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Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by McGuirk, Jan 10, 2007.

  1. Jaseman


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    isn't it odd how much slower the Gamecube port of Sonic Adventure 2 runs compared to the Dreamcast version? I wonder why.
  2. Polygon Jim

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    All the bitches.

    I messed around with Sonic Jam World a few years ago, and found out it used the same engine as the 3D Blast special stage, so it's definitively from that.
  3. Endri


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    This information was enlightening. I wonder why he decided to share his story 8 years after the question was made, and I'm intrigued as how did he came across this question in the first place.

    Anyhow, I'm glad to know these technical details involved in the conversion process. He (and his brother Steve) are very bright!
  4. Black Squirrel

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    There's a new Sonic arcade machine on its way
  5. Jen


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    That information about Sonic 3D is really interesting!

    If the special stage in the Saturn version did come from Sonic Jam, it makes me wonder if that's why the giant gold ring existed in Sonic Jam the first place (I always thought it was a bit random that you jumped into it just to get to the credits, maybe it was originally going to be the gateway to the special stage or something. Who knows.).
  6. Endri


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    Every time I see something Sonic Jam related, something that have been puzzling me for years now comes up to mind: since Sonic Pocket Adventure reuses various other Sonic games' musics as it's own soundtrack, then, where is the Special Stage track from?
  7. Sonic Warrior TJ

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    So it's been a while since I've read the 'Sonic X-Treme' dev history, and I figured I'd go freshen up on the Wiki, but I noticed something interesting.

    Maybe this is a stretch/coincidence, but that story seems awfully similar to the story from Sonic Colors.
  8. muteKi


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    I think it's one of the few custom pieces of music for the game, aside from the credits music.
  9. ashthedragon


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    That sound very Dimps'y , and also like a sort of remix from the Sonic 3 title screen music. I easily see it as a track composed for pocket adventure.

    Somethint that doesn¡t really fit in my mind...if the cancelled game who had the sonic 3D bonus stages was cancelled around 1996...and naka said that they cancelled the saturn 3D game who became jam's Sonic World " when it was painfully obvious that the saturn was dying" (around 1998/1997 I think)... and it should be the same game beacuse what polygon jim't fit. Should there have two different 3D sonic made in japan? I also don't see this very clearly anyways... why try again with the same engine, if it didn't work the first time? What connection could it have with NIGHTS? If my memory serves me well, doesn't they said that they were triying to do that sonic 3D game who became Sonic World using Nights engine, like Xtreme?

    Also, if you look closely, the Sonic 3D bonus stage models for Sonic, tails and Knuckles are the same of Sonic R! maybe is there more on it than we know? Maybe it reuses textures and models from that cancelled game.

    Too many questions...
  10. Klaypersonne


    I remember reading about that Sonic X-Treme story line when I was a kid, and it was still slated to come out at some point in time. I wondered why they would dub something in that game with the same name as a character from Mario 64. Guess it might not have been exactly the same name, but interesting coincidence nonetheless, especially as they were both supposed to be the 3-D debuts of the mascots.
  11. ashthedragon


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    I've thinking about this, and I remembered a strange advert I found a long time ago in Sonic Cult, who only features a pretty strange image of Sonic 3D Blast special stages ( but with lower poly renders than final) saying Sonic was coming to 3D didn't explicitely say what game it was on, so might this be some sort of tease for that cancelled game?

    AHere is the pic I'm talking about:


    Also, that image looks more like a hybrid between 32x and Saturn, than a saturn game....could it be...sega jupiter?
  12. LockOnRommy11


    I'm surprised no one has ever mentioned this before:

    See this:

    And then see this:

    That's more than just a coincidence. I found it last year whilst running through the entirety of 3D Blast. Kinda cool really. The second one's from Sonic 2006.

    Both move in a similar way, both fire projectiles, both are orange/red, both have similar leg hinges and that grey bubble upon their sphere's top. Both contain NO badniks.
  13. Blue Blood

    Blue Blood

    They may be similar in mannerisms, but I doubt that it's anything more than a coincidence. I think of the '06 bots as being based off on Crabmeat, much like the obvious Buzz Bombers and Rhinobots have '06 equivalents.


    I just bought a copy of Sonic Adventure Limited Edition and was wondering if anyone did any proper documentation of any differences or other stuff? I found some small differences and other neat stuff, such as how the game recognizes existing NTSC files.
  15. ICEknight


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    Something I've just found by pure accident on real hardware...

    You can make Sonic jump right at the start of the intro cutscene in Sonic Chaos, if you press the button in the precise moment the music starts (SMS version, at least).
  16. Endri


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    What an odd occurrence! And I played SC on real hardware last weekend. If I only knew...

    But, pressing the jump button doesn't automatically cancel the cutscene in the first place?


    Okay, so I tried it on an emulator. It turns out I wasn't able to perform the effect naturally (pressing the button would cancel the cutscene). But then, I decided to use frame by frame advance, and I was able to perform the jump! Of course, the cutscene is canceled right after the jump.
  17. Endri


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    I was waiting someone to post something here before I posted this in order to not double-post, but it has been days and no one posted anything, so...

    I noticed that in Sonic 2, even though you can die crushed vertically, you can't die crushed horizontally. At all. Investigating a little further, it is possible to notice that the game tries to make an effort to not permit the player to ever be between a wall and an object, or between two objects, by changing the object placement/layout a little (most notable in Casino Night Zone Act 2). Keyword here: tries. Most of the time, an movable object can push you against to a wall, and if you press a directional button, you can clip through the wall, and be stuck inside forever... (the main offender being Chemical Plant).

    Checking the disassemblies, it turns out that the subroutines for dying crushed horizontally weren't added until Sonic 3! (most probably because of the moving wall in Hidrocity Zone Act 2, and the horizontally-moving rotating cylinders). They added a routine to kill Sonic every time he is between two objects, and they even added an invisible object that automatically kills Sonic if he ever touches it, and strategically placed it inside walls in places where other objects could push Sonic against said walls (making Sonic touch the bounding box of the invisible object, and thus killing him).

    I didn't check Sonic 1, but considering that Sonic 2 is pretty much a reflection of Sonic 1's engine, then I assume that you can't die crushed horizontally in this game either.
  18. Espyo


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    I remembered 2 platforms that are able to push you horizontally in Sonic 1. First, Labyrinth Zone act 1; that platform that becomes visible when you press the first button, takes you to a shortcut (and an extra ring in REV01), you know. Problem is, that platform can't actually push you.
    So second, the set of platforms that go / → | → \ → | → / → | → \ in Spring Yard. Tried placing a static version of those blocks with debug mode in front of one of the moving blocks and... I wasn't crushed. Of course, that wasn't a wall, but I guess it has the same effect.
  19. TheInvisibleSun


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    Speaking of Sonic 2, me and my brother were playing around in Debug mode for old time's sake, and a few things I haven't seen before happened:

    In Emerald Hill Zone Act 1, I screwed around with the Super Sonic Act Clear gitch, and kept doing it off screen to the right. At the start of Act 2, I was already at the boss, somehow.

    In Aquatic Ruin Act 1 I decided to place a capsule, break it, and head to the signpost before the game finished counting my score. Subsequently, Some of Act 2's tiles were "darker" for some reason.

    Sorry if these are already known/documented. If it matters, we were playing on original hardware (Model 2 Genesis).