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Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by McGuirk, Jan 10, 2007.

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    I always found it very funny you could get behind the final boss in S2 when he rises up and land 5 hits in a row but your jump angle needs to be perfect.
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    Well, I'm here again with another 'bounce-back' trick.

    In sonic 2...

    [​IMG] Spindash on Pillar.. (Charge up a few times)

    [​IMG] Release. (Even if robotnik is at his maximum distance before hitting the other pillar)

    [​IMG] Then, you're bounce back to the original pillar, where you can do it repeatedly. It works on both pillars, and actually works better on the left pillar, though I did it on the right one. It works better on left one, because, doing it on the right one, when you bounce back, you might have to move forward a bit, because if you spindash from the spot you're in when you bounce back, you'll remain there, instead of going off. The left one has no trouble with any of that. My apologies if this has been mentioned before, by the way.
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    Heh, that was the only way I ever bothered beating that boss way back then. Waiting for the arrows to come and using them as steps was tedious for me

    It seems that the classic genesis games seem to be all the rage in this topic, so I hate to sort of steer the topic in a new direction (even if it might not go very far) but...

    warning: long useless post ahead


    Sonic Advance and the infamous chao garden glitch.

    I'm sure most of you have heard about this, or perhaps have even encountered it yourself. If you're troubled by it though, then you really need to find a hobby other then xtreme chao raising

    But for those of you unfamiliar with it, it's a glitch that basically does not allow you to purchase anything in the chao garden, even if the ring counter displays a ring count that would normally make the purchase valid. Also, any rings you collect in levels will not add to the ring counter in the chao garden. The ring counter is in a "frozen" state. I see most of these cases on gamefaqs, there's always a new one at least once a month. I think it's safe to say that the cause of the glitch is an erased game file (as the majority of the reports I've heard about this glitch mention that they erased their game file). There is a way to resolve the glitch though. You must re-collect the number of rings currently displayed in the chao garden's ring counter. so If you deleted your game with 300 rings in the garden, then you must collect 300 rings before the counter will unfreeze.

    However, I've never seen a legit or detailed explenation as to why this glitch occurs. I've come up with a conclusion of my own, though if anyone has any idea why it really does occur then please do share

    From what I understand, sonic advance has two different save files in it's memory card, chip, whatever it is that saves game data. The following shows what I believe is saved in each file

    File 1: Main Game Data (levels unlocked, emeralds collected, etc)
    File 2: Chao Garden Data (items you've purchased, your chao, etc)

    These two save files seem independent of each other (almost as if sonic advance is like two seperate games in one). If you notice however, The rings that you collect in the main game accumulate in the chao garden. Obviously, this indicates that these two save files (main game - chao garden) are actually linked together through ring count.

    Before I continue rambling on further on the ring count relations between the chao garden and the main game data, it's important to note that when you choose to delete your game data from the options menu, it only deletes your MAIN GAME data. The chao garden data will remain complelty untouched, your chao will still be there (if you had one in the first place), as well as items that you've purchased and your ring counter will still display the number of rings you have. Recall however that once the main game data has been cleared, the glitch has occured.

    If the chao garden's ring data locks up and becomes useless, then it means that it must have been dependant on some data from the main game save. The main game data has been deleted though! There's nothing there!

    My guess is that the Main Game Data has a hidden ring counter of its own, that keeps track of the total sum of accumulated rings sonic has collected. This ring counter is equivalent to that of the chao garden ring counter. That is to say that:

    Main Game Rings = Chao Garden Rings

    so as long as the main game counter is equal to that of the chao garden counter, you will be able to use rings. These two values are always exactly the same under normal circumstances. so if you purchased an item in the chao garden for 30 rings, 30 rings would be subtracted from both the visible ring display in the garden, and the hidden main game counter

    When you delete your game data though, everything is wiped out in the main game data, including the ring counter, yet the ring counter in the chao garden remains untouched

    so now.... Main Game Rings =/= chao garden rings, because 0 =/= X, for X being the number of rings you had BEFORE you wiped out the game data

    Since these two values do not equal each other, the game decides to flip a shit, and the ring counter locks up in the chao garden. Collecting X number of rings again will solve this issue, because well... X = X! and the chao garden rings don't accumulate along with the main game data rings since it's frozen up.

    end long rambling that makes no sense


    Heh, the sonic advance games are known for having screwy memory. I've also heard stories about people turning on sonic advance 2 only to find that they have all emeralds, characters, levels, etc, but then goes away after turning it off and on again

    One other thing that's interested me in sonic advance (or perhaps any other sonic game that has them for that matter) is the way the random ring containers work. I always thought that the number of rings you got from those were...well...random, but I've noticed that alot of times I will get the same number of rings when performing the same conditions in a level over and over again (ie. reaching a container by taking the same path at the same time over and over). I don't have exact data handy on me at the moment (as I never bothered really recording it down : /, and I don't have my gameboy at the moment) but it's something I would definetly like to look into, as I would really like get the maximum ring count for Sonic in neogreenhill 1
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    That's simple. The amount of rings you will get from the random ring box is determined by the amount of rings you already have. The only amounts of rings you can get from the box itself are 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 40.
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    Well, since the SQL rollback got rid of this post before, and I feel it's somewhat a vital post to attaining my membership back, I'm posting this again.

