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Discussion in 'Engineering & Reverse Engineering' started by Ayla, Nov 13, 2008.

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  1. Ayla


    I shat on your desk ^^ Oldbie
    West Linn, OR
    Hacking Contest, StH Overlooked, Personal Indie game
    This has been by far the hardest contest to judge. Many hacks tied and this was just very hard to judge in general forcing me to use a different metric to use for judging next time around if I continue to do it myself. I want to thank everyone that helped with this, the contestants, the other judges whose votes made this hard task a little easier, Tweaker, Sonic Retro, the SSRG and the entire scene itself. If it wasn't for you all, this contest would not be the staple that it has become. Included here are the results, followed by personal thoughts of mine for each hack that was entered. I hope you all enjoy that little bonus as much as I enjoyed experiencing all of your creativity =) Until December, thankyou for making this contest possible and now on to the results!!

    Hidden Palace Trophy - Best hack

    Sonic 2 Advanced Edit by Rika Chou

    Wood Zone Trophy - 2nd Place

    Sonic 1 Megamix by Tweaker and Team Megamix

    Genocide City Trophy – This award goes to the hardest game or level

    Sonic Boom by snkenjoi and iojnekns

    Rainbow Trophy - hack or level with the best palette(s)

    Sonic 2 - Cactus Juice and Mustard

    Lava Reef Trophy – this goes to the longest level hack (based on time taken to beat)

    Sonic Boom by snkenjoi and iojnekns

    Honourary mention: Sonic 1 Remastered

    Green Hill Trophy – this goes to the level or game that plays most like a Sonic level or game

    Neo South Island from Sonic 2 Advanced Edition, but this game hands down wins that trophy

    Labyrinth Trophy – most confusing level

    Sonic Boom (jesus christ you make a hard game, guys) by snkenjoi and iojnekns

    Honourary mention: garnet from Sonic 2 Advanced Edition by rika chou

    Emerald Hill Trophy - most linear level

    Sonic - Penis Edition (it's the most linear level I've seen to date) by D.A. Garden

    1337!!! Trophy – worst Sonic hack

    Sonic 2 Rape by snkenjoi and iojnekns

    1000101 Trophy – best technical hack

    this one was really fucking close and I finally came to this conclusion:

    SonicGBA by Stealth
    Honourary Mention - Sonic 1 32x by drx

    Windy Valley Trophy – best original art hack

    Sonic 2 Advanced Edition by rika chou
    Honourary Mention - Sonic 2 Cactus Juice and Mustard (this game is just 100% eye candy!! I LOVE IT. If it had a few more levels, I could have given this one to you) by The Bar Admin

    Toxic Caves Trophy - best reused art hack

    Sonic 2 Retro Remix by DNXDelta, Stephen, Thorn

    Honourary Mention: Sonic 1 Megamix by Tweaker and Team Megamix

    Shadow Trophy – best Hentai-based hack -- I want another giant dong in a game =P

    Sonic - Penis Edition (cum filled penises == win) by D.A. Garden

    WTF?! Trophy – most unique hack

    Some Generic Conceptions by qiuu (also known as the block puzzle game with the crazy fucking boss)

    Christmas Present Trophy - most unexpected hack

    Sonic CD+ by Stealth

    Piano Trophy - best music to level (thus it's specific to a specific level in a specific hack)

    This one was fucking HARD. The progress in music hacking has been insane and I can't grade this one honestly. I needed another opinion and an anonymous retro member was up to the challenge =)

    SoniNeko by Nineko
    Honourary Mention - Sonic the Sequel: Unmastered by roxahris

    The Super Duper Amazing Level Trophy - best level layout hack

    Sonic 2 Advanced Edition (Robotic Ruins) by rika chou
    Honourary Mention - Sonic 2 - Cactus Juice and Mustard (second level)

    Eosian Sphere Trophy - best new object

    the breakable block in Some Generic Conceptions by qiuu

    Knuckles Trophy - best new playable character

    Dustin Wyatt from Dustin Wyatt's Epic Adventure by Sonic 65

    Honourary Mention: Silver the Hedgehog from The S Factor: Sonia and Silver by Aquaslash and his Team Cataclysm (Malevolence, Jayextee, DAGarden, FraGag)

