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The Sonic Frontiers *SPOILER* Thread (With Unmarked Spoilers)

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by MykonosFan, Sep 29, 2022.

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  1. Bluebobo


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    I really wonder if the success of Frontiers would make the more serious and action aspects of the series more mainstream and see its influence in other Sonic media.

    Like i wonder if Paramount would allow the movie staff to add more game influences into these movies. The staff sure seem to be interested.

    Like don't get me wrong, the movies are your average Hollywood blockbuster/family friendly flicks, but from the beginning Paramount was aiming for something safer like Alvin and the Chipmunks franchise, and not the absolutely bizarre events that happen in these games, like a Paramilitary group shooting a child.
  2. synchronizer


    I don't know. To me, nearly all of Ohtani's tracks sound like "End of the World" from Sonic '06.
  3. Antheraea


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    and one could argue that all of Jun's tracks sound like Pyramid Cave or Metal Harbor :V you can definitely tell it's him when he writes something.

    of note, End of the World is a drum & bass track, which is the same genre as most of the cyber space tracks Ohtani did. It's kind of like saying that all songs with electric guitars sound similar because they're rock.

    Speaking of rock, Ohtani is credited as composer for all the vocal themes (Undefeatable, Find Your Flame, Break Through It All, I'm Here) and also all of the overworld themes. If we don't have it already, maybe I should go buy another power cable for my scanner so I can scan the OST booklet...
  4. synchronizer


    No, I specifically mean the chord progression. It's perfectly possible to make similar-sounding tracks distinct. e.g. Metal Harbor and Pyramid Cave, to borrow your examples. And actually, those don't sound the same at all to me besides instrumentation, and I wasn't talking about instrumentation. It's more that most of the tracks seem to be the same with a little build-up, just like the final story/End of the World. It's not "bad," but I'd say Rintaro's demonstrated greater ability in terms of cyberspace track variety, but moving on...
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  5. Chimpo


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    The only thing that will make Paramount budge is the commercial success of the Mario movie. They only try to chase trends, especially after all their previous tentpole franchises lost their luster.
    They had a very good 2022, and Sonic has firmly established itself as a new hot tentpole franchise for them after the latest Transformers, TMNT, and GI Joe movies flopped for them. They will absolutely try to replicate the success of Mario in some form. Especially when it's positioned to rob Sonic of all of Video Game Adaption records in one swoop (Top Domestic, Top Opening Weekend, Top Opening Day, Top April).
    Pretty sneaky of Nintendo/Universal to delay Mario to April. They did not want SEGA/Paramount to be in the history books at all.
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