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The top Mega Drive Sonic mods

Discussion in 'Engineering & Reverse Engineering' started by NiktheGreek, Apr 11, 2016.

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    MIDI-to-SMPS-conversions, mostly. Takin' requests, too.
    Best always depends on a number of factors, but going by originality, I'd join the group saying Big's Fishing Adventure and Knuckles' Emerald Hunt, if only those not just stretch the boundaries of the engine but rather redefine them completely.

    oh, and of course, OMG THE RED RINGS. Who could forget? 8D
  2. Right before the Sonic Retro-server crashed yesterday, I wrote a piece on the one hack that I would love to see featured in this article, although there hasn't been any public update of it since 2007 if I'm correct... Sonic 1 Extended Edition. It's the one hack that got me into the Sonic Retro-community and it completely took me by surprise with nice original innovations like the NegaRings, the day to night-transitions per act, the overworld and fuck it, even the giant crab from Cinossu's signature. =P Unfortunately, most of the mysterious vibe surrounding this one has worn off pretty much by now as it took too long for a decent update or even the confirmation that the project was/is still alive... But really, completely with a spectacular intro and functional use of a PAST-sign in said intro, it makes up for a completely new way to play a new kind of Sonic 1.

    ...Yeah, the first version of this post was a lot better, fuck server-issues. ^^
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    True but Megamix started on the Genesis. :P I know you could play Master System games on the MD, but I think he's specifically looking for MD hacks only. Still if he was looking for the "top classic Sonic mods", I'd definitely mention your hack Sonic 2 LD.
  4. Josh


    I'm appalled that no one has yet mentioned Atomic Sonic.


    Megamix is garbaged compared to that masterpiece.
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    Still waiting for the sequel. Come back, Chimpo ;-;
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  7. Sith


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    This topic is like a god-send for me, as I'm also totally out of the loop since years.
    I recently started playing Sonic hacks again and these are the ones I remember fondly from back in the day:
    -Knuckles in S1 (Stealth)
    -Tails in S1 (Puto v2)
    -S2 Long Version (Sonic Hachelle-Bee)

    This week I've given Megamix 3.0 a spin and it's a jammin' good hack. (is it dead since 4b?)

    Today I tried Hyperdrive and wow just wow; best hack I've played in years. Didn't reach the end on first try though as it is challenging.
    This hack is a complete overhaul. I don't feel like I'm playing S1 but some sequel to S1. Kudos to all involved.

    I'll try some recommendations from this thread next.


    I just tried S2 Advanced edit. I see it's quite old now ('08) but this hack is legend and full of win.
    The art, level design and music all are commercial standard.
    I read that old topic of your hack. Seriously, how can you think "it sux" and "I'm not satisfied with my hack" when it has genius written all over it? What's wrong with you?
  8. Shadow Hog

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    Didn't see Sonic 2 XL mentioned. Funnily enough, it seems to be the ROM hack that comes up the most frequently when random YT celebs are naming Sonic ROM hacks off the top of their head (or at least, it feels like that's the case to me). People really seem to take to seeing Sonic get super fat, or something.

    Might be good to mention for a laugh, anyway.
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    Megamix is still in the works, last we heard.

    And yeah, Advanced Edit (or what was finished of it) is tops. Shame Rika got burned out on it, but hacking is demanding stuff, it's understandable.
  10. Glitch


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    Wait... people are hacking master system games now? Who are these geniuses? I must buy them a beer!

    Also, I'd like to take this opportunity to plug Valleybell's excellent Sonic 1 SMS FM music hack. Incidentally this was also featured in the most recent Game Sack episode, if that kind of thing floats your boat.
  11. Fenrir


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    This is turning into less of a Top Sonic Megadrive Mods thread and more of a general hack recommendation/nostalgia thread. Which I can't say I totally object to :V I forgot about stuff like The S Factor and Sonic 1 Extended. Now that I'm sick with an ear infection and Bronchitis, I think I'll just binge some mods now.
  12. Sith


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    I just tried this hack and it's no fun to play. The difficulty level is totally sadistic. It must be the hardest hack I ever tried...
    That first boss part 2 is totally ridiculous. I lost count on how many times I lost my rings playing through the first 3 zones.
    I don't see how you can get emeralds in this hack either as you need the skill of a robot.

    Sure, it looks like a beautiful and polished hack, but when you make a hack so damn hard that all the fun gets dragged out of it, then I pass

    Yes, this is another awesome hack stuck in development hell. I hope Cinossu will change his mind one day though and finish it. :p
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    Hi everyone, cheers for all your help. I've made my decisions now - I'll chuck a quick scan in the thread when the issue's been printed.
  14. mdawgmike


    I know it means nothing now, but I just noticed this thread and will throw in my two cents as a non-modder/casual fan of Sonic hacks; my list is solely based off of enjoyable games my friends and I have played through repeatedly. I put a high weight on "works on hardware," for the whole cool factor. I still have my Sega Genesis and I still like to use it!

    Sonic 3 Complete - Improves greatly upon the original
    Sonic Boom - Awesome, quick, always challenging, standalone game
    Sonic The Hedgehog Megamix - Very much feels like something Sega Could have released
    The S Factor: Sonia and Silver - Ditto!
    Sonic 2 XL - For the lulz :D

    This is a great thread. I look forward to the article, as well as checking out some of the other hacks people mentioned.