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The Sonic 3, 20th Anniversary & Knuckles Thread

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by The Taxman, Oct 18, 2014.

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    SEGA doesn't read English. Try with Kanji next time.
  2. ICEknight


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    But nobody said that... I think?

    EDIT: Here's what Stealth said:
    This doesn't mean they'd be integrated into the main game, guys...
  3. TheInvisibleSun


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    Perhaps there could be a new game plus, where Knuckles helps you reach places instead of knocking you down. After Angel Island, Knuckles' switch raises a platform and you follow him to Azure Lake. After Carnival Night, you have the option follow Knuckles to Balloon Park instead of him turning off the lights.
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    You goddamn tease.
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    That quote is in direct reference to additions/goodies though, whereas full screen competition mode is more of an expected feature. Also, full-sized, fully-featured, single-act zones. The actual competition stages are far from full-sized, fully-featured, single-act zones, more just, a simple track. :ssh:
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    But nowhere does it even imply that they would have been featured in the main story alongside the other zones. That's the point.
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    I guess he could simply mean expanding the levels only under competition mode, and making them akin to actual levels from the main game. Would probably be much simpler convincing Sega of that instead of making them main game inclusions as well.
    I like my idea better though. :argh:

    EDIT: One thing about that idea that just doesn't sit right with me is, if the 2 player levels end up being expanded to act akin to main game levels, then why not include them somehow in the main game?
  8. Sappharad


    The main game itself is already of a reasonable size. There's no pressing need to see it get any bigger.

    That being said, after Sonic 2, Sonic 3's competition mode was kind of a letdown since a lap of each stage was maybe 15 seconds long at most. This is why I think the idea of expanding those stages makes sense.... Have the original laps as an option, but also have actual stages to encourage people to play multi-player especially since it's easier to play with people online. There would be nothing stopping them from throwing those stages into Level select for anyone who wants to play them alone.

    It's pointless to argue about it though, I think all of the decisions they made with Sonic 1 and Sonic 2 turned out well, and I trust whatever they'd end up doing with 3K would be great too.
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    Again, I would not bet on the 2P levels being recreated into full single-player levels.

    1. The levels would need to have all of their tiles redone in higher resolution.
    2. The music would have to be redone because as good as it is, most of it doesn't fit with the other music from single-player.
    3. S3K is already a HUGE game.
    4. The levels would need to be expanded into full levels with epic bosses and original enemies.

    If they were going to do that, they might as well make Sonic The Hedgehog 5. I love the idea, and it would be the best thing they ever did, but I don't see something so big and epic as 5 new levels in addition to extra special stages with new gimmicks materializing as horrible as that sounds. Time constraints stopped Desert Dazzle and Final Fever from happening, and that was even with the assumption that Taxman and Sega were completely ok with implementing finished levels with unfitting recycled music.

    It could happen if S3K were sold for twice the price of any of the other Sonic remakes, but it's still a stretch. I'd pay $10 for such a definitive version of S3K, but that's just me. With all the work done on this engine and Stealth's own HCGE, It's pretty obvious though that there are a couple uses for the Retro engine much bigger and better than remaking the original series *hint-hint*. They're probably just waiting for Sega to wise up and let them do it.
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    For example, the Competition game could have an "Omega Mode" switch like in Smash Bros 4, turning the selected level into a simplified, 3-lap version of it with no enemies.

    One can dream.

    Could be the first step towards that.

