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Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by McGuirk, Jan 10, 2007.

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    Expanding on this, it's there to prevent you from getting a record on your first playthrough which subsequentially becomes impossible to beat.
  2. JaxTH


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    This seems to not be a thing for Sky Chase though.
  3. MainMemory


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    Code (Text):
    1.       v6 = ((signed __int16)CurrentAct | (CurrentLevel << 8)) >> 8;
    2.       v7 = GetCurrentCharacterID();
    3.       if ( v7 )                                 // if character is not Sonic
    4.       {
    5.         v8 = v7 - Characters_Tails;
    6.         if ( v8 )                               // if character is not Tails
    7.         {
    8.           if ( v8 == 5 )                        // if character is Big
    9.           {
    10.             v9 = (double)dword_3C52510 + 500.0;
    11.             goto LABEL_29;
    12.           }
    13.         }
    14.         else if ( v6 == LevelIDs_WindyValley || v6 > LevelIDs_LostWorld && v6 <= LevelIDs_Casinopolis )// character is Tails, level is Windy Valley, Ice Cap, or Casinopolis
    15.         {
    16.           v48 = v6;
    17.           v47 = 2;
    18. LABEL_26:
    19.           if ( !GetLevelEmblemCollected(&SaveFile, v47, v48, 2) )// if current level's mission C is not completed
    20.           {
    21.             AddSeconds(10);                     // add ten seconds to the clock
    22.           }
    23.         }
    24.       }
    25.       else                                      // character is Sonic
    26.       {
    27.         switch ( v6 )
    28.         {
    29.           case LevelIDs_EmeraldCoast:
    30.           case LevelIDs_WindyValley:
    31.           case LevelIDs_LostWorld:
    32.           case LevelIDs_IceCap:
    33.           case LevelIDs_Casinopolis:
    34.           case LevelIDs_FinalEgg:
    35.             v48 = v6;
    36.             v47 = 0;
    37.             goto LABEL_26;
    38.           default:
    39.             break;
    40.         }
    41.       }
    So basically, if Mission C is not completed in any of the following levels, it adds ten seconds to the timer: Sonic's Emerald Coast, Windy Valley, Lost World, Ice Cap, Casinopolis, and Final Egg, and Tails' Windy Valley, Ice Cap, and Casinopolis. Which is all the levels where the goal is not a capsule the first time you play.
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    It's been used plenty of times since.
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    So I was searching around on youtube, when I came across this footage of the closed door presentation of '06 at E3 2005. There's a portion I've never seen before (but heard about from people's descriptions of the presentation) of a player throwing ring capsules around the Kingdom Valley tower in first-person mode to show it was a real-time demo. Just wanted to see if this had already been archived anywhere or not.
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    (if it's not on the wiki, it's not documented)

    There are higher quality versions of the pre-rendered stuff out there (those bits are mentioned on the wiki... but we should be hosting them ourselves!), but the box throwing bit might be new. I feel like I've seen that footage before though... but I can't remember where.
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    I saw the box throwing footage years ago, but haven't seen it since. They never showed that bit in reveal trailers iirc that was behind the scenes footage from E3 2005.
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    JFC, blast from the past there. yeah I remember CulT shared that real time demo and HQ reveal footage at one point.
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    Why does 3D Blast (I really only play the Saturn version) have three blue emeralds?
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    So, I'm sorry if this isn't an appropriate place to ask about this kind of stuff, but I feel it's worth mentioning anyway because I still think it's pretty interesting.

    Back in 2009 guys named Cemre Ozkurt and Leo Santos have uploaded several cinematics from 06 and Shadow the Hedgehog on their Vimeo accounts. Those two are from Blur Studio, the one responsible for animating the FMVs in those games. These are the ones I found:

    Uncut opening to Shadow the Hedgehog, different sound design and music
    Sonic's story opening from Sonic 06, different camera angle at the start, placeholder music and Elise's voice
    Scene of the Eclipse Cannon firing and scene of Shadow in the forest, both have placeholder music
    06's Last Story ending, different music again
    TV commercials for Shadow the Hedgehog, bazooka and Chaos Blast variations
    And finally, there were a bunch of screenshots and concept art that was once available on the Blur website. I found a few archived here.

    My question is, I could have sworn there was an option to download the original quality copies of those Vimeo videos back when they were first uploaded. Was anyone actually able to snag them? I was luckily able to download the original .mov files of commercials back in 2011 when it was still possible and held onto them for my dear life (and I have put them up here), but I wasn't smart enough to get all the others. (the avi files in my folder were downloaded from someone else and were most likely converted from the original .mov files) I just prefer to preserve everything in its original quality whenever possible, and I like these cinematics. This is still interesting stuff, though.
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    All I got is the .mov-version of the Shadow Opening, but, uh, at least it's something?
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    Hm, this seems to differ from the Vimeo upload because there's a watermark. Thanks anyway though, I'll take whatever I can get.
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    Hey, I assume this has already been talked about, but it was one of those shower-thoughts I just remembered.

    Have people discussed the whole Gameinformer interview about Sonic and how they don't view him as a videogame brand but a multimedia brand thats just "not at its peak popularity similar to barbie" or something like that? I just remember thinking that demonstrated how removed some SEGA execs were from reality in terms of Sonic's brand, considering the main focus should be video games and the reason its not as successful is due to the stigma of constant blunders
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    I saw that video linked to this article explaining Sonic 2006 development.
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    So the S&KC IceCap music bares more than a small resemblance to the Crystal Egg music from Sonic 2 (8-bit). Anyone know if any of the other "new" S&KC tracks were based on previous works?
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    I would call that a pretty small resemblance. The chords are similar, but they have pretty no melody in common, and the GG game has an additional bridge that doesn't show up in S&KC at all.
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    You know what, now that you mention it, there's a couple other interesting motifs in the S&KC music that's similar to other songs by Masafumi Ogata: -- The pitch bend at the start sounds like it's trying to be Ogata's signature pitch bend as heard in, say, Green Hills Zone ( and Hyper Marbles ( -- I'm reminded of the ending music for Sonic 2 ( a bit here. Similar syncopated rhythm in the backing and similar phrasing in the lead; always thought the bit at 52 seconds in was reminiscent to the chorus of Green Hills / You Can Do Anything.
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    There are some monitors hanging from the ceiling in Casinopolis (in Sonic Adventure 1), they show some Sonic and NiGHTS artworks, a Sonic Team logo, a Now on Sale text, and two photos of existing locations. All these textures are 32x32, making it almost impossible to see any detail besides basic shapes and colors.

    I managed to find out what one of those two locations is!

    Original texture:

    Original Location: The Fremont Casino in Las Vegas

    Is this wiki-worthy?

    I think I found the other location too.

    Original texture:

    Original Location: Sassy Sallys in Las Vegas
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    Do you reckon Sassy Sally's is where they cribbed the cowgirl concept? :o
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    Everything is wiki worthy :eng101: