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Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Retro_Stew, Jul 11, 2011.

  1. Hmm, I found this page on the US Toys R Us page. No pic.
    EDIT: I have an extra Shadow from the mystery figures at Target. Does anyone want to trade? I already own Sonic, Shadow, and the Werehog.
  2. Unreality


    For a while now I've been wondering how feasible it would be to important some of this stuff (as in, the figures etc that are released these days) to the UK. I could even set up a site to re-sell if I had to buy in bulk. Anyone know about any of this stuff? Do we ever see the Jazwares stuff over here?
  3. The Moogs

    The Moogs

    The problem with these damn things is they don't stand up very well. Tails is burdened with falling onto his tails, and Amy just doesn't stand up at all.
  4. bolt7


    What, really? Are you talking about the First 4 Figures minis? I can't speak for Amy, but I have all the others and they stand on my desk fine. If any of them, it's Super Sonic who's most likely to fall over because of his head size / shape; Tails seems fine to me. =X
  5. Azookara


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    All my F4F minis stand up just fine, although they're a bit easy to topple over.
  6. Oh hell yeah I'd buy it. I like when shirts aren't blatant about what product it's advertising and has stuff like that.
  7. Kiajinn


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    Sleeping Egg Zone
    16 Bit: Sleeping Egg Zone (Sonic Chaos)
    Wasn't there going to be a Classic Sonic and Amy Box Set?

    Could have sworn I saw that in the toy fair preview, anyone seen it?
  8. I haven't seen the Sonic and Amy set but Shadow and Silver is available.

    I just got my Modern Eggman set and F4F rerelease of the classic characters last night, I just need the Classic Eggman set to have all the generations toys.

    Looks like my collection's complete, I'll have pictures soon. I can confirm that the blister pack for each figure matches a level from the leaked level list.
  9. You guys may want to check out FYE. They had some of their stuff on clearance, and I got some Sonic stuff.

    Sonic Bobble figure: 4.99
    Sonic wall clock (different clock than the one at Spencer's) 8.99
    Big Metal Sonic figure 9.99

    I was happy. The end.

    EDIT: And I got another fucking Shadow from Target's mystery figures. Three Shadows, GODDAMN IT
  10. The FYE in River Edge, NJ by my house closed down a while ago, they had a lot of sweet sonic merch. Thats where I got the infamous Sonic pillowcases and blanket that listeners of DAS are so obsessed with (one time I told a story about how I totally got laid on the "Sonic bed").
  11. FlackoWeasel


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    I laughed my arse off at first when seeing the "broken" Sonic.... sorry but he looks so funny.

    I was wondering is there somebody able to take pics of those Sonic plushies what are in the 2nd pic? I'd love to know are they new ones or those old Classic Sonic toys what GAME sells?

    I mean these:

  12. The classic plushies, as well as the modern ones, are pretty lame. Different from the one in your pic, Tails looks good but any Hedgehogs have smushed faces.
  13. FlackoWeasel


    Blue cheese lover! Member
    I'm mostly interested to see Tails one if you going to the shop again. no hurry though.
  14. Blue Blood

    Blue Blood

    They're all (mostly new) plushes. The Modern Sonic is the same as before, but now darker to tie in with Generations. This is what they look like:
  15. MegaDash


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    Oh, I think I might sink cash into those plushies.
  16. Zingela


    There's also a large classic Sonic plush, maybe about 12in tall or so. Interesting to see Knuckles there, I haven't seen any of them yet.
  17. FlackoWeasel


    Blue cheese lover! Member
    Omg Tails looks so damn cute., mostly the non classic one.
  18. We might be seeing different plushies but those things look like the sweat shop disasters I've been ignoring on toy store shelves for the past 5 years.

    This is what I'd consider buying, but those plushies look like they were crapped out.
  19. Blue Blood

    Blue Blood

    All the Jazwares plushies look like they were crapped out to be honest. The only semi-decent ones are the Wisp plushies from E3 and such last year. You're much better off going with GE Animation-
  20. Woah yeah that looks like a whole staircase of steps up from those retarded ones back there.