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The Sonic Amateur Games Expo Returns in 2017! IMPORTANT UPDATE 9/4

Discussion in 'Fangaming Discussion' started by Neo Hazard, Jun 29, 2017.

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    HUGE UPDATE! Click here for details!

    SAGE makes its triumphant return on...

    September 30th - October 7th!
    For the uninitiated, there's a whole dang page on the Sonic Retro Wiki with SAGE's history here! Make sure to give this year's submission guidelines a thorough read, as a lot has changed this year!

    Why should I submit my work to SAGE?

    SAGE is an online event specifically made for you to showcase your game-making and/or streaming talents! Make new acquaintances or friends, and to take part in a very creative side of the Sonic and indie gaming community! SAGE submissions are not exclusive to only Sonic the Hedgehog related content. If you have a project to show, submit it!

    Submission Guidelines
    • Game entries must be submitted to [email protected].
    • Each game entry must have a title/logo to display for it's respective game, PNG format, at least 500 x 500.
    • All game entries must be submitted by September 23rd. If your game will not be finished before that time, it will not be featured in the event.
    • ROM Hacks are allowed, given they significantly change something about the games they are based on.
    • Personal web pages that link outside of SAGE, aka ”booths,” are returning this year! Please ensure your booth has at least a description of what your game submission is all about, along with a zip file containing your game. Feel free to include any links to soundtracks, websites, game credits, or miscellaneous information about your entry.
      • When submitting your game, please do not send us your game as a submission. We just need a direct link to the page/site you will be using.
      • Booths do not need to be complex and can be created by any means possible. Feel free to use your own personal server or a free website creator/host, such as!
      • You are responsible for your booth, including hosting and maintenance. If your booth does not contain your game or does not load properly, it will be removed from the games page until it is fixed.
    • Your submission must be a complete demonstration or full release of your game project.
    • If you have multiple game projects to submit, please follow the submission guidelines for each project.
    • Engines are welcome but must follow the same guidelines as stated above.
    • PLEASE NOTE: In respect to both SEGA and the Mania team, during SAGE 2017, we will not be accepting games using OR replicating Sonic Mania assets, including sprites, graphics, music, and sound. No exceptions, your game will not be accepted if you violate this rule.
    Streaming Guidelines
    • To reserve your time for streaming, please send an e-mail to [email protected]
    • You MUST have prior streaming experience. If you cannot present a stable stream, you will be taken off-air, and your time slot will be turned into free time.
    • Each stream entry must have the following:
      • A title or logo to display for your show, PNG format, at least 500 x 500.
      • The name of your stream.
      • The time at which you would like to broadcast your stream.
      • What content your stream will involve.
      • A link to your current stream page.
    • Your stream will be broadcast via SAGETube through a direct link.
    • Stream times are first come, first served and decided by SAGE staff. Should the slot you request conflict with a pre-established stream, we will contact you to work out the best possible alternative time.
    • Streams will be limited to 2 hours per streamer, unless dictated otherwise by SAGE staff.
    • Free-time streams and unscheduled streams are at the discretion of the SAGE staff. If no one is streaming, SAGETube will be running different videos related to Sonic and fan gaming at large.
    • We will do our best to work with and around everyone's schedules. Keep in mind we will have plans in the beginning and end of SAGE, but the rest of the slots will go quick. Make sure to get your submission in as soon as possible!

    We've got way more to announce in the coming weeks, so make sure to keep an eye out, and we'll see you in September!
  2. Just to verify, are we able to send in a game as a submission, without putting together a separate site to use as a booth? I've been slowly piecing together a game, and I might have enough for a small demo by the time SAGE comes around, but I know absolutely nothing about putting together a site or hosting anything. I was kind of hoping that I could just do something as simple as a MediaFire link and a couple pictures alongside a description for my demo. I'm not really that good at "selling" a project, honestly.
  3. Ell678


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    Sonic Incursion

    Also, I assume one person can submit multiple entries? I have two at the moment, one will appear and maybe the second.
  4. Okamikurainya


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    Sonic: Time Attacked - MAX
    While not an asset, Sonic Time Attacked Max's Optional Character mode features the Drop Dash as an ability. Is this no go?

