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    Surprised no one posted this here but.... seems that Yuji Naka found an old VHS with some making of Sonic 1 footage. He seems pretty excited but people doesnt seem to care?
  2. I hope he posts it! I mean, a clip from 1990... That could be an interesting clip indeed
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    I think half of the reason people "don't seem to care" about it is that there's a good chance we're not gonna see that clip for a good while. I'd really like to be proven wrong, but you know how it is.

    On another note, I decided to translate the character profiles from the March 2006 Sonic 06 doc today. I know the doc already has English versions of those profiles, but I found that a lot of them skimmed over a few things, such as Blaze having a Takarazuka-like costume in particular. Mephiles's English profile was also messed up big time, which is probably the fault of a hasty translation. I should probably mention that these profiles can and will differ slightly from the profiles listed in the strategy guides, Sonic Channel, or, say, Shadow's profile in an excerpt Maekawa posted on Twitter a while back.

    Also, now's a good time to bring up that while Eggman's Japanese profile does have the word "feminist," it's important to know that the word usually means "one who indulges women" in Japanese rather than what you'd normally think a feminist is. So that one Heroes manual was correct about Eggman being a feminist all along. Just not the kind we all thought he was.
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    Kids can you write this stuff down on our wiki - I just don't have the time to maintain everything myself, and Mr. Burton has put out loads of wonderful things over the last few months.
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    Lol he had to change the thumbnail after people got pissed off at his use of ugandan Knuckles :v:
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    Which he changed to the Sonic R box art with added googly eyes, and then later to... Yasuhara's original level map for Regal Ruin???

    I mean, that's definitely his handwriting, and the game does credit him for level design, but I never put two and two together and realized there'd be hand-drawn level maps floating around somewhere, much like we've seen for Sonic X-Treme.

    We should uh, make it a point to acquire those.
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    Today I finally got around to making my own translation of the 2006 Shiro Maekawa interview, as the one that's currently floating around the Internet isn't really that great. This is probably not the only interview from the Creators Interview section I'll work on, because I want to see what Uekawa has to say.

    Speaking of more Maekawa stuff, apparently he and some other peeps are going to appear on Emi Jones's 27th anni stream which will be on her YouTube channel and you will get to ask him questions. If you ever wanted to ask him something, now would be a good time.
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    Excellent work as always Windii! Really enjoyed reading that. :)
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    Well, Emi Jones's interview with Maekawa had just ended on her stream, and he gave a lot of interesting answers. I'll list out some of the more fascinating info we learned from them:
    The story he felt the happiest about writing was Sonic and the Black Knight. It's simple, but a favorite. He was able to convey a theme that he wanted to in its short length. In fact, after the game went on sale, his wife played it and praised the story for the first time.

    His favorite characters are Team Chaotix, Charmy in particular. He enjoyed writing their lines in Sonic Heroes, and he would write a new story related to them if he had the chance.

    Regarding portrayals of characters besides Sonic, he says that the staff has a template describing what the characters think about, what they like, their tone of voice and so on. So even if the games change, the characters should not be "off." There are people who supervise that kind of thing, and he happened to be one of those people. Basically same info as the one from his 2006 interview where he mentioned being a character supervisor.

    His role for Sonic X was merely that of a story supervisor, so he wasn't very involved with the writing of any of the episodes, for season 1 (1-52) he only gave out ideas and whatnot. The show had scriptwriters of its own. But, he was fairly involved with the Chaotix's scenes in episode 39. He said he had slightly more involvement in general for season 2 (53-78), and he had weekly meetings with the scenario writers after returning to Japan. Stuff like Dark Sonic was just director Kamegaki "performing good offices" and was not Maekawa's idea.

    He hasn't written much besides Sonic, before or after.

    His hobbies are eating delicious food, drinking sake, transforming robot toys, and board games (especially Dominion).

    He wrote the base plotline for Sonic and the Secret Rings, but director Ogawa rewrote about half of it. The two were shilly-shallying​ a lot, so it was fairly challenging. Conversely, for Black Knight, he was allowed to write whatever he wanted. One thing he regretted was that in the game's initial development stage Caliburn was a girl and he was surprised to hear that was changed afterwards.

    During the production of Sonic 06, he was told by Nakamura that he wanted a story that was similar to Sonic Adventure 2. The requirements were that Silver has to come from the future and that he has psychokinetic powers, and that there have to be Sonic, Silver and Shadow stories. Maekawa was in charge of scene composition and writing key dialogue. Certain small parts were written by Yoshimura.

    He mentioned that SA2 and 06 were in particular very hard to write. Regarding 06, he said the story was was so complex that after it was completed, it felt like they had solved a puzzle.

    The hardest stage for him to design was Sky Deck.

    He was mostly inspired by Hayao Miyazaki and Mamoru Oshii's films, Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind and Ghost in the Shell in particular.

    He had some advice to give to current and potentially future Sonic writers: challenge yourself and exceed players' expectations. Don't just fixate on Sonic "as he is currently" and come up with new and exciting ways to tell your stories. He said he also pushed himself to write unconventional stories, so he wants other writers to try the same.

    His overall most favorite story remains to be Sonic Adventure 2, as he has an emotional attachment to it, being the game he first wrote and all. He said if he had a chance to rewrite it or change something about it, it would be to basically add the scenes he had to cut.
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    Okay, for some reason I got a security warning from my browser (Chrome) when I tried to visit this page? Something about a "r.a.p.t.r.c.o.m" (added periods to avoid directly stating the site in question if it is indeed dangerous) and that site/this page being a phishing site that can steal your information? Anyone else received this?
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    Strange. Nothing shows up for me, and I'm using Chrome.

    Also, I just edited the Sonic X part in my post about Maekawa's answers yesterday. When he was talking about having more involvement in season 2, he meant the Metarex arc. He didn't know it was considered season 3 outside Japan.
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    Any ideas?
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    Jack shit.
    I don't know why this was done either, and then when Funimation did box sets they ended up with five seasons.
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    I'm getting it too. Running Chrome here.

    It might have something to do with ashthedragon's signature, as that seems to link to the site on the security warning page.
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    This is probably a stupidly obvious suggestion, but included with MSi PCs in Japan? Sonic CD was included with some in the West, after all.
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    I also got this notification. Should this be escalated as it affects forum use?
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    I'm also having this problem whenever I try to view this page and I also use Google Chrome. When the warning popped up it scared the crap out of me honestly and I exited from the page quickly.
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    It's been fixed now.
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    I was taking a gander through a few more JP magazines when I noticed this bit in an article that focused on Sonic Jam;


    According to the text above, Knuckles' design at first was Dinosaur-like. This was due to Jurassic Park causing a surge in the popularity of Dinosaurs at the time. The design was further refined by Yuda. I do wonder what Dino!Knuckles looked like :psyduck:
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    Maybe something like... Espio?