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The Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Megathread

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Scarred Sun, Apr 7, 2010.

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  1. Cooljerk


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    I think there just isn't much left to be said. We all know what the game looks like from start to finish (well most of us do anyways), we all know how we feel about th game (I.e. jim hates it, I love it, etc), we all know the physics and the graphics and what not.

    I think we're just out of stuff to talk about until we can play it ourselves. Anything else seems to degrade into "YOUR OPINION IS SHIT," "NO, YOUR OPINION IS SHIT!" sort of flame wars.

    Of course, if someone can say something thought provoking, I'd love to converse about it. I'm just personally out of ideas.
  2. Blue Blood

    Blue Blood

  3. glem3


    Wow! There's a whole level map on there! Did they create that just for the site? Some new screenshots too, which just remind me this game looks much better when not looking at it through a camera. Can someone rip that massive background?

    Edit: It's also worth noting this calls sonic 4 the second chapter in the original series... perhaps hinting at sonic 5 and maybe even a 6?
  4. TheKazeblade


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    Actually, the badnik designs were the only aspect of the new game's aesthetic that I enjoyed from the get-go. I really didn't like any of it initially, but it's grown on me. The only thing about the graphics I dislike now is that Sonic feels a bit lop-sided with how long his spines are. It feels like he should be falling backwards.
  5. McAleeCh


    Huh, interesting. On the Japanese website, the rocks in the far background of Splash Hill are brown rather than the grey they've been in all screenshots and the leaked videos. This only occurs in the site background, though; all the screenshots from the game on-site still show it with the grey rocks. Is this something that's been changed in a later revision, I wonder? Or perhaps this is an earlier revision of the background?
  6. glem3


    I doubt it... didn't the original Japanese website have the white rocks in the background? O.O

    Maybe it's some concept art or something. Maybe it's a mock up or just for show. Still, this is exciting... I hope we get a new video soon though, officially.

    What's kind of weird is I remember reading a complaint a while ago of someone arguing that the rocks should be brown to match the level :/
  7. Chimpo


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    The fucking web designer is a better level designer.
  8. Blue Blood

    Blue Blood

    About the brown rocks, it looks like they were cropped from images on SHZ3. They look better brown though.
  9. PC2


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    Various Artwork & Music, :smug:
    I think after the way the last thread went, we're all trying to be a little more careful about what we say and whether it's really worth saying at all to prevent veering off-topic and ending up with a cesspool of nonsense, especially when there's no major updates.
    Wow, it's about time. Interesting design this time, too.

    I wonder if it's too early to discuss possible features in Episode 2 in this thread? We already know Tails will probably be in it + - as well as Metal Sonic   , but what about say, the stages? So far we still have yet to see an ice stage, a city/speedway stage (which will likely be the most awesome speedway ever), a desert, a clifftop (Hilltop/Sky Canyon), or any sort of lava stage. I'm also guessing they're saving the huge epic space stage (like DEZ in S3K) for Episode 3. I think it was briefly discussed in the previous thread, but I'd love to see some of the beta stages remade. In a hack with the same re-used graphics they aren't much to look at, but redefined in pre-rendered HD graphics would be baller.

    There are also some badniks I would still like to see return, mainly from Sonic 3. And some form of Yadrin, either the original or Turbo Spiker. I can't help but wonder if they'll be referencing the more obscure classic Sonic games such as Sonic CD somewhere, too.


    I can't wait to get screwed over by this guy again. :v:
  10. ICEknight


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    Sounds like the same way you get used to a stinky smell with time.
  11. LOst


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  12. Spanner


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    That site looks better than what we have. Looks like the folks at Sega of Japan don't care about silly weekly badnik reveals.
    In any case, could someone translate the content to English? I don't trust Google Translate. =P
  13. Guess Who

    Guess Who

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    Speaking of which, anyone notice there's no speed boosters on that page? ;)
  14. Vinchenz


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    I'm saying that there's definitely going to be a highway/speedway styled level.

