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The Sonic the Hedgehog Continuity Thread of Love and Timelines

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by dredd, Jul 6, 2020.

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    What's your source for this? As far as we know, nobody has pitched a story for him in the IDW comics. Ian has said a few times that he doesn't like the character and is assuming him to be dead.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog comic books
    Yeah. People have always used Focke-Wulf because that's clearly what's being referenced- the WW2 era German airplane manufacturer Focke-Wulf; but a closer look does show that while the Japanese katakana for Focke-Wulf is フォッケウルフ, Hocke-Wulf's named ホッケウルフ. Very short of it is that it's a simple pun and might even have been a mistake. Doesn't matter
    You're missing a bit the pun here. Bear in Japanese is kuma, sure, but when they're using the english word bear, which as many English words they tend to use a lot for a coolness factor or whatever, they transliterate "bear" into ベア - "bea". Bearenger isn't meant to be read "bea-ren-ger", but "bear-renger"- it's a pun on Derringer, the gun, with the "derr" sound replaced with the similar "bear". It's also why the name uses a soft g sound, not hard- "beanja" as opposed to "beanga". When written it all seems nonsense, but it makes sense if you read it out loud.
    デリンジャー - derinjaa
    ベアンジャ - beanja
    Other than losing the indicator of the longer "a" at the end, it's literally just the word for Derringer with the "deri" replaced with "bea"

    Overall the names are english-language puns made in japanese and that's why they're kind of awkward- but the current localised names we have keep it the closest to intent, even if it means they don't quite match perfectly (if going purely by sound, Bearenger would probably be named Berrinja or so)
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  3. I don’t remember what Shadow knew at that point. He says something to Silver to the effect of, “Let me show you what happened 10 years ago,” right? Silver definitely knew nothing but I’m not sure what knowledge Shadow had. I played the game pretty recently too, so maybe it’s just unclear.
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    In the Japanese script it looks like Shadow also wanted to know what happened in the past, and called Silver to join him (not much different than the English version). But they had no way to know that rift in spacetime would lead them to the exact point in the past.

    Either the rifts are predetermined in relation to their destination (in Soleanna at least), or the characters can somehow choose which time they want to go after they enter the rift.
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    Considering they open one to travel to the present, it's most likely determined by them.
  6. _Sidle


    That how it's visibly done in-game, no? [+]
    Near the end, a single portal was made, Sonic jumped in and wanted to go back in time (to before the Egg Carrier launch), Silver + Blaze jump in after but wanted to go forward in time (to their ruined future).
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    getting my daily allowance of vitamin kk

    They're at least all points that Mephiles could have theoretically time traveled to and from.
    This is going a bit into headcanon territory, but Eggman manages to send Sonic, Tails and Knuckles into the future at the same time Shadow and Rouge are sent by Mephiles, Rouge gets back to the past potentially just after Silver arrives, Shadow and future Omega go back with Mephiles, Silver and Shadow manage to make it to the past (seemingly the only time Mephiles wouldn't have time traveled to, but who knows) and both pop out at the clock tower (which somehow manages to be multiple different points of time, so potentially even more off-screen time traveling by Mephiles to this area)

    The part that makes this theory kinda fucked up is that Silver and Sonic trigger a rift at just around the same time Mephiles would have traveled to kill Sonic, Sonic pops up just in time to rush over to the alternate entrance to Aquatic Base, and basically fulfills that goal himself. Silver meanwhile just pops out at Flame Core either after Mephiles traveled for Shadow or while Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Rouge left without Shadow.

    One thing that makes it kind of weird is that Shadow then has the immediate knowledge of both the fact that they can manipulate space-time using Chaos Control and 2 emeralds, and where the rifts could potentially go, but otherwise the characters only use it after the fact after Shadow shows them how.
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    Right, I forgot that scene. It really looks like they choose their destination.
    What we don't know is that if they can time travel like that in any situation, or only during 06 due to spacetime being probably a mess after the Solaris Project. I don't know if there's any indication of the latter, but it could be an explanation for why this have never happened again and likely never will.
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  9. I’m not one to speculate on stories and canon, but I imagine the emeralds have some kind of will/mind/feature that allows the user to sort of auto lock-on to the point they need to go. Like Shadow and Silver intend to go to a point 10 years ago that will reveal the truth, and the emeralds sort of run with that and provide a more accurate target.
  10. To Pengi. Listened to most of the Bumblekast from the 5th but was busy so only partially paying attention. He said Metal 3.0 was too tied to Eggman Nega, and for some reason I took that as meant that neither were usable like Post-Reboot Archie. Just seems that it's all about just finding a story purpose that would include them. Which like you said, probably wouldn't be Ian though it doesnt need to be. With all of the writing talent (and individual specials focusing on individual Chatacter moments outside the normal story) I'm hoping we do get to see them and Blaze's world more. We're going to see Witchcart, so who knows what will show up next.
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    35:15 - I understand that the whole other dimension vs. future thing in 06 and Rush is one of those things where you just gotta take a breath and say "everything is canon." BUT, it's something that's irked me for a while now so I'm curious. If Sega were to give you creative control to write an explanation for Blaze being in the future of 06, Silver reintroducing himself in Sonic Rivals yet still remembering the Iblis future according to mandates, everyone remembering Crisis City in Generations despite 06 being erased from history, and all that messy stuff, what would you explain it with? Your headcanons are much appreciated, thanks!

