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The Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Megathread

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Scarred Sun, Apr 7, 2010.

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  1. glem3


    I like how when a new video comes out, suddenly what we've seen must be everything that will be in the final version.

    Considering all the changes we've seen:

    1. New running animation
    2. Faster acceleration
    3. Title card and title screen animations
    4. New LLZ act 2
    5. Updated music
    6. New music track
    7. World map mode
    8. Genesis level-level mode
    9. Probably CSZ act 2
    10. Difficulty altered
    11. LLZ act 3 wall slowed down
    12. Some graphics changed

    C'mon. That's a LOT of stuff. And there's probably even more than that. You think they're going to stop the updates after 1.5? There will be more, and there's already a crapton. Maybe they're fixing all the wrong shit but they're definitely fixing shit. The month doesn't come out for another 2 months, it's scheduled for November, right?
  2. I like the animation of the Title Screen, I don't mind if its intentionally choppy, I love the throwback to sonic 1. I like how he opens his eyes wide in that animation, and going down the water slide also. I wonder if he kills himself like in sonic cd
  3. Blue Blood

    Blue Blood

    Well it's just that, I don't expect we'll be seeing an awful lot more on the important side of things. After Iizuka's comments on the speed boosters and Ruby saying that we shouldn't expect any major changes to the physics there's not a lot else that can be done. The fixes they've made do make a difference, and nice ones, but they're all of the more minor sort. I'd take a Sonic game with good physics and two crappy acts over one with terrible physics any day.

    There's also no scheduled/announced release date yet.

    EDIT @ Diablo below: In the latest blog update.
  4. Diablohead


    Indie dev Oldbie
    Near London
    World map and "genesis level to level" modes? where was that stuff shown or talked about?

    I think half of the stuff they have changed or improved is great but it's not what makes the game bad, animated title screen is welcome as it's much more like the classic games now, animated title card I honestly can't care much about, new levels to replace gimmick acts is very welcome, sonic's new run animation seems to be smeared with fake blur and that blue trail sonic leaves when he rolls, that's just messy now, physics? we still need to see more and even play it.

    We know they are doing fuck all for level design, boosters, homing attacks, air dashes... all the stuff which makes sonic 4 terrible and the main reason people were bitching about this game in the first place.

    Game is doomed for us retro fans in terms of being anything like the classic original games which made sonic superior in the 90's, leave this one to the new sonic fans who like nothing but speed.
  5. TheKazeblade


    "Our Life is More than a Side-Effect" Member
    Of all of the things that could have been improved about the game via going back to the classics, the title screen was most definitely not one of them. It didn't look good to me. I like that they fixed the wheel 'o feet, and also something that I don't think anyone mentioned but something I'm glad they fixed was that it doesn't look like the twisting bridges (I don't know their proper name) slow Sonic down while he's on them anymore. Other than that, just about as many fixes as I would have expected from Dimps. Stupid uncurling.

    Being the sadistic person I am, I'm still listening to the singing. It burns so badly. What am I doing?
  6. MykonosFan


    MODE CHANGE. Moderator
    I kinda liked to imagine something along the lines of the following happening at Dimps (no disrepect intended, I just like imagining busy busy people getting distracted by trivial matters) EDIT: Actually I should make sure I clarify. Not calling the actual oil spill trivial, referring to the cup of coffee being spilled trivial.

    On topic, I like the new title screen. Sure the "eh" looking hand movement is there, but I'm glad he moves in Sonic 1 style rather than just being there. I honestly didn't notice the wheel feet animation appearing more often, but maybe I was distracted by the trippy lights and the singer. Not sure if I'm going to re-watch that just to see it.
  7. Spanner


    The Tool Member
    I'm sure the level progression was talked about as going from an act straight to the level select screen is retarded.
  8. Blue Blood

    Blue Blood

    Ruby playing what appears to be the final build:

    Still too many speed boosters and the dancing sunflowers are cute.
  9. Sparks


    Sondro Gomez / Kyle & Lucy
    The commentary in the background, especially by the girl, made me cringe so hard.
  10. Dark Sonic

    Dark Sonic

    Working on my art!
    I'll admit. It looks so much better in game now that Sonic goes into wheel-o-feet faster. I'm really glad they made that improvement. It may not be major but it looks so much more right than before
  11. ParaRemix


    Wow, talk about easily amused people. Or they've never seen a Sonic game.

    Anyway, I think the level looks really fun, to be honest. The first half didn't even have that many speed boosters. The latter part did, but the fact that they were kind of in sequence made it work in a way. I honestly expected more of them.
  12. TheKazeblade


    "Our Life is More than a Side-Effect" Member

    Do you know what it reminded me of?

    On a smaller scale, of course. Some people are so easily impressed... or SEGA PR people.

    And honestly, I'm not being pessimistic about the game. While lazy, it will still be fun. But they did overdo the joy in that video.
  13. Dusk Golem

    Dusk Golem

    Where Fear and Cryptic Puzzles lie... Member
    ...Wait in the video by Debug do they mean something only in the developers edition or something like the actual debug in Sonic 1-3 & Knuckles?
  14. MykonosFan


    MODE CHANGE. Moderator

    Now that I can actually see how much more often the wheel feet comes up, I can appreciate it. Very glad that was changed.

    And yeah, the dancing sunflowers are kinda cute, though hard to see with the shaky camera. Oh well, my excitement meter has been peaked by him destroying Badniks.
  15. DigitalDuck


    Arriving four years late. Member
    Lincs, UK
    TurBoa, S1RL
    Pretty sure it was a joke. "He's got to beat 1'13.98"! He's putting in the debug cheat!"
  16. Dude


    Tech Member
    Southbridge, MA
    Random VR/AR trash
    I wish there was a mirror of that video, it's getting raped pretty hard by requests atm.
  17. Shade


    I'm sorry, what's this about updated music and new tracks? When did this happen? Elaborate.
  18. PsychoSk8r


    PsychedelAnt | Tone Turner Oldbie
    Birmingham, UK
    30 Day Project: Revisited.A New Release!
    Just watched that video. Sega seem to be doing a good job. I'm happy with what they're doing here, regardless of how much I love the classics.
    Time for me to go back to avoiding this thread like the plague.
  19. Effexor


    JUSTICE Member
    Someone (I think it was Ruby) said a while ago that the music would be slightly updated, while one song is completely new (most likely Casino Street 2). I can't quite remember when he said it, though, but I want to say about two weeks ago.
  20. 0r4ng3


    Oh PR people and their stunts. Tthe overall play is pleasent, though I'm irked that Sonic ran into walls twice while on air. One of them was him failing to get it, so it problably isn't so bad. I'm also surprised the chick knew the badnik's name was a Newtron.
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