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The X'Eye is amazing

Discussion in 'General Sega Discussion' started by muteKi, Oct 10, 2009.

  1. muteKi


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    So I did a couple hardware recording tests of the X'Eye. I'm absolutely amazed. There is almost no audible noise, the output is reasonably loud, and it hits some high-pitch noises pretty well too!

    Note that one thing about this recording is that the X'Eye does not have output gain controls (I.e., no volume knob for the headphone output). Any distortion is probably on my end, recording. It was hard to get the input gain right. Other than that no magic was done on my end -- from what I can tell this X'Eye is completely unmodded.

    I don't have a female-RCA-to-male-headphone jack, though, so I couldn't test the output of the DIN connection (that's the one that's going to the TV by way of a 32X).

    Here are the tracks, recordings of Dynamite Headdy's Tower of Puppet stage BGM. (phones) (RCA)

    I listened to the song in in_vgm and I could only barely tell the difference. There IS a low-pass filter on this, though, and it's more noticeable on the RCA out than headphone out.

    Now I need to get me a flash cart to record my own stuff on.
  2. Lobotomy


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    So, do you think it has a superior sound quality to that of the Genesis/CD?
  3. muteKi


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    I don't have one right here to compare, sadly, but I would be willing to say yes from recordings other people have done. (At least, in comparison to the Model 2, unmodded.)
  4. TmEE


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    X'eye does not beat no-TMSS MD1, the FM sound is way too muffled (but I am working on a fix for that). It is better than most MD variations though. Best sound comes from CDX / Multi Mega when things are unmodded.