The Sonic Rumor Containment Thread

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by MykonosFan, May 22, 2021.

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  1. Sid Starkiller

    Sid Starkiller

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    I cannot in a million years imagine Sega paying for such a peripheral.


    I'm just going to go back to playing my decomps of S1&2, AIR, and Steam CD+Mania. All with mod support.

    All of these which use assets I've legally paid for more than once EACH, including to run each of those games on PC specifically.

    Wake me up when Chaotix, SegaSonic, and 3D Blast Saturn (WITH the Special stages, as the 90s PC port was otherwise near identical) FINALLY get their official ports. Or R PC gets ported to modern hardware. Maybe Advanced 1-3, Rush 1-2+Colors, Heroes, the GG games, and Unleashed might also be worth mentioning, but they're not that essential to me at this point. Until then? This is all nothing too crucial to care about.
  3. tylerfoxorwhatever


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    They'd probably produce it using happy meal plastic or some shit :V
  4. Wildcat


    Novelty game accessories aren’t really made nowadays right? I know there’s arcade cabinets and pads but I mean console stuff.

    Being the 30th anniversary I could see Sega releasing a trackball controller IF it was used for more than 1 game. A touch pad should be able to simulate it. Not sure for a docked-tv-Switch...maybe a motion control option similar to Secret Rings?
  5. A trackball could be handy with Super Monkey Ball. I'm sure there's a handful of games already out there that could utilise it for alternate control schemes. I'd love to have one, even if I don't see Sega producing it themselves. I don't think it is at all necessary to require such an accesory for SegaSonic to be included though. Obviously it would be preferable, but the game is fine enough with just a joystick. As mentioned earlier, the Switch's gyroscope could potentially work too.
  6. synchronizer


    If the Sonic Adventures are re-released, they'll need to just make a good emulator with order-independent transparency at this point -- or just make SA1/SA2 remakes.

    Assuming the rumors are true, sad to hear that Carnival Night, Ice Cap, and Launch Base music are likely to be replaced with their beta counterparts. Especially for Launch Base, the beta track is really lackluster.
  7. Blue Spikeball

    Blue Spikeball

    Funny, it's the exact opposite for me. I like the beta tracks better except for IceCap, and beta Launch Base is probably the best one among them, with the final version being the most lackluster. Although admittedly beta Launch Base sounds less polished than the S&KC version.
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  8. Very interesting, as Launch Base is my favourite of the bunch, and subsequently the only one that I heard as an improvement even though I also think MJ's Launch Base is a bop. Those other two still ain't bad though. You forgot to mention the Credits sequence and Knuckles' theme. Ugh, that little bit is what I actually miss the most out of the proto. Proto Knux' theme is just awful...
  9. synchronizer


    beta Launch Base sounds like music you’d play during an ad in that last single repetitive note part, and it doesn’t really loop with a proper key change. I don’t know. It sounds super wonky and cheesy to me. I like the build-up part at the beginning though.
  10. Shaddy the guy

    Shaddy the guy

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    So basically I have no idea what is true and what isn't so I'll just say what I want.

    If it's a 2D collection, we do the five genesis platformers (even if Chaotix sucks) and maybe the master system games. Give them all widescreen and I'd be happy. I don't care which Sonic 3 songs get used.

    If we get into pipe dream territory, the Advance and Rush games, maybe Rivals, Colors DS, Gens 3D and both halves of Sonic 4 if we want to complete the whole set (obviously I don't expect this). It'd be nice to buy a 2D Sonic collection and actually get every 2D Sonic game.

    Now, for a 3D collection, Adventure 1 and 2 are obvious, but Heroes and Shadow would probably come with them. All bets are off after that, though. 06, Secret Rings, Black Knight...they're not exactly want for a rerelease (neither is Shadow, but if you can do Heroes you might as well), and in the latter two's case might take some finagling for controls.

    Pipe dream wish for this is that something gets done to make Heroes and Shadow more controllable and less fucking monotonous. Just letting you play the final story after Team Sonic would suffice for Heroes, but you could probably do some messing with Shadow to make most stages into singular zones with multiple acts, so it's just one playthrough kind of like the expert mode with the other objectives available as optional missions. I don't know how you'd do the cutscenes, though.

    If they really wanted to surprise us, they could do Unleashed, Colors, Generations and Lost World, but since this is the same source we're getting "Sonic Colors remaster" from, that wouldn't really make much sense. I just can't see anything including 06, Secret Rings, and Black Knight unless they were part of a bigger multi-part collection like Kingdom Hearts and Megaman got.

    Pipe dream wish for this is for the Unwiished, Colors DS, Gens 3D and Lost World 3D levels to be remade in the main versions. Obviously that's a huge unlikely thing that would take a lot of resources, but I'm saying what I want, not what's likely. It'd be great to see these games have a lot of content all in a single version, is all. Might make them feel more like full adventures in and of themselves.
  11. Laura


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    Times are different now though. When Mega Collection came out, there weren't many ways to play the classic Sonic games. You could emulate them on a PC, but it was the only easy way to play them officially on new hardware.

    Now you can play them on mobile, on Steam, on Switch. Kids nowadays are probably more tech savvy than me lol so will be able to access the games officially on these devices now. So it's not the same big convenience as Mega Collection.