    Fang Trophy - best new enemy

    Flying goldfish from Sonic 2 - Cactus Juice and Mustard by The Bar Admin

    Metropolis Trophy - best new boss

    Some Generic Conceptions by qiuu
    Honourary Mention: Sonic 1 Megamix by Team Megamix

    Spindash Trophy - best new ability

    Silver's special ability from Sfactor: Sonic and Silver by Aquaslash and Team Cataclysm
    Honourary Mention: Sonic's various moves from Sonic Boom

    Eureka! Trophy - most innovative game play feature

    Some Generic Conceptions by qiuu
    Honourary Mention - Robotnik's Revenge by ColinC10

    Replay Trophy - most innovative options feature

    Sonic 1 Megamix by Team Megamix

    Crystal Meth Trophy - most potential replayability.. by potential I'm realizing most hacks entered are incomplete and thus I'm going on the stuff already in there that would make it replayable as a fully finished game =)

    Sonic 1 Megamix by Team Megamix

    Honourary Mention: Sonic 2 Retro Remix by DNXDelta, Stephen, Thorn

    Robotnik's Revenge Trophy - best new concept based on existing ideas

    Robotnik's Revenge by ColinC10

    My thoughts:

    Dustin Wyatt's Epic Adventure

    Comments: The introduction is hilarious

    Problems: Turning around and shooting to your left doesn't always work.. sometimes enemies become invincible for unkown reason and of course it crashes at the end of the level.

    Missingno in Glitch City

    Comments: Nice touch on the crashing title screens and utter confusion everywhere -- even the level select and special stages

    Problems: collision is just fine and controls are just fine.. levels are actually fairly beatable

    Robotnik's Revenge

    Comments: This is a really neat concept and I found it enjoyable.. shades of SAdv

    Problems: none. This runs so smoothly.. this was masterfully implemented.


    Comments: I hated the controls last year and they're not any better this time through. Fuck you Puto.

    Problems: Missingno. got you on the special stage hands down. I can beat yours.. his was just a fucking nightmare, although his normal levels were beatable and yours AREN'T

    Sonic 1 32x

    Comments: This is very interesting.. wish the source code was included with this so I could have taken a look at it, but this is nice. I like what's been done with the music.

    Problems: Wouldn't really say it's a problem, but it plays much faster than the original. I don't know if it's just that the 32x itself or if it's my imagination or what. Not really a problem and slowing where it usually slows no longer occurs at all.

    Sonic 1 Penis Special Stage

    Comments: Special stage in the shape of Penis. Nice touch on the sparkles being the cum shooting out

    Problems: Would have been funnier if you went in at the tip of the cock

    Sonic 1 Megamix

    Comments: As usual, Megamix is truly a benchmark of the time as Sonic 2 Delta was before it and Sonic 1 beta was before that.

    Problems: There are a couple of irrecoverable collision glitches, although two of the four of them (both in the lz level) worked out to my advantage.

    Sonic 1 Oergomized

    Comments: Nice start, but the object placement needs a lot of work and needs to be smoother. Palette for the first level was cool

    Problems: Object placement is atrocious and level design isn't quite exciting enough at this point. No offense, mind you, but I think that it may just be this way since it's still early in development. I can tell you're shooting for a Sonic Rush / Megamix feel and I think that out of the ones that were mimicking this type of level design, yours was the best =)

    Sonic 1 Pixel Perfect

    Comments: This is a very well done hack. The art is beautiful and stunning.. especially act 4. This was contending with some of the winners, btw. Keep up the good work

    Problems: a couple track stiction problems in Desert palace or whatever, but that's not very finished.

    Sonic 1 Remastered

    Comments: Completely and totally Sonic 1 with modified levels, super versions, beautiful soundtrack.. my god I love this thing.

