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    Right? Even Super Tails and Super Shadow would have made even slight sense if you count that old Archie issue somewhere between 160 and 180 (Right when Flynn took over and had to start work of unifying the Archie comic lore with the series lore, so that one issue where they combined all the types of Chaos Emeralds into the 7 we've had since Sonic 2. That issue had both Super Shadow and "Turbo Tails." So loose connection, but still a connection). Super Tails and Super Silver though? Unless said figure is a hint towards a future game idk what the connection is (figures have spoiled details before. Remember Generations? Those figure boxes spoiled a ton of levels).

    God I know too much stupid Sonic shit from the past lol.

    And no, we need the most connected lore ever in a figure box. Burning Blaze, Super Ray, and Sticks... just regular Sticks.

    And, yea side nerding, but I love that you still post here from time to time. I just love your art and your art is absolutely an influencing factor in my work.