    + - Seeing the return of Metal Sonic... the only battle that can do justice is another epic race across the speedway. I'm also guessing that the E.G.G. Station is Eggman's new ultimate weapon, so a Launch Base styled Zone wouldn't surprise me, especially as the final zone, or second final zone. Actually, the final zone taking place in E.G.G. Station like in Episode 1 except crashed and half-way in the water wouldn't surprise me, and would be pretty awesome. And then a final encounter with the E.G.G. Station Zone in Episode 3, S&K Death Egg styled.  

    I think that would be pretty awesome. :3
  15. MykonosFan


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    Oh my God, the Japanese site is deliciously awesome.

    So much for us having the superior site now. :psyduck:
  16. Tobibrocki


    Nice, someone should put the Graphics and perhaps layout of the "level" in, say Multimedia Fusion or whatever and make it playable! We have Sonic's Running Sprites in gif format and a waiting pose aswell! ^^

    Just an Idea, I sadly lack the Know-How to rip images and use these kinds of programs (plus I cannot program), otherwise I would've done it! :/
  17. Looking at that damn level makes me want to PLAY it =<
  18. Solaris Paradox

    Solaris Paradox

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    I'm working on working up the willpower to work on learning how to make my own Sonic fangames. Not quite there yet.
    Well, we have the ripped .gif from the webpage, but Sonic's actual in-game running animation is thankfully not as bad. (The whirlyblur isn't nearly as disproportionately huge.)
  19. Blue Emerald

    Blue Emerald

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    Must... join... speculation. But seriously, with so many zone tropes to consider for future episodes, and all the Badniks they have left to use, just thinking about it is causing the cogs in my mind to turn to the point of overclocking!

    So anyway, I guess Episode II could be pretty similar to Sonic 2. I can just imagine the kinds of zones that could be in the second installment. No one minds if I share, right?:
    (I faded it out so it didn't stand out, just in case no one wants to get too overhyped for Episode II, even if it's just speculation; I'm just being courteous ;) )

    -Nitro Plant Zone (think of the gimmicks from Chemical Plant plus the gimmicks from Star Light with the hand machine from Hydrocity, though it might not have water; Spiny, Grabber, Sparkle and Buggernaut could return)
    -Marble Dungeon Zone (Marble Zone+Oil Ocean (imagine oil and lava in the same zone, with a few of the spiked crushers from both zones, and maybe those OOZ fans); Caterkiller, Batbrain, Sol, Rexon)
    -Quartz Cave Zone (Quartz Quadrant+Mystic Cave+Aquatic Ruin (falling crystals, conveyor belts, vine pull-switches, and underwater segments; Flasher, Grounder, Snail Blaster, Chop Chop)
    -Air Mountain Zone (Sky High+Sky Chase+Wing Fortress (hang-gliding in Act 1, Act 2 would be Sky Chase, and Act 3 is like a base within the mountain; Turtloid doubles as Clucker for the first and third act); Balkiry, Turtloid, Bomb, Ribot)
    -Lunar Satellite Zone (the final battle of Episode II)

    That'd be a pretty good lineup, if you ask me :thumbsup: ; it'd also be the first time an "installment" didn't have a green zone (though I guess Quartz Cave would be somewhat green). Still mulling Episode III around in my head, but I think I'll leave it for later.
  20. Solaris Paradox

    Solaris Paradox

    On my butt in front of the computer. Where else?
    I'm working on working up the willpower to work on learning how to make my own Sonic fangames. Not quite there yet.
    Actually, since Episode I took level tropes from both Sonic 1 and Sonic 2 in fairly equal measure, I'm inclined to think that Episode 2 will take tropes from Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles. I could be wrong, though.

    I'm betting we see an ice level in Episode II and a desert level in Episode III, or vice-versa. Doubt we'll see those two in the same episode, but I bet we'll see them both at some point.

    I'm hoping for a return of the Flying Battery trope rather than the Wing Fortress trope, by the way.
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