    Problems: not much.. a couple collision problems

    Sonic 1 Sonic in Sonic 2

    Comments: Cute.. not even spindash or tails ^^

    Problems: small palette issues, but nothing to write home about

    Sonic 2 Advanced Edition

    Comments: God... I wish you hadn't discontinued this >.< Besides a couple bad glitches (which you fixed most of them from last year), this game has the best level design I've ever seen. This plays like an actual Sonic game, something Tweaker even admitted he couldn't recapture like you did and that's why yours ultimately won.

    Problems: A couple issues, but nothing I couldn't get out of like last time, which will make the rating much better

    Sonic 2 Aluminum Edition

    Comments: palette hack and minor art hack

    Problems: boring, but could be interesting if there was more done. I did like the palettes, though..

    Sonic 2 The Hybridization Project

    Comments: I like the start here..

    Problems: same level layout and art is KILLING ME

    Sonic 2 Rebirth (new)

    Comments: This is very unique.. I like it.

    Problems: None

    Sonic 2 Retro Remix

    Comments: After the first overworld I saw last year, I've absolutely loved the idea.. although lacking in the upgrades the overworld on the other hack provided, the overworlds felt like real levels which was a surprisingly refreshing concept that worked well.

    Problems: BAD glitch where I was stuck in a rolling posistion in one spot.. tube at the bottom of EHZ where I fell through a tube (collision error).

    Sonic 2 S3 Edition

    Comments: What gets me is the whole time I thought you were just merging levels until I saw a little glitch in MCZ and realized you were doing it just like Sonic 3. This is a fantastic proof of concept.

    Problems: Various in game glitches, palette errors.. most likely caused by some of these amazing modifications. This contended for the tech trophy, but was dwarfed by Stealth's hacks, drx and of course megamix

    Sonic Boom

    Comments: The new moves are sweet, level art is awesome...

    Problems: Still very buggy.. level layout relies far too heavily on loop gimmicks, but when this is finished it has potential to take on the big hacks in the scene. Watch out everyone!

    Sonic CD+

    Comments: This is a really nice proof of concept. I like it

    Problems: None, Stealth ceases to amaze me

    Sonic Lost Worlds

    Comments: The art is beautiful and the level design isn't that bad.

    Problems: Couple collision issues, too many death pits.. but fascinating design. This will contend with the others once object layout is implemented

    Sonic Sunrise

    Comments: If this had even different layouts, this would rock so much more.

    Problems: this is begging for at least different level layouts.. the art that's changed is simply eye popping and GOOD

    Sonic the Hedgehog - New Lands 1

    Comments: Good starting hack.. it's obvious you want to do something big with this and it has creative ambitious design that honestly isn't the best.

    Problems: level design is bad in places and superb in others.. but object layout makes me want to die. It's obvious you're wanting it to be like Megamix and I wish you the best of luck with that =)

    Sonic the Hedgehog - Westside Island

    Comments: This level design is GOOOOOD. I especially like starlight's layout.

    Problems: couple collision issues.. spike bug is BADDDD

    Sonic the Sequel Unmastered

    Comments: umm.. everything in this hack sucks. When I started it I thought it was supposed to be a 1337 trophy hack when I saw the botched title screen (which was fixed in later versions, yes.. I got the update), but the first level boasted a decent level layout with MOTHERFUCKING HAPPY HARDCORE music. OMGAZZZZZ. PLUR to you too rox!! ^^

    Problems: everything but the music.. the first act's level layout was okay. This just about won the music trophy and I needed a tiebreaker to get the ratings I did. What clinched it? A couple notes were off in some of the songs.

    Sonic Zeta Overdrive

    Comments: Neat level layouts.. nice music

    Problems: Object layout needs some work


    Comments: This won the tech trophy hands down.. qiuu got close and so did 32x, but this is nuts

    Problems: a couple playing problems and smaller viewing ability, but it managed to do what sega couldn't =P


    Comments: The music in this is REALLY good.. the toss up between this and roxahris' hack is going to be really annoying for me. I'll need a second opinion.

    Problems: none, really.. and as you can see I did get a second opinion and this won it. You have some skills there, nineko <3

    The S Factor - Sonia and Silver

    Comments: Great level art for what's finished and great palettes for what isn't, decent level design.

