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    They bloody weren't when I looked at work this afternoon *shot*

    Nice to see, though.
  2. Dreams Come True are set to premiere a new single soon on the 30th Anniversary Symphony! They announced it during the Chao Theme intermission.

    Or perhaps I was mistaken? I swear I heard Masato Nakamura come out during the intermission, but I wasn't at my screen at the time. Sorry about that.
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    I'm really impressed they got Master System and Sega Saturn games on this Symphony. Was not expecting at all. Loved all of it.
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    Was this posted yet? The game is Rockin' Kats.
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    Even flies past an airship, though the actual gameplay it completely different.
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    Sonic 2's holographic cartridge label - the one scrapped because money:

    VideoGames & Computer Entertainment ran an issue with (what I believe is) the same label, albeit stuck to the cover. This wasn't completely unknown, but we didn't have a full scan until recently.

    The hologram is specifically credited to "Light Impressions, Inc. of Santa Cruz, California".

    I'm sure there's a whole story out there, but if you want a general idea of how it was made, here's a promotional video from the UK arm:
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    A little bit of ancient history.

    For those who weren't really aware, there exists a prototype of Sega Sonic the Hedgehog, which was an arcade game released on the System 32 arcade board. What a lot of people except for those who have been in community for a long time might not be aware, however, is that the prototype was actually released BEFORE the final version was located and dumped. For a few years, it was presumed that the prototype was actually the final build. MAME does a great job keeping history of driver changes and additions made, but records for this prototype only go back as far as 2003. What many might not realize is that this prototype existed as far back as 1999.

    Back then MAME didn't really have the great System 32 emulation that it does today, and at the time there were quite a few stand alone emulators that emulated various systems. Back in around 2000/2001 there was a System (16?)/32 emulator called Modeler, and I believe this was the first emulator to properly support Sega Sonic. ROM releases weren't as centralized and categorized into sets like they are today, so it's kinda hard to pin point the exact origins of things that were floating around back then eons ago.

    On the HP discord we were recently talking about the prototype of Sega Sonic and I decided to do a little bit of digging. I found the origin of the prototype through an old Modeler changelog around the time support for the game was initially added.

    I was able to locate a variation of the original zip that included a read me file that might've based on the original SONICARC.TXT readme, that included this:

    Oddly enough, it includes what I presume was a "release" date of 5/4/93. However, what we know now, the actual game came out in the fall, most likely sometime in September 93 in Japan. This date would put the game before its unveiling at SCES 93 (which ran from 1993-06-03 to 1993-06-06). So it's likely that the date provided in the readme was actually provided on the original PCB/EPROMs, and is more likely a 'build' or 'burn'/master date. This would make sense, as prototype is presumed to be the exact build present at the show.

    Just wanted to throw this out there, since history of this is kinda muddled.
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    Just to add on a bit:

    We're pretty sure the undumped Revision B was on display at 1993 AM Show in August. We also know from Kawaguchi's tweet that there was a location test, which may have been either Rev A or B.

  14. Figured someone besides me would like this lol.
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    Tikal & Chaos Sonic Pict!
    Never did I notice that Chaos is basically Water Knuckles...

    Edit: Clickbait not intended. I meant Chaos' design in this pic.
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    Jack shit.
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    That pic they tweeted has the Sonic Channel logo, yet I don't think it's on SC? Or did I miss it?

    Speaking of which. I've been meaning to ask, is anyone collecting and preserving all these official illustrations? Sonic Channel and the official Twitter accounts have been posting great artworks, wallpapers and such for years, yet I don't think most of them are on the wiki.

    Fandom has a Sonic Channel gallery at least, but I don't know how complete it is. We don't have anything of the such, and neither wiki has a gallery or category for all the Twitter artworks.
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    Went ahead and grabbed the source links (in case we need them for the wiki): all from the Official Japanese Twitter, in the SONIC PICT thread (except for the Gemerl one, oddly). Art is done by Yui Karasuno.
    2019, Sep 22: Sonic in Sweet Mountain, for Autumn Equinox Day
    2019, Oct 24: Cream + Cheese in Pumpkin Hill, for Halloween
    2019, Dec 23: Sonic in Frozen Factory, for Christmas
    2020, Jan 12: Chao in the starting Chao Garden, for Coming of Age Day
    2020, Feb 13: Amy and Chip in Spagonia, for Valentine's Day
    2020, Mar 13: Tails in Station Square, for White Day
    2020, Apr 11: Knuckles and Chao in Mystic Ruins, for Easter
    2020, May 09: Vanilla + Chocola and Cream + Cheese in Sunset Hill, for Mother's Day
    2020, Jun 22: Sonic and friends in Green Hill, for the 29th anniversary
    2020, Jul 06: Shadow and Maria on Space Colony ARK, for Tanabata (Star Festival)
    2020, Aug 06: Jet, Wave and Storm in Aquatic Capital, for the Summer
    2020, Sep 20: Eggman and Orbot + Cubot in some base, for Respect for the Aged Day
    2020, Oct 22: Rouge and Knuckles on the Master Emerald Altar, for Halloween
    2020, Nov 22: Blaze and Gardon in the Sol Empire, for Labor Thanksgiving Day
    2020, Dec 24: Silver and Chao in White Park, for Christmas
    2021, Jan 28: Tails in the hanger of his Workshop, for the Winter
    2021, Feb 21: Big + Froggy in their house at Mystic Ruins, for Japan's National Cat Day
    2021, Mar 11: Cream + Cheese and Gemerl in Chun-nan, for Cherry Blossom Viewing Season
    2021, Apr 22: Sinbad (Knuckles) on a ship, for International Day of the Book
    2021, May 29: Amy in Sunset Heights, for the Rainy season
    2021, Jun 22: Sonic and Wisps on Planet Wisp, for the 30th anniversary
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