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Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by McGuirk, Jan 10, 2007.

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    Actually, the fun thing that's from those Topps Cards is the flip animation.

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    Could be, but clearly he was part of the plans for the game until late in development, seeing how he appears in the merchandise and comics. I'm a bit puzzled that nobody thought in asking the devs about him in interviews.

    Anyways. Seeing how we've already known for quite some time what Splats' color scheme is supposed to be from looking at the merchandise, why didn't Tax and co use the proper colors for him in Sonic Mania? :v:
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    Anyone want to solve a mystery?


    I believe this is a rental version of Sonic Adventure DX on the GameCube. I could do with a better image and/or some sort of indication as to where it was rented from (and if there are more).

    I've spotted a similar 007 Nightfire release. That's about as far as I've got so far.
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    Welp, this.
    I don't know what it says about me that I could tell from that blurryass logo that it's Hollywood Video.
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    So I was perusing Sega-Sammy's 2017 Integrated Report to find some numbers for my next video, but I came a cross an interesting little tidbit in their plans gearing up for 2020. I didn't know if this is something already functionally in place or if this is something that hasn't happened yet.

    According to page 31 in the middle right, it looks like Sega's publishing will be changing to one focused on IPs as opposed to device-oriented which apparently has been their approach in the past + - (Is this referring to console exclusive deals like with what we saw for the 3-game deal for the WiiU, or maybe a more broad choose the IP to fit the app we want to make approach? Or something else entirely?)   and in that process, they will be consolidating the publishing functions of the 3 wings of Sega (Japan, US and Europe) and assigning them specific IPs to handle the publishing of. I know that SoE has been responsible for publishing Total War and Football Manager, but is SoA publishing Sonic exclusively a new thing or has that been something that's gone over my head?

    Is this why we've been seeing more integration of Iizuka and other Sonic Team members on the US side? And if the US handling the publishing IS something that is new, will we see more emphasis on western development of the titles?

    I genuinely have no idea, hoping someone else has a better grasp on this stuff than I do.
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    Woah, some interesting info right here. Thanks for sharing. I'm currently powering on Sonic Retro's official "Yeow" signal. He knows a lot about this kind of stuff - more so than anyone.
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    I appreciate your flattery, 360, but I wouldn't consider myself that knowledgeable. :v: I just comb through the IR reports and report what catches my eye. I'm still probably somewhere on the lower ladder of the grand scheme of things, I don't even have a special member label! :U

    That aside, I will say this--it does align pretty well with recent developments in the series about being more of a Western-managed production over the years. The big three developments are the entire Sonic Boom initiative in 2014 (Western-developed TV show and games), Sega of America being established as the new hub for the Sonic brand (complete with the series getting a new chief officer and Iizuka relocating back there) in 2016, and the steady growth in Sega's relationship with Taxman and company from working on the mobile remasters to developing their own Sonic game in Mania over the span of this recent decade. Smaller examples would include Hardlight, Sumo Digital, and Gameloft responsible for the mobile games, and the Pontac/Warren duo brought in to translate/partially write the games.

    Considering the bit about North American studios handling Sonic is being outlined as part of Sega's "Road to 2020" business strategy, there is a possibility the Sonic series being wholesale managed by SoA may ultimately be the endgoal of the Western-published influx of Sonic projects. Half of me honestly thinks this may be a pipe-dream scenario, due to how long Sonic (and most Sonic products) have been controlled by SoJ and developed by Sonic Team over the past twenty years; and one would think the Boom subseries being mostly a spectacular dud (the haphazard worldwide launch, the TV show getting lousy timeslots/ratings despite being considered decent, and...we really don't need to talk about the tie-in games, do we?) would had killed the idea in its cradle. On the other half, there has also been a clear decrease of Japan-developed Sonic products inverse to the aforementioned rise of Western Sonic products over the past decade. You can see a severe drop of Japan-developed games in releases after 2013, alongside a slight bump in Western-developed games around that time; note that this also corresponds to a notable reduction of non-mobile games. (Below list counts original Sonic-specific games that are made for console, handheld, and mobile devices; counting mainline games (bold), spinoff games, and remakes/remasters of existing games.)

    Japan-produced Sonic titles (2008-2013):
    - Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity (Wii) (Sonic Team) (2008)
    - Sonic Unleashed (PS3/360|PS2/Wii) (Sonic Team[/Dimps]) (2008)
    - Sonic and the Black Knight (Wii) (Sonic Team) (2009)
    - Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games (Wii|DS) (Sega Sports R&D[/Racjin]) (2009)
    - Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I (PS3/360/Wii|mobile) (Sonic Team/Dimps) (2010)
    - Sonic Colors (Wii|DS) (Sonic Team[/Dimps]) (2010)
    - Sonic Free Riders (360[+Kinect]) (Sonic Team) (2010)
    - Sonic the Sketchhog (mobile) (Sega) (2011)
    - Sonic Generations (PS3/360/PC|3DS) (Sonic Team[/Dimps]) (2011)
    - Mario and Sonic at the 2012 London Olympic Games (Wii|3DS) (Sega Sports R&D[/Racjin]) (2011, 2012)
    - Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II (PS3/360/mobile) (Sonic Team/Dimps) (2012)
    - Sonic Lost World (WiiU|3DS) (Sonic Team[/Dimps]) (2013)

