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Discussion in 'General Sega Discussion' started by Black Squirrel, Mar 6, 2020.

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    Yeah I linked that in the Harmony topic earlier. Was indeed once told out of everything Japan had, Harmony issues were the hardest thing to get any access to (i.e. essentially not allowed at all) for people involved with Sega Forever content posting... which is why it's fortunate that people like @RyogaMasaki then took matters into their own hands with it.

    Shame that it isn't being posted fully uncompressed on the YouTube community tab like everything from Forever was too.
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    Just his section by the looks of it, still good to see.

    Edit: Yeah, just his "Segasta" section. I noticed before that this was also on SoJ's pre-web online presence "Sega Game Station", along with some other similarities to Fax Club, so I think there was a lot of cross-over between them.

    How Fax club worked is that you would just get faxed the sections (boxes) that you wanted. The contents of the February 1995 issue are on the Segaretro page, there's 25 boxes (plus the contents) spread across 9 blocks. Takezaki's Segasta section is just one of those (Block 7, Box 2), so there's still loads missing.

    I do have a folder of pictures of a handful of pages. Someone has a lot of these at least, so hopefully they'll get scanned one day;

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    For the adventurous among you:
    PC-8000 series software, plus scans. Most have pages on NEC Retro, it's just a case of moving stuff (though obviously we only want the NEC-related material).

    As far as running the games goes... well this is why I want to push it onto someone else - I have reaquainted myself with the emulation setup I had x years ago, but it sucked and was confusing and there has to be a better way.

    I could get results but I've no idea if it's running with the correct settings.
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    Which Sonic-related media has a page number in the thousands? To my knowledge, none. Then why is it, that Sonic the Hedgehog Table Book Pgs.1-241.7z has such a large file size? Mysterious, mysterious.

    Two weeks ago or so, I downloaded about 60 GB of data: the Sonic the Hedgehog 25th Anniversary Art Book. Guys, I wasn't ready for this. Pages have been split up into chunks of four. That's roughly over a thousand JPGs. Did I do it? Call me an egghead, but nope lol.

    I've got my own copy of the book and sent it in to have it digitized by a company for me.

    I feel a bit bad (I mean, no one likes switching to Easy mode when you're at the final boss), but the result is gorgeous. It's currently uploading.

    Enjoy, you stinking little hedgehogs.

    Edit: A quick rundown of all the uploads from the Internet Archive:
    2.3G Advance Map and Cover rescans.7z
    276.3M Hero and Dark missing pages.7z
    11.5G Life in Sonic's World Artbook, Colors Ultimate Box, and CD Scans.7z

    815.2M Life in Sonic's World CD (English Title).7z
    815.2M Life in Sonic's World CD JP.7z
    9.7G Mario and Sonic at the 2008 Olympic Games.7z
    91.0M Navigation Guide missing page.7z
    205.2M Shadow missing pages.7z
    23.2G Shadow the Hedgehog Japanese Player's Guide.7z

    9.3G Sonic Advance 2 Guide with Map.7z
    14.0G Sonic Advance 3 Official Guide.7z
    12.9G Sonic Advance Sega Official Guide.7z
    10.2G Sonic Advance Strategy Guide.7z
    19.5G Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Strategy Guide.7z
    22.6G Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Perfect Guide.7z
    14.8G Sonic Adventure 2 Hero and Dark Manual.7z
    862.6M Sonic Adventure 2 Perfect Guide Rescan Clean Pages.7z
    21.9G Sonic Adventure 2 Perfect Guide.7z
    24.3G Sonic Adventure DX Adventure Mode Guide.7z
    19.8G Sonic Adventure DX Soft Bank Strategy Guide.7z
    15.0G Sonic Adventure Navigation Guide.7z
    15.4G Sonic Adventure Operation Guide.7z
    25.3G Sonic Adventure Perfect Guide.7z
    11.5G Sonic Battle General Guidebook.7z

    939.5M Sonic Chronicles Posters.7z
    27.7G Sonic Heroes Guide Book.7z
    13.8G Sonic Heroes Mini Guide.7z

    14.4G Sonic Jam Guide.7z
    780.0M Sonic Mania Plus CD Rips.7z
    5.2G Sonic Mania Plus JP Scans.7z
    29.3G Sonic Mega Collection Guide Book.7z
    10.9G Sonic R Official Guide.7z
    22.9G Sonic Riders Strategy Guide.7z
    20.3G Sonic Rush Adventure Strategy Guide.7z
    19.4G Sonic Rush Strategy Guide.7z

    2.1G Sonic Superstars Comic Book.7z
    6.2G Sonic Team August 1998 Brochure.7z
    29.3G Sonic and The Secret Rings Guidebook.7z

    8.5G Sonic the Hedgehog 1 Beginner's Guide.7z
    13.3G Sonic the Hedgehog 1 and 2 Strategy Guide.7z
    15.0G Sonic the Hedgehog 2 General Book.7z
    7.5G Sonic the Hedgehog 3 Game-On Guide.7z
    772.5M Sonic the Hedgehog Dark Sonic Team Special.7z
    778.0M Sonic the Hedgehog Hero Sonic Team Special.7z
    58.5G Sonic the Hedgehog Table Book Pgs.1-241.7z
    9.4G Sonic the Hedgehog Table Book Pgs.242-280.7z

    5.6G Team Sonic Racing Scans.7z
    187.8M missing pages for sonic's life world artbook.7z
    175.0M sonic team august 1998 missing pages.7z
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