The Sonic Rumor Containment Thread

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by MykonosFan, May 22, 2021.

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  1. Dek Rollins

    Dek Rollins

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    It's nice to see we'll be getting a new collection, but I'll need better than zippo's "trust me bro" to believe they're giving us Sonic 3.

    I hope Sonic Adventure is included with the Dreamcast graphics. SA1 has been consistently available, but every port and rerelease has been the DX version with shitty "enhanced" visuals. The average person shouldn't have to mod the game just to get proper graphics, if they even know about the mods in the first place.

    Outside of that, it would be nice if more obscure titles got some love.
  2. Wildcat


    So now we’re just assuming the Freedom Fighters are NOT coming back? :colbert:

    Anyway I don’t care if the 3&K music is changed. I’m not interested in more Genesis ports. Like mentioned already they’ve been rereleased enough. Does the music bother people that much? The original music is widely available. I think playing it with new music is actually kinda neat.

    I’ve said several times I want a Gems Collection 2 or whatever they wanna call it with the more obscure games listed already. I would love if they included Sonic 4. I’ve never played.

    A Portable Collection would be cool. Like others said the Advances and Rushes but also Chronicles, both Rivals and Sonic Battle. A 3D collection depends on the updates.
  3. Sui Eel

    Sui Eel

    captan Member
    Here's hoping for a proper port of Chaotix.

    Wouldn't mind other oddball games like Sonic Pocket Adventure to pop up in a collection too.
  4. TheOcelot


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    I really hope Zippo is right about the mobile remasters of 1&2 being included (if the Collection is real). It's about time SEGA released these versions on consoles. If they do indeed release them on consoles then it'll feel like damage control by SEGA because of the PC decompiled versions. SEGA are probably thinking they better try and make as much money off-of the remasters now whilst they still can.

    As for 3K it deserves a full remaster. If including the beta music is the only way (at the moment) to guarantee a new release then I'm fine with this. The MJ tracks are good (although some of the beta tracks are better IMO) but it's been 10 years since the last official release and I'm tired of waiting for a new release.

    I like to think SEGA will put some real effort into this collection so that it surpasses the Sonic Mega Collection/Gems Collection. They should definitely include Chaotix, 3D Blast (Saturn), Sonic R, Fighters and of course the Sonic CD Taxman remaster ans Mania. Hopefully they'll also include some 3D games as well, although perhaps they'll stick to doing separate releases for the 3D games, like with Colours Ultimate.

    Fingers crossed SEGA will make an announcement (of the Sonic collection and Colours remaster) in June.
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  5. Laura


    Brightened Eyes Member
    If the Genesis games are in I think it's most likely to be handled by M2.

    But honestly I'm not that excited by a collection if they don't add a lot of cool stuff. I can already play every good Sonic game on Steam and you don't need state of the art computers to do that.

    So hoping they add cool stuff in some way.
  6. Shade Vortex

    Shade Vortex

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    Even if this collection is real, I'm going to expect the bare minimum. Like as in "games we've gotten in other collections, exactly the same as they were in previous ones". I have no reason to expect significant changes or improvements, nor bottom-of-the-barrel (because let's face it no matter how good they are: are any of the remaining unavailable-in-a-collection-or-on-Steam Sonic games worth getting a whole collection for, by themselves?) ports of Sonic games we've never seen in collections before.

    Maybe Sonic Team and SEGA have made me overly cynical and uncaring... but I don't wanna play the same good games I've already played before and can still play in easily achievable ways whenever I want, I want the new games to be good and exciting again. Wake me up when THAT happens and then I'll be a happier camper to converse with.
  7. Starduster


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    I think the thing this collection ought to have more than anything to make it an appealing package is the Nintendo handheld games, or at least the ones from the GBA. The Advance games are all at least solid titles, they’d have some nostalgia pull for the casual crowd and they’ve never had a subsequent rerelease as far as I know. Also I’d absolutely love to see Battle get online match making, but that’s very pie in the sky.

    The DS games may cause some logistical issues but if the developers are willing to put the necessary work in, certainly Rush and Rush Adventure can function on a single screen (I’m not too familiar with Colours DS so I won’t comment on that one). The latter would probably need more changes to accommodate the greater focus on the touchscreen, but I don’t recall a time during those games where the player needed to use both screens in tandem.
  8. Blue Blood

    Blue Blood

    Sounds cool. Need to see what's on the collection and the quality of the ports/emulations therein before I can comment on much. S3K is something of a Holy Grail at this point, and having grown up on the S3KC, the PC (/beta) soundtrack has always been my personal preference. I'd be cool with those tracks being reinstated, but I understand and appreciate why it's a big problem for a lot of people. But from what we've heard in the past, dont the S3K legal disputes stretch further than just the Jackson estate? Other artists, namely Sirrocco, have also been engaged in the matter, correct?

    The mobile ports of S1, 2 and CD would be nice also. There's no excuse for those games not to be readily available in consoles these days. Other games? Guess we'll just have to wait and see. SA1 and SA2 (but especially SA1) with Dreamcast visuals would be great. Rush duology, Advance trilogy, NGPA, Riders and other spinoffs... Lots of things that I'd like to see.