    Western-produced Sonic titles (2008-2013):
    - Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood (DS) (Bioware) (2008)
    - Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing (Wii/360/PS3/PC) (Sumo Digital) (2010)
    - Sonic at the Winter Olympic Games (mobile) (Venan Entertainment, Inc.) (2010)
    - Sonic CD 2011 (mobile/PS3/360) (Whitehead) (2011)
    - Sonic Jump (mobile) (Hardlight) (2012)
    - Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed (PS3/360/WiiU/PC|PSV|3DS) (Sumo Digital) (2012, 2013)
    - Sonic Dash (mobile) (Hardlight) (2013)
    - Sonic 1 2013 (mobile) (Whitehead/Headcannon) (2013)
    - Sonic 2 2013 (mobile) (Whitehead/Headcannon) (2013)

    Japan-produced Sonic titles (2014-2018):
    - Mario and Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games (WiiU) (Sega Sports R&D/Racjin) (2014)
    - Sonic Runners (mobile) (Sonic Team) (2015)
    - Mario and Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games (WiiU|3DS) (Sega Sports R&D) (2016)
    - Sonic Forces (PS4/XBO/Switch/PC) (Sonic Team) (2017)

    Western-produced Sonic titles (2014-2018):
    - Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric (Wii U) (BRB) (2014)
    - Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal (3DS) (Sanzaru) (2013)
    - Sonic Jump Fever (mobile) (Hardlight) (2014)
    - Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom (mobile) (Hardlight/Sumo Digital) (2015)
    - Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice (3DS) (Sanzaru) (2016)
    - Sonic Runners Adventure (mobile) (Gameloft) (2017)
    - Sonic Mania (PS4/XBO/Switch/PC) (Whitehead/Headcannon/PWG) (2017)
    - Sonic Forces: Speed Battle (mobile) (Hardlight) (2017)

    There's also the clear contrasting outcome of critical reception against the Western-handled Mania and the Japan-developed Forces; which to a lesser extent may also apply in regards to sales, when observing charts and total sales on digital storefronts (weekly eShop charts, monthly PSN Store charts, and --though not entirely reliable-- LFT SteamSpy sales). That is something that clearly cannot be handwaved away (though you never know with Sega).

    Guess we'll get a better idea of which side of the Pacific Sonic's management will be centralized at the SXSW panel next week. If next week's announcement is indeed a Sonic-centric racer developed by Sumo Digital (or some other Western developer) and Mania's (individual) sales performance are revealed to be a major hit (IMO, that would qualify it as selling at least more than three million at best, two million at worst; as I articulated a while back) that would only further cement this.
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    So, I was playing Knuckles Chaotix again after a long time of not playing it and I remembered a post that someone had made in this thread about this enemy here.


    The Wiki says that this enemy is unused but someone shared a video showing that this enemy actually is used in the final game. He is accessed in a secret room in Amazing Arena Zone while playing as Vector. Apparently Vector is the only character who can access this room. I painstakingly went through all 361 pages of this thread to try and find that post but it seems that the video was deleted. :/ I tried to find the secret room myself but couldn't. Can anyone help me verify if this enemy really is in the final game because I remember seeing it in the video and I'm sad that I cannot find any other videos showing it. This has been really bothering me for the past couple of days lol.
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    Please don't type stuff in yellow, they look like links (in the Rusted Copper 3 skin), I had to quote your post to find out what was wrong.

    edit: thanks.
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    He seems to imply that Sonic's design in CD was referred to as "DB Sonic", if I understand correctly?
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    He actually says the complete opposite!

    The CD version of Sonic is said to be called DB Sonic, but that is not the case. (lit. that is different [from the truth])
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    Yeah. He says he was inspired by Yasuo ?tsuka's classic Lupin and also Taluluto. He then mentions that he later got to work on a Lupin special and that it felt like destiny. So no, Eguchi Sonic was not inspired by Dragon Ball.
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    Random but Sonic related none the less, but apparently Uncle Chucks SatAM voice actor William Windom has passed. RIP good sir.
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    Didn't he die in 2012?
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    Gale Racer in Arcades had Sonic as a mascot in the window, which was the first instance of Sonic in a video game. That's well known.

    Gale Racer on the Saturn enhanced this a bit - with players collecting "Mascots", every 100 mascots, the mascot would change. That's also well known.

    But now I've finally extracted them all!


    Had to hack a save file to change the amount of mascots I had to get them. What got me to do this was Mighty and Ray finally returning. Whee!

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    That's pretty cool. Are you gonna post that on The Spriters Resource? There's only one Saturn game there that starts with a G.

    Great find, though. Kind of weird how they're calling Super Sonic "Silver," but maybe they misread character names and got Super Sonic and Silver Sonic switched around or something. Oh well.
  19. Rlan


    It's meant to be Super, I just mislabeled it. And yes, it's sent to the spriters resource. Did the same for Vanilla's sprites in Advance 2.

    A lot of the recent sprites for Saturn are from me too.

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    Looking at Amy's spikes (and comparing them to Sonic's), it seems that the Gale Racer team didn't have access to a model sheet. Looks to be based purely on the Sonic CD key art, much like her appearance in Sonic the Comic was.