    - Here's the thing. Working on something else I actually did get a straight answer, and it was frustratingly simple. And, it's like, 'that works...okay...'. No, I can't get into it. That's all private work stuff, but maybe it'll come to light eventually. But there is an answer, and it works, and I kind of feel dumb for not thinking of it. But it's there. So I guess the real question I can tackle here is why does anyone remember Crisis City, and you could maybe say it's like an echo, a residual memory just from the nature of time collapsing around Solaris. I mean, the time travel was already pretty darn messy, so maybe it's kind of like a bad dream that they kind of remember as a sense of deja vu. That would be the easiest workaround I can think of.

    [I am intrigued and scared]

    41:50 - If mighty and ray and labeled as classic characters only, does that mean the chaotix's classic counterparts aren't allowed to appear? As we've only seen them in moden continuity for some time now.

    - I don't know how that's gonna work. For a time, Chaotix wasn't considered part of the canon, and in Heroes Modern Chaotix were the iteration of them. 'This was the Chaotix now'. And now Knuckles Chaotix is back in the mix, so... If Classic Chaotix come back I would guess that they would be retroactively modeled after their modern versions, which I'm not broken-hearted over the idea, because we didn't really have a ton of concrete going on with the Classic Chaotix. (...) That I can see happening abd being okay with. Or... they may just not appear again. They may just opt not to use those designs and it's just understood that there were Classic characters at some point and we're just focusing on Modern. I don't know.

  12. I’m not normally here for these… but I’m very annoyed I can’t know “the answer” that Ian knows lol.

    Edit: His explanation isn’t helping at all.
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    There is a perfectly sensible solution to the most infamous snarl in Sonic history? And it's actually frustratingly simple? And fans aren't allowed to hear it?

    Sega is either evil or the ultimate troll. Probably both.
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    Place your bets, folks :eng101:
    • "Sol Empire Blaze (likely pre-Rush) is sent to Silvers future somehow"
    • "Blaze originates from Silver's future, and the entire Sol Dimension doesn't exist until Silver seals Blaze + Iblis away creates it via god powers somehow"
    • "Two unrelated Blazes somehow exist in both dimensions that happen to be basically identical"
    • none of the above
    Are there any other common, relatively simple theories? I can only ever recall hearing of these three.
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  15. Sonic 06 was all a dream. Crisis City being recalled by Blaze in Gens could be because she overdosed on catnip and hallucinated it once. More likely than that is the possibility of her having unique awareness of the city thanks to her time-traveling hijinxes. Even more likely, and simpler, is that line wasn't supposed to make it in the game.
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    This looks like the most common theory of Blaze going to Silver's future somehow (Sol Emeralds probably). Doesn't look like this is the answer, since Ian made it seem like it's so simple that nobody thinks of it.

    Doesn't work. The royal family was guarding the Scepter of Something generations ago.

    Too complicated.

  17. Linkabel


    My guess is that Blaze found herself in Sonic's dimension, except this time it took her into the future. Finding Silver and seeing how much he's struggling she decides to stay and help, forming a bond with Silver.

    The end of 06 happens and since Solaris doesn’t exists then she never goes through this but they all retain their deja vu about this adventure. And she relearns forming bonds in Rush.
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    we're not supposed to know about any of this info because it's very likely to not actually appear in any official material
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    All that stuff ignores her knowing about Sonic in the game though.

    (sorry, I’ll respond to the questions about my translations later, I’m a bit preoccupied)
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    In times of retcons you can't expect them to keep Blaze knowing Sonic in 06 due to an unused line.