    Problems: unfinished level art.. but shaping up to be a great game, especially art and layout-wise, which are big concerns to me. A few game design flaws (spike bug combined with nearby enemies == frustrating), but that's entirely up to you and completely avoidable. The traps you can't see no matter what you do -- those need to be taken care of.


    Comments: I had a ball and a penis

    Problems: Penis Edition had an actual penis.. had to go for the creativity there =\ This would have got second, though.

    Some Generic Conceptions

    Comments: First act is hard as fuck, the puzzle levels are addictive like you would not believe.

    Problems: Couple of collision glitches.. honestly got through the first CNZ act by glitching through the wall =P Crazy hard boss of dying and wtf was awesome, btw. This hack deserves a lot more credit than I'm able to give it. It's just so DIFFERENT.

    Sonic 1 Seizure

    Comments: When Timothy Leary and Aldous Huxley meet Sonic 1..

    Problems: very much playable and the SS is unchanged.

    Sonic 2 Cactus Juice and Mustard

    Comments: Extremely detailed new level art and design, reminescent of Sonic Rush meets Sonic CD. The "candy" art makes me super happy.

    Problems: Art was a LITTLE monotonous in the first act, but it worked and I loved it. The complete LACK of collision bugs and the sheer magnitude of alternate paths.. damn. That was GOOD. I came.

    Sonic 2 DURR HURR I AM FUCKING RETARDED Juice and Mustard

    Comments: Humble beginnings... your old hack, to be as nice as I can, was not very good.

    Problems: I can't even begin to explain them all

    Sonic 2 Rape

    I had to include the rating scale with this one.

    Comments: I have no idea where to begin. What in GOD'S NAME DID YOU DO????


    Art: -1/10 o_________o
    Tech: WTF??????????
    Level Layout: -10/10 I think I saw some tiles.. maybe?
    Object Layout: -10/10 rings too.. I think?
    Sprite: -4/10 1337!!!
    Game Flow: -10/10 oh god NOOOO
    Palette: 0/10 no changes!
    music: 0/10 no changes!

    Sonic Penis Edition

    Comments: giant dongs filled with dangerous semen.. oh dear.

    Problems: needs more cock.. and different kinds of cock, but I left feeling satisfied and exhausted.

    ...and that's it!! Thanks for all your entries, including yours, SMTP =P I'm sure you know how I feel about your hack and I'm considering putting the special stage trophies back in there because of you. As for me leaving the scene.. that's up in the air still. I think you all should know; however, that you've made me feel bad about thinking about leaving and it makes me feel good to know that I'm liked. I don't think highly of myself and I honestly didn't think anyone would comment or notice. Seriously. I'll think about it, but you've all made me feel warm and fuzzy enough that I'll probably stay =) I just need to get over my problems, eh?

    "As long as the voice inside me says 'go!', I will always keep on running!" ~Sonic the Hedgehog

    PLUR and pz out and stay tuned!!
  2. Tweaker


    Megamix not winning first place (or even the piano trophy—what the shit happened there?) is an atrocity and this hacking contest officially has lost all credibility. Absolutely pathetic.

    Congrats to the other winners! :rolleyes:
  3. What the fuck happened with roxahris being 2nd place for piano trophy?His hack has better music than Puto's or mine? SRSLY?

    But anyway, Congratulation to the winners, and Thanks ayla for the contest and results, I <3 you :D
  4. Cinossu


    London, UK
    Sonic the Hedgehog Extended Edition
    .. and no mention of Sonic 1 Extended Edition either. Truly terrible judges. *runs, as he didn't enter S1EE this year at all*

    XD congrats to all the winners..
  5. Xeric


    Workington, England
    S3K Mighty Sheet
    I honestly don't know whether to laugh or cry at some of those decisions..


    Congrats to all~
  6. Yes, congratulations to those who have won. S2 Advanced was great and deserved alot of those awards, and SoniNeko has an excellent choice of music.
  7. Super


    The ever vigilant GSWAS. Member
    Aw, Poor Stealth, he worked so hard. =P

    I'm so glad I didn't throw some Uno in there. The game is barely playable with the number of glicthes that ended up plaguing some of the levels...

