there are literally hundreds of controllers made for that one single 2-button standard. My favorite of those controllers, btw, is the Gravis Gamepad. A special DB-9 version was made primarily for the Amiga and Atari STe, and it has 2 independent button support, with the other 2 buttons either being turbo buttons, or (best of all) mapped to up and down on the joypad. This is awesome when you play Amiga games using the thing because jump is often mapped to up, and thus it feels like a 3 button controller for the Amiga.