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The Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Megathread

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Scarred Sun, Apr 7, 2010.

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  1. Precisely. Just look at the figures for iSonic 1 and iSonic 2. Those games sold like no other. I think a few of my friends at school bought those games.
    The emulation on S2 is actually pretty good.
    SEGA definately made a smart move with the iRelease.
    The iPad will only serve to boost those figures.
  2. Glaber


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    I just hope those exclusive levels are replacements.
  3. Bluetension


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    I agree it is a good move, financially on their part. I do think that the iPhone isn't the greatest console for them to have a release for this game on in terms of reaching the broadest Sonic gamer demographics.
  4. ICEknight


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    This last page is a big iPhone advertisement.
  5. Rolken


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    Welllllll yeah but that's kinda like how PS2 games are compatible with the PS3. I'd be disappointed if they didn't have an iPad native res version on the app store. It wouldn't look very good blown up from iPhone resolution.

    edit: actually I guess PS2 games aren't compatible with PS3 anymore, lol. Bad analogy.
  6. Overlord


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    I agree. Stop fawning over Jobs and get back to the topic =P
  7. Frozen Nitrogen

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    Well then maybe if y'all didn't pirate so much, leaving a PC release out wouldn't be necessary. You'll no doubt get your PC release; just many, MANY months after console owners.

    PC gamers only have themselves and their thieving gypsy criminal tendencies to blame.
  8. Namagem


    Because ALL PC Gamers Pirate ALL Their games, AMIRITE?
  9. There are people with over 100 games bought from steam on their hard drive.
  10. The only games I pirate are these.

    That's me! Well, not 100...
  11. Spanner


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    Why must we centre the whole Sonic 4 on a PC as "piracy waiting to happen"? Yes, it would happen but so does every other PC game that gets released. If it has DRM, it gets cracked in a matter of days. The Wii is easy to hack too. I can't comment on anything Apple related, I guess jailbreaking can help with the pirating of apps side.

    I'm just annoyed over this. Yes, petitions get nowhere but it's good to see that people support this idea. The two biggest concerns from the fanbase after the announcement of the delay was the lack of Classic Sonic and the lack of a PC version. These are two good issues. The petition now has 400 signatures. It may get nowhere but it's certainly something.
  12. Guess Who

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    We center discussion on that because it's the single biggest reason developers aren't releasing games for the PC like they used to. Sumo Digital said as much about All-Stars Racing. Epic, one of the biggest PC developers back in the Unreal days, admitted that piracy is why they've switched to developing primarily for consoles. PC piracy is why Ubisoft is resorting to such bullshit DRM measures to justify further PC development. You can say "oh, well, you can pirate easily on the Wii too", but Wii piracy requires a lot more effort (homebrew installing, IOS fiddling (probably the biggest annoyance), blocking system updates) than PC (download and run, generally).
  13. Frozen Nitrogen

    Frozen Nitrogen

    Wouldn't the door have been easier? Wiki Sysop

    Which goes to show that collective punishment isn't just for National Socialists! The Man dabbles in it too.
  14. Solaris Paradox

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    I'm working on working up the willpower to work on learning how to make my own Sonic fangames. Not quite there yet.
    If the potential for profit isn't marginally higher than the potential for wasted resources, then there's really no point in them making the game for the PC. Moreover, doing so could hinder console sales, since people who would otherwise have paid for a console download might instead pirate a PC download.

    The risk doesn't weigh in with the reward, so if it ever happens, it'll probably be as an afterthought at some later point in time when profits have already been made and the PC isn't as much of a liability when all factors weigh in.
  15. ccat


    I don't know what is the whole fuss about Sonic's more recent design being in S4. If you look closely at the evolution of 1/CD to 2, then to 3&K then the next step may as well be what we see now. Green eyes? I bet they would include such things in even earlier games, if it weren't for (hurr durr obviousness) MD's limited palettes. And the lack of spinning legs on run? Well, you don't want to know how retarded would that look in 3D, believe me.
    What I'm more pissed off about is that there's no Tails or Knuckles in, besides an obvious fact that throwing in Tails as the usual sidekick would be much easier to handle with a better AI than the MD games. After having all three characters, cooperative mode and different level routes for everyone in S3K, this feels like a serious step backwards. And compared to the other games, the number of zones is just funny, until the next episode comes out that is.
    I really believe the devs made one bad mistake - they should have forgotten all that's been since 95 up to now, and let this game be a sequel to S3K, not to what the hell they're making money with nowadays.

    edit: Pirates will pirate anyway. I bet that it won't be long until Dolphin supports the Wii version, so in my opinion it would be much better to provide a native version for the PC so people without a console won't be actually forced to pirate it, and will buy by a chance.
  16. Look. The PC version is not happening. This has been established.
    SA:DX PC didn't sell at all well, and got them almost no profit. The profit lies on consoles and on the AppStore, so thats where they will put their product.
    Sure a lot of people want the PC version, but those people are mostly in the retro community. A lot of those people may hate this game for having "bad" physics, and would reason "Why should I have to pay for that garbage" and would pirate it (not saying that it is garbage, but some people think it is).

    In any case, its SEGA's decision. Platformers don't appear to sell well on PC. All that seems to sell well on PC are those Billion-a-penny First Person Shooters.

    So lets just move on...
  17. Phos


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    This game's development is starting to remind me of what happens to fangames that use the name "Sonic 4". They start off with nothing in particular in mind beyond "Sonic Game", don't have the chops to deserve the name, is criticized for using it, and missing deadlines. I hope the next common stage, "dieing quietly and promptly being forgotten", happens here soon.
  18. Well.
    That is quite the pessimitic outlook. You want the game to slowly die.
    Good job!

    This game will be finished and out for sale. Why would SEGA let such a HUGE game die?
    Sure, in its present state it may seem "unworthy of Sonic 4 title", but isn't that why they are delaying it? So they can make it worthy.
    Saying that they should give up is just an abysmal way to look at things.
    Expecting the game to be "not very good", is one facet of pessimism, but the outright desire for the game to fail is just beyond me.
  19. Not that I don't love being told what makes money and what doesn't, but where are your sources for all these sweeping claims? Ever heard of Trine? A very popular Steam seller, that's a PLATFORMER. No bet you didn't. Steam sells a lot more than FPS games, people just have this view of Steam as "Valve's playground" and that is really not true. :colbert:
  20. Ahh yes Steam.
    You're right about that. Still. Nowadays its still dominated by "hardcore" gamers (who irritate me greatly). Having said that, I'm sure platformers sell, its just, from what I've heard, Sonic Heroes: PC and SADX PC didn't sell very well, so I'm guessing SEGA pulled out of that market.
    I'm not entirely sure of this.
    Anyways, I think we should move away from there, we all know SEGA won't make a PC version.

    If they do, then it'd be a bonus. All I want is an exceptionally good Sonic game after all these years.
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