    I'm looking forward to the new Sonic Collection because I'm kind of a sucker for them lol. But they can't afford to be complacent this time around. A simple rom collection won't cut it.
  12. Gestalt


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    A collection would be great, I approve. Two that I've enjoyed are the Mega Man Legacy Collection and the Castlevania Anniversary Collection. But let me tell you, none of them went too overboard. They usually feature soundtracks, concept arts, PR stuff and one bonus goodie (remix challenges, Kid Dracula) and that's it.

    A proper Sonic collection should definitely include Sonic R, Sonic Shuffle and Knuckles' Chaotix. My inner 9-year-old demands it. Maybe add Sonic Pocket Adventure as well for good measure.

    Everything else will be coming to Epic Games Store and Virtual Console. Wait...
  13. Starduster


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    Alright we’re getting a Sonic N port instead then.
  14. Sai Start Marker

    Sai Start Marker

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    As a jaded, bitter old man, I am actually excited about this collection. As much as I love the fan decomps of 1 & 2 and the Steam version of CD, there are glaring issues with them. Namely a lack of a nice UI for the former and various issues arising from the version of 2011 CD being a port from Xbox 360. And I'm not a fan of Sonic 3 AIR at all (for reasons I won't go into here, as it's not the Sonic 3 AIR topic).

    Taking Zippo at his word (stay with me), let's say that a hypothetical collection comes with these:

    - Sonic the Hedgehog (2013 Retro Engine version)
    - Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (2013 Retro Engine version)
    - Sonic the Hedgehog CD (2011 Retro Engine version)
    - Sonic the Hedgehog 3 / Sonic & Knuckles (Potential 2021 Retro Engine version?)

    I think that'd be enough for me to buy the collection. Yes, more would be nice, but having commercially available "ultimate" versions of these games on PC and Switch would have me double dipping. A nice price point would be $40, and I want to show SEGA support if these are put on proper platforms (after almost a decade of being trapped on mobile).

    As for Sonic 3's music... I'm honestly a big fan of the Jackson Team tracks. Particularly Launch Base Zone and the Mini Boss music, but the 2019 discovery of the Sonic the Hedgehog 3 prototype was a bit of an eye-opener. I'd make a strong argument that even if I enjoy some of the Jackson Team tracks more, the prototype tracks are more tonally fitting with the rest of the soundtrack. And that the whole soundtrack is more consistent with them there. I thought I'd be more broken up about the idea of this music being AWOL, but this and the fact that the PC version should be easily modable has set my mind at rest.

    In terms of extras, I'm not expecting much. If it's a choice of quantity (all pre-SA games in full represented, along side the "important" ones) and quality (a vast selection of art, design docs, interviews, music demos etc), I'd pick the latter every time. Of course, both would be preferable. But SEGA is... well, SEGA.
  15. RikohZX


    A collection would need to really hit it out of the park. Sure we haven't had a proper one for the better part of a decade that isn't just porting the classics collection with only 1&2 in there yet again, and some fans would probably buy that sort of thing yet again, but if there's nothing standout about yet another Sonic collection then there's really no value to it besides "it's on modern hardware!" when Sega Ages exists on Switch and the aforementioned Classics is everywhere.

    You want to amaze me, pull a Mega Man Legacy Collection, throw everything together with a ton of artwork, commercials, music player, and so forth. Maybe if 3D games get in there somehow or another, some modern optimizations for loading and resolution (or like the Zero collection's case, full on native ports). And tackle in way, way more than the same 4-5 games we've played constantly for thirty years because almost every system has them in one way or another. Heck, you want to bring in the Game Gear games, maybe have Master System alternatives too since Sonic 2 MS is in my opinion the better game to Sonic 2 GG.

    It's sad that that sort of consideration has to be a pipe dream because of Sega's habits nowadays, when it should be kind of a standard. Heck, Sega set that standard themselves way back when, now they're usually content with a digital print of the manual.
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  16. Josh


    That's an interesting point... the MS versions of the 8-bit games have, to the best of my knowledge, only ever been made available on the Wii Virtual Console. Every other compilation or service (like SADX, Gems/Mega Collection +, and 3DS VC) only got the Game Gear versions. So yeah, that'd be prime content for a new collection.
  17. Sparks


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    If it's not the Retro Engine versions compiled together, then I'll have zero interest in this compilation.
  18. Uhh...I haven't seen this question asked anywhere so I'll do it.

    If Roger isn't voicing sonic anymore, does that mean that the new game will have a different actor, or was the game already far enough in development that his contribution was included?

    If not him, then has anyone heard anything about another VA for sonic in the new game?

    Also, wasn't there a tweet based rumor awhile back that Mr. Lopes was composing for another Sonic project?

    If the Sonic 3k rumor from Zippo is real, perhaps Lopes is redoing the music for it. Not sure if this has been mentioned, it occurred to me just now.

    I don't really believe Zippo's rumors, especially with the comments about SEGA being tired of being dependent on classic Sonic (mainly because that makes no sense and sounds like an adventure fan venting) but I won't say it's impossible or even improbable.
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  19. Yeah, it would be nice to get an announcement on who the new VA is gunna be. Though, since the contents of this collection is still all speculative, I honestly see no reason to believe there will be any voice acting in it. Then with the Sonic Colours Ultimate or whatever it was allegedly titled, I'd imagine they wouldn't spend the effort re-recording anything.
  20. Shaddy the guy

    Shaddy the guy

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    I have to imagine that whatever they're cooking up, English voice acting comes pretty late in the project. Depending on how it's been developed, it's possible that they won't even need to work on it until after the new guy shows up. We don't know what Sonic Prime is looking like, either.
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