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There's Something About Tails [unofficial topic]

Discussion in 'Fangaming Discussion' started by Blastfrog, Jul 17, 2011.

  1. Blastfrog


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    PDF at some point is going to release it. I'd release it myself, but I don't want to set off more drama.
  2. Project Dark Fox

    Project Dark Fox

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    There's Something About Tails, a ZDoom mod
    The game is back on. However, Sodaholic is no longer part of the team and unless I need help with specific resources, I will be working solo from here on.
    There were a very large number of factors that led to the initial cancellation of the project, and while the drama was some of it (I'm highly certain it beats out KDiZD in this regard), the others actually had nothing to do with that. There were a number of real life issues keeping me down and very much unable to focus. There was also a giant breakdown in communication between me and Sodaholic, however there were a few things I tried to tell him that didn't seem to stick (like for instance spreading word about the project wherever possible [I did NOT authorize posting a topic about it here on Sonic Retro], whether it was hype or for help or whatever, and I did NOT want that), many things that got changed that I explicitly told him not to, and a lot of changes that were made I only found out by discovering it later on my own through testing gameplay.

    So, my first few days with returning to the project have been undoing some of that undocumented work, as well as getting myself back up to speed. This is why you comment your scripts!

    I'm thinking about starting a new topic, since I'm not the topic starter.
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  4. Mike Arcade

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    Well, um, good. I like the comic and the mod looked really interesting, so best of luck!