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The Sonic the Hedgehog Thread of Obscure and Rare Music

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Slobo, Feb 1, 2023.

  1. Slobo


    For the last few days I've been looking through most of the Sega/Sonic music releases from the 90's, and managed to find some rare material I've never heard about in the internet. I don't think they're exactly "undocumented" or "discoveries", but discussion on them is certainly scarce, and it's an interesting topic nonetheless. In this thread you can share Sonic music you find particularly obscure/rare/overlooked.

    소닉 2 ~ MIDNIGHT DANCE (Casino Night):

    This track was released in 1993, as part of an album released by GameWorld, a Korean gaming magazine. Given that this album included an advert for the Sega CD, distributed by Samsung, I'd say this is an official release, but I'm not so sure. It's an arrangement of Casino Night by Sang-kyu Nam (남상규), and it's one of the best itterations of the song I've seen to this date.

    Sonic ~ You Can Do Anything - Remix From Little Planet:

    This one is a remix made by Masafumi Ogata, one of the original composers that worked on Sonic CD. It was originally released on the album Radio DC from 1999. Most of the tracks in this album are structured in such way as to emulate a fictional Dreamcast radio station, starring Katsuya Kobayachi as the DJ. One interesting note, this song also incorporates Tidal Tempest ~ Present into the mix! Quite an interesting fusion.

    After the Adventure by Jun Senoue:

    This next one is from the same album as the previous song, but you've probably heard it before, as it was included in later compilations such as The Works (Vol. 1) from Jun, and the Sonic Café 25th Selection released on Japan. It is a chill remix of Welcome to Station Square and It Doesn't Matter from Sonic Adventure and Dreams Dreams from NiGHTS... Into Dreams.

    I'm sure there's a lot more of rare gems out there, what are some of your favorite obscure Sonic songs?
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  2. Childish


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    hmm I don't know if you'd call them sonic songs as they were cut, but Sins of a Devine Mother comes to my mind. Two of their songs were going to be in Shadow, broken and all of me (not to be confused by I am all of me) , they weren't because various reasons. although Two of the members from Sins formed A2 (Mona Lisa Overdrive) and wrote Chosen one the neutral hero theme. Very little about the band is online though, the only thing I know of is an EP and some demos that were uploaded to sound cloud a few years ago, by the drummer's friend or something.

    It's not that obscure, but there's also Who I Am by magna-fi. It wasn't used because ??? I don't know, think it was the record label interfering so instead they wrote All Hail Shadow and Who I am was later released on the album versechoruskillme, which is an absolute banging album, love all the Magna-fi stuff tbh.
  3. charcoal


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    I've never heard anyone talk about this remix, but it's lovely. If you haven't, listen to it!

    The SATBK remix of Seven Rings in Hand is also great. It has a completely different vibe than the normal song, but I dig it.
  4. Londinium


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    If I remember correctly, that's a remix for a special release called 'Passion and Pride: Anthems with Attitude from the Sonic Adventure Era'.

    I always considered it superior to the original.
  5. shilz


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    Honestly Who I Am probably wouldn't be used (if it actually was intended for the game) because it's just too good of an actual song to pretty much not have the rights to.

    I don't think I have anything to contribute as "obscure" music because I think most of the stuff that comes to my mind as "obscure" probably wouldn't be lost to most here - The Arcade Sonic the Hedgehog album (Although all the instrumental stuff from that is probably lesser remembered and all that I love) even though it's not SEGA owned, Sonic Adventure Remix (Chris Vrenna / Mark Blasques made the best version of Open Your Heart), Virtual Sonic from Howard Drossin.

    I also probably wouldn't count anything that's been rereleased by SEGA onto new compilations that are streamtable on Youtube/Spotify ETC (like After the Adventure... didn't know that was that old!) as particularly obscure, but I'd maybe count anything that was in Sonic Gems Collection, which probably all came from similar places to After the Adventure, even though Sonic Goes UG Mix popped up before the Sonic Symphony of all places but still hasn't seen a rerelease.

    But then I remembered Sticks has a theme song that was apparently made specifically for her Rio 2016 olympics appearance and that's on the Sonic Cafe compilation album nobody talks about and now I don't know what I should actually consider obscure if the music in games of the last decade never get remembered.

    Bottom line is: SEGA has a bunch of music (Non-sonic included) they're sitting on that is prime material for a proper SEGA Music YouTube channel.
  6. Chimes


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  7. GT Koopa

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    You could tell someone that this song came from a long lost Saturn era Sonic game and they would believe you. Take a full listen and come back afterwards.

    The chorus is also a remix of Saturn's Green Grove Zone, so yes it belongs here.
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