    And yeah, echoing the above, I'm no salesman or webdesigner. :psyduck:
    Will there be an in-site booth option?
  5. DarkVDee


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    Yay! SAGE is back X 3
    I hope we get good submissions this year. I'm looking forward to a lot of the games.
    Sadly I will not be entering, for good reasons.
  6. Sparks


    Sondro Gomez / Kyle & Lucy
    Kyle & Lucy: Wonderworld will not be participating unfortunately, but we need more time to create a proper, polished demo, that accurately portrays what the game will achieve to be, rather than trying to rush something out in 3 months.

    In the mean time, I have been working on drafts for a 2017 version of my Sonic Level Design guide (especially since a lot of the images no longer work or some points need to be revised). Sounds like SAGE would be a good time to have it ready by.
  7. Got a lot of questions about this, in the past, SAGE used booths as a means for creators to be in complete control over how they wanted their game presented. Keep in mind, you don't need anything extravagant for a booth and there are plenty of stable, free options.
  8. Mega Spit

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    Sweet! Definitely looking forward to this!

    (And the later date gives me a bit more time! Score!)
  9. Woah, hey, it's been a bit, right?! We've got a couple quick updates, and I know you'll miss the front page, so regarding SAGE so let's get right into it!

    Just like last year, we'll have another SAGE trailer to show off the exciting games coming this year! If you'd like your game featured, please send a 10 second clip of gameplay to [email protected] by 11:59 pm Central Time, September 14th. For examples of clips and what to expect, take a peek at last year's trailer here!

    Off-Site Booths are now optional. That's right! Now that the new SFGHQ site is up and running in beta, instead of worrying about if you can make your own booth, or you lack the resources or what have you, then go ahead and create your booth using the site's built in submission system! Awww yeah! It's easy and gives you an better than ever method to get set up for SAGE! A lot of folks were, worried about creating their own site for their entry as well as archival of SAGE's content. This will effectively accomplish both, while also wrapping everything up in an easy to use form set up!

    To get started, simply register an account at!

    Once you have an account, to get started on your SAGE submission, simply go to, next click the Create Item button. It looks like this, if you somehow can't find it:


    Once you hit that, select SAGE from the drop down list.

    This will present you with a rather easy form that works in a manner somewhat similar to writing four forums posts at once, with four different editor fields. Each of these will control one of four tabs for your booth, as well as being labeled with what should probably go in there. This system is quite powerful, allowing screenshots, descriptive novella, videos, and of course, your entry! If you already have an offsite booth, make sure you link to it in your first tab! If you want your offsite booth to be the primary location of your booth, with the SFGHQ site's rendition being the secondary (meaning that when you click in on the SAGE site listing, it goes to your offsite booth first), make sure you let us know at [email protected]!

    Sorry about the change of plans and the confusion folks. SFGHQ wasn't quite ready at the time of the original SAGE announcement and due to popular demand, we decided to use the site's software to solve issues like lack of archival and so on. Also, best of all, no one will be able to see your booth but you until the event starts. However, even after submission, you will still be able to easily edit and configure your booth as you see fit! Awesome! That means that you won't have to rely on SAGE staff to update your booth or demo!

    And that's it! We've got our Twitter live and kicking, if you've got any questions, make sure to tweet us there!
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    Woah, so SFGHQ has been resurrected and SAGE is just around the corner? Fucking awesome man. When does SAGE officially begin this year?

    EDIT: Just noticed it's listed as September 30 in the OP of this thread. No worries. Excited for the event. Will definitely keep an eye out for that promo trailer.

  11. We're less than a week out! We'll be playing through some of the SAGE 2017 entries before the show this Friday, September 29th, at 8:00pm Central Time on the SAGE YouTube channel! See you then!
  12. Blue Blood

    Blue Blood

    This link is sorely missing from the first post (or it's there and I'm blind). Took me way too long to see find this :P
  13. redhotsonic


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    I completely forgot to post this here, but it's still available to catch up on. This was the first official SAGE stream on Day One by me. I hope you enjoy, and another one is to arrive on Wednesday 4th of October (which I'll post closer to the time) :)

    YouTube link
  14. Jason


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    Hey, we're getting some outside press. Sonic 2 HD, Sonic 2006 PC, and Sonic Utopia are featured.
    EDIT: Looks like this was posted in another topic, but it is more pertinent to mostly SAGE 2017 entries.
  15. AstralRistar


    Most of the games I've seen here have inspired me quite a lot.
    I wonder if Sonic Scorched Quest is here too?
  16. Devon


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    Doubt it seeing development on Scorched Quest hasn't really gone anywhere since Sonic Hacking Contest 2016.