    Congrats to all the winners!
  8. Hitaxas


    Retro 80's themed Twitch streamer ( on hiatus) Member
    What? Nothing for YOU'LL HAVE A BALL? :(

    Anyway, yeah, congrats to the winners, and the ones that actually put effort into what they entered. :v:
  9. Spanner


    The Tool Member
    United Kingdom
    Sonic Hacking Contest
    Yay soniNeko won the piano trophy! :D
    Nice work on the contest, and I've finished posting the results on the wiki, get them here.
  10. synchronizer


    I can't find many of these including:

    Genocide City Trophy – This award goes to the hardest game or level

    Sonic Boom by snkenjoi and iojnekns

    Rainbow Trophy - hack or level with the best palette(s)

    Sonic 2 - Cactus Juice and Mustard

    or Sonic CD+ I would like to see what that looks like. (Youtube video, because ppc macs don't have SEGA Mega CD emulators.)Can someone post the download links please?
  11. I don't think the creators what some of the hacks released. SCD+ was already released
  12. Spanner


    The Tool Member
    United Kingdom
    Sonic Hacking Contest
    Some entries were private.
  13. synchronizer


    I understand, but I just want to check out the one that I listed. I can't find Sonic CD+ in the info section and even if I did, I could not play it. Are the other ones I listed private for sure? Sonic Boom is something that I would REALLY like to check out.
  14. doc eggfan

    doc eggfan

    Are you pondering what I'm pondering? Wiki Sysop
    GreatMegaLD, GreatSC3k, Great SG1k
    Although I didn't win anything, I'm glad I was in it to make up the numbers. It's good to know how my work compares to the rest.

    And thanks very much Ayla for releasing feedback for every entrant. Sorry to bore you with my unchanged level layouts, maybe next year =P

    And congrats to all the winners. You now have the "I beat you in hacking contest 08" trump card for all future arguments.
  15. Alriightyman


    I am back... from the dead! Tech Member
    Somewhere in hot, death Florida
    0101001101101111011011100110100101100011 00000010: 0101001100000011 01000101011001000110100101110100011010010110111101101110
    I didn't expect to win anything.... but it was fun! I wish I had got some of the stuff I've added into it before the contest was over. Congrats to all the winners!
    Oh and Sonic 2 Advanced Edit is awesome!
  16. Ayla


    I shat on your desk ^^ Oldbie
    West Linn, OR
    Hacking Contest, StH Overlooked, Personal Indie game
    Truth be told, Doc Eggfan, a lot of yours showed promise, but were too early on to get anything. Oerg's was like this as well as many others. I'm sure there are many of these you're happy about, many you're upset about and some that you absolutely hate. I apologize for this. My knowledge of the way in which a lot of this is done isn't as thorough as it used to be and the method in which I was rating them honestly doesn't do justice any longer. This method will not be used in the future. I'm sure that you'll find the next contest much more fair, but if you don't like the results, you can always volunteer to be a JUDGE!! =)
  17. roxahris


    Everyone's a hypocrite. Take my word for it. Member
    Doing anything at all
    I'm shocked about it too. Then again, looks like the only good thing in my hack was the music, hahaha >_>
  18. Puto


    Shin'ichi Kudō, detective. Tech Member
    Portugal, Oeiras
    Part of Team Megamix, but haven't done any actual work in ages.
    This is insulting :v:
  19. nineko


    I am the Holy Cat Tech Member
    Thanks Ayla, I love you. :D

    Thanks guys.

    I'm really happy about this, also because it's unexpected: I thought Puto was going to win the Piano Trophy, with me at the second place behind him, and I'm surprised he is not even second. Oh well, congratulations, rox.
  20. Ayla


    I shat on your desk ^^ Oldbie
    West Linn, OR
    Hacking Contest, StH Overlooked, Personal Indie game
    I like Happy Hardcore and the first level had caramell dansen >.> It made me happy. I'm an ecstasy popping candy raver for god's sake. Cut me some slack :v:
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