The Werehog may return.

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by OSM, Mar 1, 2009.

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  1. OSM


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  2. BlackHole


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    Y'know, it's like they look on these boards and do the opposite of what we want...

    ...QUICK! Everyone want the Werehog back!
  3. Lanzer


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    Well to be truthful I didn't mind the warehog the first time it was a gimmick and lately thats how sonic has been staying afloat. But making up another plot just to add him again would be mundane. If I'm reading that right theres a chance the ware form might be on the wii? Didn't the warehog do bad on the wii if I heard correctly?
  4. Sonic Warrior TJ

    Sonic Warrior TJ

    O'Doyle Rules Member I guess Eggman tricks Sonic again and....fires his laser again....and then.....whatever.

    lol Maybe he gets psychologically fucked up and starts having flashbacks, and you have to play as the werehog in one.

    Sonic Gets Fucked Up________
    Giving into peer pressure, Sonic eventually gets into drugs and starts wigging out. We are then treated to several Sonic levels from several Sonic games, including Sonic Unleashed, where you will get to play as the loveable Werehog again! YEEEEEEEAAAAAHHHHH!!!

    Can Sonic's friends start an intervention in time? You'll also get to play as Knuckles, Shadow, Tails, Amy, Silver, Blaze, Rouge, Cream, and even BIG THE CAT(!!!) to travel the world in search of Chaos Emeralds in between Sonic's flashback fits in order to restore him to normal.

    Expect this one to be on the shelves by mid summer 2009! We just finished Sonic Unleashed! What are we doing?! Sega does what Ninten still don't.
  5. Hybrid Project Alpha

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    in before Jayextee
  6. I'd give the Werehog a warm welcome back if they just tweaked him a bit. Like cut the 30 minute levels in half. And made the platforming less frustrating. And introduce a new battle tune...geez.
  7. OSM


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    Why can't they just-

    God I hope this statement doesn't pass. SEGA should know damn well by now what the people liked and hated about Unleashed.

    Seriously, why would they even CONSIDER bringing the damn thing back?
  8. Aquaslash


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    I'm not opposed to the concept. I can't comment on the execution because I haven't played.
  9. Tenniru


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    You know, SEGA has introduced a lot of failed gameplay methods over the past decade, but in my opinion the Werehog is not one of them. I enjoyed every one of his stages; even though there were some moments of monotony, the platforming was pleasantly evocative of Mario 64/Galaxy. Compared to Amy, Big, and every S2k6 character except Silver, he's certainly well-polished.

    I just hope Werehog isn't the only thing they bring back. I'd like to see SA1-style Tails, SA2-style Knuckles, Silver, and Shadow-style Shadow come back as well, if they were all provided in balanced proportions.
  10. I agree. The Werehog is a godsend compared to fishing with Big.
  11. Sik


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    I don't want werehog back. Why? Because if they keep including him, well, he'll eventually become part of the basic gameplay and then all Sonic games will be required to include him, and you'll have a new bunch of fanboys that won't even know that Sonic used to stay as a hedgehog all the time =/
  12. Yash


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    I actually sort of liked the Werehog gameplay but the character himself is an abomination. Please, just call the next game "The Adventures of Sonic and Ristar" and call it a day.
  13. RedStripedShoes


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    Or "The Adventures of Sonic and Knuckles".

    Seriously. Knuckles is more agile than the Werehog, can climb walls, and even with a reduced attack range, can be made capable of fighting multitudes of enemies.
  14. Phos


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    I think there's a bit of a misconception about why they made the Werehog. It's not because they wanted to add more variety because people would become bored with the primary gameplay.

    The Werehog is to make the game longer

    It has no purpose beyond that, that's the same reason that SA2 had emerald hunting and shooting sections. If Unleashed was only composed of the good parts, it would be less than an hour long.

    The formula created for Unleashed is a dead end, it can't be expanded upon because it's too time consuming to make levels like those in Unleashed fill a whole game.

    Sega needs to start over from Sonic 3K and try 3D anew.
  15. Glisp


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    The Werehog is sort of okay. I really wouldn't mind seeing the Werehog again in a side game (Say Mario and Sonic in the Olympic games or some other rediculously retarded side game. It might actually make those games actually interesting.) but I don't really want to ever see it again in an actual console game. That ruins how special Sonic Unleashed was and the fact the werehog is bad ass.

    On the Subject of Sonic and the Black Knight I say it will fail. That's just how the Sonic Series is nowadays. It gets crappy for a few games then for one game only it becomes good. Then after that one game is released the whole cycle starts over.

    Getting totally back onto the subject of the Werehog: No, Sega don't even think about it. I know your address and I'll find you. XD (as you can tell by the XD I'm joking.)
  16. FlashTHD


    Yeah sure fellas, the Werehog will surely return based on the extremely confusingly translated comments of a japanese-speaking developer. A fact that even the Sonic Stadium poster pointed out.

    But who am I trying to kid, enjoy yet another 10+ page session of wigging out and "hard-hitting" conversation everybody! Yeehaw!
  17. Tweaker


    Yeah, I don't think this would be anything surprising even if there wasn't any kind of ambiguity in the poorly translated statement the guy gave. Being surprised that the Werehog might somehow return in a sequel to Sonic Unleashed is like being surprised that Blaze the Cat appeared in the sequel to Sonic Rush—it's such a no-brainer that it doesn't even need to come from a developer to be a sound possibility.

    With that said, I'm partial to the Werehog; while I think its gameplay is pretty neat, I think the character design is pretty atrocious. I wouldn't mind the return of the concept through a different character—Knuckles, perhaps—but I can't see using the Werehog again as a situation that could occur without a really, really bad plot element. Which means it'll probably happen, of course. :colbert:
  18. Phos


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    If they were to fix the Werehog's appearance, turning him into another character or otherwise, it would be akin to making a really good looking murder weapon, sure it looks good, but there's no justification for it's purpose.
  19. muteKi


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    Indeed. I love the Werehog segments and I'm so glad that, except for a couple irritating points in Eggmanland, the Werehog is a hell of a lot less frustrating than Sonic's day stages (well, the second night acts may be exceptions in general). In addition the slower movement makes the platforming actually manageable, and it's not too long before you can just hold the right trigger all the time, run at an enemy, press Y once or maybe twice, and kill it in a single dash attack. In fact, the night stages are so much more like what I want a Sonic game taking design influences from the classics to be like, and not this BOOST BOOST BOOST / OH FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WHY IS THAT BOMB THERE I WOULD HAVE HAD AN S-RANK BUT IT HIT ME AFTER I PRESSED THE BUTTON TO DODGE IT EVEN / GAAHH BOTTOMLESS PIT NNNRGHN / OH WHAT THE FUCK I DODGED THAT TOWER / WHY THE FUCK IS THE CAMERA NOT PERPENDICULAR TO THE 2D PLANE I CAN'T SEE WHAT'S IN FRONT OF ME WHAT THE FUCK / etc. that's far too common in the day stages for my tastes.

    Sonic Unleashed is a horrible game, when I think about it. I'm not sure what it is that drives me to keep playing it. Perhaps it's the quality presentation. Perhaps I enjoy the night stages enough.

    At this point I'm going to go with Stockholm Syndrome.
  20. Ollie


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    ...Also, I always thought that the Werehog was just another crappy one-game lame gimmick....

    ...They should keep it that way...
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