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Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by McGuirk, Jan 10, 2007.

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    I think it's possible that they're based on Sonic 2 SMS/GG bosses... but it could just be a coincidence. There's only a certain amount of usable animals out there.
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    When I first saw the pig concept art Gimmick Mt. Zone was the first thing that came into my head but as Iizuka refuses to recognise the existence of the Game Gear games, ripping off their badniks would be hypocritical, I wouldn't put it past him though.
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    Now that I look at it, that boar looks exactly the same as the 8-bit boss, but with an additional wheel instead of the weird thing and harmless "spikes"...
  4. SA1 had both the opening and Knuckles' escape from the Egg Carrier.
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    Okay. Last time I told about Sonic 3's Special Stage feature, no one here knew about it. :ohdear: So lets talk about Special Stages a little more!

    In Sonic 3, the second Special Stage's Chaos Emerald is yellow. However, in Sonic 3 & Knuckles, the second Special Stage's Chaos Emerald is orange:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Incidentally, the second Special Stage's Chaos Emerald in Sonic & Knuckles is also orange. The second Super Emerald is also orange in Sonic 3 & Knuckles.

    The Secret Special Stage (Special Stage #8) in Sonic 3 is colored in shades of blue and has a gray Chaos Emerald. In Sonic 3 & Knuckles, the Sonic 3's Secret Special Stage, however, is green and dark blue colored, and houses a yellow Chaos Emerald. Incidentally, Sonic & Knuckles's Secret Special Stage (Special Stage #16) is blue and white, and keeps a yellow Chaos/Super Emerald:
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Speaking of which, you can select which Special Stage you want to enter in the Level Select menu in Sonic 3. The numbers on Sound Test will determine which Special Stage you will enter, if you enter in them holding A + START. That's why you can access the Secret Special Stages by selecting the song number 07 on the Sound Test, and selecting Special Stage 2 with A + START.

    For example:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    In the first example (Sonic 3), I choose the Sound Test cursor to 07. You don't really need to make the music play; you just need to change the variable number. If I hold A and press START in Special Stage 2, the game will send me to Special Spage ID 08. This applies for Sonic 3 & Knuckles as well!

    In the other example (Sonic 3 & Knuckles), I choose the Sound Test cursor to 02. If I A+START in Special Stage 1, the game will send me to Sonic 3's Special Stage #3. If I A+START in Special Stage 2, the game will send me to Sonic & Knuckles's Special Stage #3.

    If you don't hold A while you press START, however, the game will send you to the "Current Special Stage ID" value stored in RAM. This workd in both Sonic 3 and S3K. It doesn't work in Sonic & Knuckles alone, though.
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    Further, neither game can quite make up its mind about the colour of that second emerald elsewhere. It's always orange on the save screen and when Knuckles knocks it out of you in Angel Island, and it's always yellow on the chaos emeralds results screen, for both variants. The only change in S&K is to the colour of the emerald within the stage itself as you pointed out.

    Amusingly, if they hadn't changed it to orange within the stage, S&K alone would have been totally consistent on the use of yellow, since the emeralds aren't seen in any other context. As it is, it's as inconsistent as every other S3 variant.

    The reason the special stage selection doesn't work in S&K alone is because you need debug mode to do it, for some reason. If you can poke at RAM to give yourself that power, it'll work just like the other two.
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    The Sound Test index of the bomb explosion in Sonic 1 is C4. :v:
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    I quite figured it, but since one can't normally enable the debug mode in S&K alone, I thought that this could go unnoticed.

    This is funny. Never noticed it before.
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    Does this look familiar? (6:47)

    Since she demands credit: linked by Reverie on an IRC channel :v:
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    ^ The title screen music at 6:44 sure sounds like this midi (direct link), which - if I recall correctly - I first heard because it came packed with the first midi software I ever used, a program called Recording Session which was designed for Windows 3.1 (I think).

    Ironically, at the time I heard it (this must have been 1998, 1999) I planned on putting in the Sonic fangame "Sonic 5 - The Master of Sanctuary"... which I totally never made.

    Boy, does that bring back memories.
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    Some random fact about something I did ages ago and I just remembered, regarding the Master System and Game Gear versions of Sonic 2. If you take a savestate in a title card and then load that savestate in the other version, it'll work (with a wrong palette until the level starts, but still). Looks like the title card code literally didn't change (though I'd avoid savestating during the fading since the palette code may be too different).

    Did this years ago when I got fed up with the small screen of the Game Gear version and switched to the Master System version. Didn't want to lose my progress so I attempted changing the savestate extension to see if it'd work. It did o_o;
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    From what I've seen is most code is similar between the two games, the only difference is the location. After all, since the two consoles are basically the same (except for the extra colors in the GG version as opposed to the SMS) and the GG version is a "port" of the SMS version. But I'm sure you'd knew that already. :v: Everything is just shifted around a bit.
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    Yeah, but it seems the title card code is practically untouched, being even in the same place. Actually, coming to think on it, the savestate was most likely taken on the vsync loop... and if that's a separate subroutine that means savestates will most likely work from pretty much anywhere (maybe except when the game is loading stuff between screens).
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    A while ago I found out that forcing anti-aliasing through the graphics card drivers worked for Sonic 4 Episode 1 (PC version) only at the resolution 1280x720, and that it didn't work at any other resolution, so I thought that maybe Sonic Adventure DX (2010 PC version) could be like this.

    And...forcing anti-aliasing through the graphics card drivers does work for Sonic Adventure DX (2010 PC version), but only at 640x480...unfortunately.

    Comparison pictures.

    No Anti-Aliasing:

    8x Anti-Aliasing (with the Edge-Detect filter) + 16x Anisotropic Filtering:

    In the case of Sonic 4 Episode 1, forcing anti-aliasing only works for AMD/ATI graphics cards, it doesn't work for Nvidia graphics cards, it's possible that something similar could happen for SADX.
  15. I can't believe I didn't notice this before, but it seems Masaru Setsumaru was the composer for Sonic Eraser. (He was credited as Bossanova Oyz).

    Just a small piece of info. : )
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    Tiny thing this time. You know how you can Start+A in the classic games to quit after dying, if you have debug mode enabled. This even caused a glitch in Sonic VR (can't find my own post about it there). Anyway, I tried to see if you could skip to the next level in Sonic 3D after you're killed and have 0 lives. Turns out the game allows you to pause while dying, but doesn't allow you to skip the level with A.
    Pretty simple, I know.
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    Sonic 3D only lets you skip the level if you have control over Sonic. This has the side effect that it won't work in Panic Puppet 3 while Sonic is still falling at the beginning - it'll only work once Sonic has landed.
  18. Hilarious Generations oversight, replace single long-dash with double-dash:—g#t=3s
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    That URL is malformed and not producing a valid YouTube video link; might wanna try and fix that.

    EDIT: I'm stupid, since I usually don't read "dash" to mean horizontal lines in text. <.<
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    Replace the " — " in the video url with 2 " - - " as K2J said. The forum autocorrects this.