    I've been listening to the song "Dreams of an Absolution" from Sonic 2006 (The version by Lee Brotherton and Jun Senoue. Please note I've not heard the other versions yet.). I noticed something familiar about the song after I listened to it a few times.

    First off, when the song begins, the melody sounds like "Living in the City" from Sonic R's Radical City track. Then, when the song comes to these lyrics,

    "And I might know of our future
    But then you still control the past
    Only you know if you'll be together
    Only you know if we shall last"

    It sounds a LOT like Green Hill Zone's melody from Sonic 1. Does anyone else notice this, or is it just me?
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    Nope, I can definately sence the resemblence. That's pretty strange IMO
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    Oh good, I thought I was being paranoid again. ^^; They may've done that on purpose since "Dreams of an Absolution" was made for a Sonic game. After all, they have brought back new versions of old music for newer Sonic games before. Sonic Advance 3's Sunset Hill is a good example, as it uses revamped GHZ music.
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    Why can't Green Hill rest in peace already? Stop remaking it Sonic Team
  9. Okay, this is my first post,but this is my theory on the missing Sonic CD level. Prepare yourself for shock,because it wasn't just ruins: IT PROBABLY WAS
    My supports to this are the lack of a fire or lava filled level in the game, and what would probably happen after beating the badnick\mini-boss.
    First: the lack of a fire\lava zone. If you compare R2 to MZ,you will see it is a lavaless MZ,which also proves another thing: this could've been what was going
    to be Sonic 1 but they saved it for more powerful hardware *cough*SEGA CD*cough*.
    Second, the resold of the badnick\mini-boss. It looks like it would have you beating it, but it ruptured a vein of lava, causing it to be flooded with the stuff!
    They were going to do this, but the designers in Japan decided to not have it because it strayed too far from the Sonic 1 formula, but one of the
    designers told one of the future Sonic 3 designers about it, and that future S3 designer suggested it, and that time they aggreed. I hope this gets me approved,because
    I have a LOT of stuff to tell everyone about, like who Nazo really could be! Oh, and one more thing: I can't upload my avatar because the board server won't let me,
    even though it's a PNG! HELP ME!
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    I actually think it's good that they're taking hints from classic sounds like GHZ. Hmmm, perhaps I should stick this whole Dreams of an Absolution thing in a topic for discussion. What do you think? Or should I just leave it here in the topic?
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    Whatever catches my fancy
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    lol, resubmitting this here, as it has definitely its place into that kind of topic. For those who are still not aware about it, it's possible to have an "unglitched" Super Tails in Sonic 3 alone. All that without hacking and with the advantage of not losing rings. All details here:

    To perform that, you need to:

    - Print an "S" monitor using debug mode in any level.
    - Jump on that monitor.
    - Press B once you destroyed the monitor.
    - Wait for the blue S to turn into yellow before pressing B again.

    And you should have Super Tails using its normal form instead of a glitched one.

    Another trick I noticed in both Sonic 2 and 3 (and Knuckles), if this hasn't been discovered before. You can have infinite super shoes without hacking (but you'll need debug). To achieve that, do the following:

    - Jump on a "super shoes" minotor
    - Make Sonic (or other, if S3K) commit a suicide. One of the easiest ways is to print a heavy object (a 64x64 platform, spikes, etc.) at a certain height from the floor (let's say 3/4 of Sonic's size) and put Sonic between the object and the floor. This will make Sonic being squished by the object and die.
    - Resuscitate him (or bring him back to life, if you prefer) by pressing B before he reaches the bottom of the screen.
    - Move it up approximatively to the original location he was at (or anywhere else that is not an endless pit or a trap)
    - Press B again and you'll be able to finish the level with infinite super shoes this way.

    Note: this doesn't work with invincibility (you'll only have the music keeping playing till the end).

    I can provide screenshots if necessary or if something wasn't clear enough.
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    Hmm, that's what used to happen in GBA emulators when the savefile wasn't properly emulated, or something like that.
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    Wasn't the case that in the event of the battery memory stuff on the sadv2 cartidges failing it would automatically unlock everything, so not to make it totally unaccessible?
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    Dunno if this was mentioned before, and I am too time crunched to properly check right now, but in the "Nick Arcade beta" of Sonic 2, when the clock reaches the usual time limit, you don't die from a time over, the clock just goes from 9:59 to 9:00. :blink:

    I found this out for myself when trying to frameskip myself to the time limit and die after falling into an un-escapable pit in Hill Top (Scrap Brain slot)
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    That's strange, especially considering how close that beta is to Sonic 1, which did have a time over function.
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    This may sound silly, but the might not have been joking when they said they lost the original source. They might have based Sonic 2 on a slightly older source backup they had...?

    Nah, that's stupid. Although it does raise question as to why they didn't keep the time death in the beta...
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    I always wondered why that happened. But its temporary right? Cause that's what happened to me. >.>
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    It's a hack they made to prevent time overs when they were testing things. Beta testers would have to stay in the levels for long periods of time, making sure the levels are bug-free - time overs would only hinder their progress.
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    I can see it now: "Sonic 2 delayed due to insufficient beta testing...."

    I think they should have just disabled the timer in debug mode just like how it is in Sonic 1