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The Time Travel Theory

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Kama, Aug 5, 2003.

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  1. Kama


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    Dust Hill- Past
    Emerald Hill- Present
    Hill Top- Future

    Aquatic Ruins- Past
    Chemical Plant- Present
    Genocide City- Future

    Hidden Palace- Past
    ?????(Labyrinth perhaps)- Present
    Mystic Cave- Future

    Wood- Past
    Metropolis- Present

    ????- Past
    Casino Night- Present
    ????- Future

    ????- Past
    Oil Ocean- Present
    ????- Future

    Some levels do resemble future and past forms of other levels. what's your opinion.
  2. Trujin


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    Wood Zone and Metropolis zone is the most obvious one going and the future for that I think would be Genocide City, for some weird reason.
  3. PC2


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    NO! You've got it all wrong! WZ is a part of ARZ, which is the past of EMH, which is the past of HTZ, which is the past of Windy Valley!!! *attacked* And yes, I know there can only be 3, but here's a story:

    Let's say there's an ancient part of EHZ, called ARZ, which is what you see in the background when you're playing in EHZ. And remember those big, leafy trees in ARZ? Well then, that explains WZ. And let's say that HTZ is the cliffs you see in ARZ. A few years later, Sonic returnes to the cliffs which are now Windy Valley! Call it crazy, but first, just think about it...

    *moments later- attacked*
  4. AeonicB


    I've always thought it to be like this:

    ARZ- Present
    HPZ- Good Future/Past
    ????-Good Future/Past(Whichever HPZ wasn't =P)
    MCZ-Bad Future

    ????- Past
    CNZ- Present
    ????- Good Future
    OOZ- Bad Future

    DHZ- Past
    HTZ- Present
    EHZ- Good Future
    ????- Bad Future

    WZ- Past
    MZ- Present
    CPZ- Good Future
    GCZ-Bad Future
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Not open for further replies.