    Still don't care in the slightest for Zippo's antics.
  9. Imagine a “Sonic the Hedgehog All Stars” collection with all of the 2D games (the Taxman remasters and M2 ports of 3&K, 3D Blast, Game Hear games etc.) and some 3D games (obviously the Adventure games and Heroes, Unleashed)

    I don’t think it’s possible for that to all fit on one disc but it would be really cool. Zippo (who else) said that this collection would be a mix of ports and remasters, so something like this would really do wonders on modern consoles.

    Obviously SEGA can do better than what Nintendo gave us with 3D All Stars, but will they?
  10. MrMechanic


    The fact I have these running on my PS Vita (Totally legitimately cough cough), and it's taken so long just to get them on PC let alone console officially is frankly baffling at this stage.

    I know there was a hint a few years back that the reason for the lack of ports was an exclusivity deal but... My God that must have been one hell of a deal considering how long it's taken and how good the ports were.
  11. LucasMadword


    LucasSaturn Member
    The main thing for me is to get a version of the mobile ports that hasn't been soiled with the horrible advertising... SEGA I gave you money, and the fact you now do not allow me to play the game without ads unless I pay again is extremely scummy.

    But besides that, yeah, I don't really care too much about ports, unless they're going to go the extra mile. Sonic 3D Flickies Island in widescreen, for instance? Would make the game a lot more playable. Sonic Rush trilogy to work on only one screen? I don't want them to just port a game, I'd rather them give a definitive version that is future proofed.
  12. Forte


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    I'm hoping the Zippo rumours are true, even the ones about Adventure remakes. I want to see this kind of beta stuff leaked if it exist.

    Anyway, Collections are nice, but You can play Sonic almost on everything, so I don't see any point of another re-release.

    If it's GBA or some obscure titles, then fine by me. If it's another rom collection, I'm not going to buy it.
  13. Ayu Tsukimiya

    Ayu Tsukimiya

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    If the games themselves aren't the mobile ports or enhanced in any way, I'd at least want to see the same amount of extras that Mega and Gems Collection had.

    (Also the Advance trilogy please and thank you)
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  14. Hez


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    Regarding the Sonic 3/k stuff...I'd find it funny if the find and release of the prototype may have sparked the interest in putting Sonic 3/k back into these sort of collections. Like, if it played out that they saw it was released and were like "Oh hey holy crap, the prototype rom with the original music in it. The fans also already decompiled it...there's our work around to the music with almost no money invested in it". I know I always go down this route, but companies do not like to spend money. Since the prototype was found and they likely didn't have it anymore, they now don't have to spend money on redoing/remixing/remaking the old music.

    I DO understand it's easy, but again companies do not like spending money at all. Which I'm fine with if this is the case because hell yes Sonic 3 remakes/re-releases are back on the menu boys!
  15. big smile

    big smile

    Mega and Gems were pretty disappointing with extras. Sonic Jam did a much better job.

    Sega has been teasing a lot of development artwork from the Classic and Adventure games. I hope they scan it all and put it in the collection. Just getting a bunch of Roms with nothing new would be a major disappointment.
  16. Laura


    Brightened Eyes Member
    I don't think Sonic 3 will get included in the Collection if the legal troubles aren't sorted. I don't believe Zippo for a second. It's clearly massive trouble, and the simple solution is simply not to release it. They've done it for ten years and I doubt they'd risk stirring up the hornet's nest by releasing it with alternate music.
  17. Not saying I believe Zippo, but since the game does appear to be a real thing I see no reason to doubt Sonic 3's inclusion. That is assuming this contains the Genesis games at all. Sega is well aware that people want to finally play the best Sonic on current consoles like the Switch, and are probably also aware, thanks to various threads here, that we don't really care what soundtrack they include at this point.

    Who knows though, maybe this won't even feature the core trilogy and instead focus on the more obscure and unavailable games such as those for the Saturn, Arcades, and GBA.
  18. The Joebro64

    The Joebro64

    Sadly, the Advance trilogy apparently has legal issues holding up potential rereleases because it was published by THQ. It's (allegedly) why the games were never released on the Wii U Virtual Console outside Japan.
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  19. Josh


    Same here. It's the old "Sonic Mega Collection" problem, where fans at the time were really let down by it, because we (with good reason, I'd say) expected it to live up to the standards established by Sonic Jam. When it was just a bunch of roms (wrapped in an admittedly nice menu system with some GREAT music) and a few videos, it was quite a letdown. But, history has shown how important that release was for tons of fans too little to have ever had a Sega console. As frayed as our fandom can be sometimes, I'm sure things would've been even WORSE if the 2000s kids had no access to the classics, haha. And speaking for myself, once I got over the initial disappointment, I WAS pretty happy to have a disc containing tons of my favorite games, playable on the console I played the most anyway.

    So yeah, as a fan, I'm looking for bonus content, extra modes and features, prototypes, concept art... gah, it'd be nice just to get Jam's videos again, or an updated History section. BUT, if all it amounts to is a bunch of games I've already played a billion times in a convenient wrapper... eh. It'll be okay, I'll play 'em all again, and I'll be *very* happy kids of the 2020s will still have a path to possibly share in some of those experiences that were so important to me.
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  20. tylerfoxorwhatever


    Better known as MontiP Member
    Uuh, the game comes bundled with a trackball controller that you plug into your hardware.
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