    Well, that and Sonic 4 Classic. Retconning that episodic disaster just needs to be done before moving the Classic branch forward.
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    It's less about the machine itself and more about what comes out of it. Whoever was responsible for writing the English-language manuals has English-speaking fans and media referring to them as "gumballs", and at least one magazine (the recently posted issue 2 of the UK's "Official Sega Magazine") goes as far as to describe the consistency of one of them as "chewy"

    Other than that, I know they're just a type of general vending machine and how they're used can vary by location, but you've got to admit to the inaccuracy of qualifying the machine with the word "Gumball" when there's something else inside :P

    (^ Relevant comic quickly done by Liz)

    Neither; Yasha is a friend of mine from a long time ago who has an interest in Japanese, and Liz is my wife

    The translated pages were made specifically for my blog post to better illustrate my point about the Bonus Stage, which, as I said, is also why it's a near-literal translation and not westernized. The English text was edited directly in place of the original Japanese text on an image pulled from the Retro wiki, which was originally from Sonic Jam, and those appear to be shrunken-down versions of the source images that were used for printing

    Personally, I've wanted to see complete translations of the Japanese manuals done like this for a while myself, but it's a lot to ask for. The Kanji and reading aids are unreadable in the Sonic Jam versions so anyone doing the translations would need to have the original manuals or at least higher-quality images (the ones on my blog were taken by Taxman), and the actual editing would work out better with higher-quality images too, which would require somebody who had the manuals and was willing to subject them to a proper, flat scanning. If there were such a person, I'm sure people would be happy to see those on the wiki, too :P

    Hidden Palace was an exception and not a precedent; the rule is to be highly selective about how the original game is modified, if at all. If these levels were to be done, they'd only be accessible outside of the main game in an area like the Time Attack menu, which was the plan for Marathon Base. This also applies to the Blue Spheres concepts; they would appear only in an entirely separate mode - what I've been calling "Blue Spheres 2"
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    Were you guys planning on re-implementing Robotnik's traps :specialed:
  13. Baldy McNosehair

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    So making 1P levels out of the graphics and music of the 2P levels hasn't been ruled out? If you don't mind me asking, what is the interest in fleshing these levels with their tiny tilesets consisting of only a small handful of tiles? You'd have to create original enemies or recreate scrapped enemies, construct new boss battles, and all-around do a shit-ton of work to make it happen. It almost seems for efficient and more noteworthy to make original levels from scratch.

    Besides that, isn't getting the existing remakes onto other platforms of greater interest?
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    Wasn't Hidden Palace a single act Zone? Pretty sure if the 2P Stages did get upgraded they'd be hidden around the game like HPZ was in Sonic 2 2013.
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    I'm going to be completely ignorant with this question, but we're the Sonic 1 and Sonic 2 mobile ports profitable? Like I know we all like to joke about Sega not wanting our money, but is it documented anywhere how profitable the games were? How much are they to maintain as well with updates to both the iTunes and Google Play stores. I at least know there was a cost involved for patching the console ports of Sonic CD. Could it be that the remake is just not worth the cost for Sega?
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    SEGA never releases those figures. They were pretty pleased with them, though. At least, this was mentioned as such in financial reports. They were still dwarfed by the likes of PSO2 though.

    Sonic 3 is a more complicated case for some ambiguous reason likely relating to licensing and owing certain people money. I don't think it'll be as easily resolved as Sonic CD was with Spencer Nilsen.
  17. To be honest I'd still like Steam ports of Sonic 1/2 iOS, probably more than I really want Sonic 3 iOS

    Buuuut beggars can't be choosers and nobody benefits from portbegging

    Game looks good. I'd buy it on launch just like the other three releases. Enough said :)
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    It's great to see Sonic 3K get some attention even when nothing is officially happening. :)

    As usual, you guys know how to truly bring the classics into the modern age with care and attention put into every aspect and detail, even over mundane things such as the name of a bonus stage. :v:
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    This has me wondering if emulated re-releases has been complicated for Sonic 3 as well? The game was in multiple releases of the Gems collections on sixth gen, it's also on Steam, and on a PS3 collection of Genesis games too, iirc. (Or was that only Sonic 1 and 2?) I don't own an android tablet yet, but I'm guessing it hasn't had a release on mobile platforms at all.
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    Hopefully they release it all on Steam to. I don't want to play this on phone!